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  1. That was absolutely grim viewing we were absolute dross all over the park. With Gary Mac going off leaves us in dire straights at back until Jan. Motherwell looked brilliant the boy Scott and 14 whoever that was ripped us apart. Looked capable of scoring anytime they attacked us. Well fans must be happy first time I've seen them this year men against boys tonight
  2. Why is her big guns not taken over that w****r Main's face on the thread lol
  3. It's been a very quiet week will we sign anyone this week LB and Striker definitely needed soon. And hopefully Kyle those 3 spots and we should be good to go.
  4. Gutter for big Cody was hoping to see the best of him this season.
  5. Good choice? I'm looking at Huawei p30
  6. Still playing my club and pulled the ultimate weapon Adriano last night I'm pretty sure he won't be like the glory days. Struggle all year to get legends within the last month pulled Carlos, Gullit, Adriano and Romario
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