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  1. So the captain out and being replaced with a back up young CB from Rangers. The St Mirren way. Does our academy not have any of these lol
  2. Anyone who thinks that squad won't finish rock bottom are sniffing the good stuff 😥 Losing our captain before he's kicked a ball. Will Goodwin even get any of that dough. And yes its a drunken post but true haha
  3. Hard to take losing a last minute goal but dons upped the pace at the end and went for it. Our squad is dire zero subs. Decent performance still no points
  4. Surely we've got to be looking at defensive cover this moving players from midfield into defence week in week out due to suspensions or whatever is a mess. Nearly first round of game done and we're still in the same postion as last season with defenders
  5. Nothing to wait up for its end of day sales at st mirren park nothing inwards lol
  6. Never a happy hunting ground for us. Id be happy with a point but its not Christmas yet
  7. No idea who'll be fit for this weekend McGinn could br out leaving us 2 fit defenders if thats the case an aerial bombardment from Livi could absolutely destory the backline whoever it may be. Its kinda a quiet but would an emergency loan of sorts come into Goodwins thinking no idea what the terms of so called loan is needed. Probably better throwing one of the young team into the team who has been in and around the squad but 4 games until window surely something he's got to be looking at. Letting Baird has come back to bite him now on squal selection anyway
  8. That was absolutely grim viewing we were absolute dross all over the park. With Gary Mac going off leaves us in dire straights at back until Jan. Motherwell looked brilliant the boy Scott and 14 whoever that was ripped us apart. Looked capable of scoring anytime they attacked us. Well fans must be happy first time I've seen them this year men against boys tonight
  9. Why is her big guns not taken over that w****r Main's face on the thread lol
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