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  1. PES 2019

    the 9 game winless streak came to and end last night lost my first game whilst rattling the post 4 times in one match i thought her we gone again then bounced back with a much needed win. at that point i cut my losses and stopped for the night lol
  2. PES 2019

    last night online i played 7/8 games and got two draws literally my players couldn't score in a barrel of f*nnies. felt like my team were running through glue a rage of a night
  3. PES 2019

    The GP for renewing contacts is torture i tend to only get a few online games every so often so it's impossible to build any. and if i do get to 30/40 thousand i tend to gamble on an agent roll which i probably shouldn't do
  4. Boxing Thread

    What a ko
  5. Boxing Thread

    Caldwell you got hit once that round. Que a 3 punch combo reply
  6. Boxing Thread

    Good finish by the Rickster
  7. Any statement on the UEFA ref last night yet?
  8. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    Can we not bring that magician in weekly as well??
  9. PES 2019

    decided to blow some of my coins on monaco players in hope of some defensive players all three spins i got Lopes raging until i found out i could trade him up for a Messi (i know i was looking for defensive players) but i think i was one of the few people not to have messi in my team online lol
  10. PES 2019

    £20 is a deal thought i'd miss fifa but must admit really enjoy PES gameplay so much better
  11. St Mirren v Rangers (deceased)

    To give them something to moan about other than that who cares.
  12. PES 2019

    the English legend agent has been pretty poor too me this week, i've got a couple gold and plenty of silver to sim the life out of games
  13. Dundee vs St Mirren Sat 10/11 3pm

    They should be letting both sets of fans in for nothing to witness this
  14. St Mirren v Rangers (deceased)

    At least you got this part right