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  1. Motherwell sniffing around now so he'll need a season with them before he comes to us no doubt
  2. Aye it isn't half never coming back to Paisley we're going end up with some loony
  3. Surely to god we've been speaking to people this week. I'd take Ross back in a heartbeat. Goodwin leaving us mid-season on the eve of some big games is a kick in the teeth. Unfortunately it's always going to be the case. Of the names flying around it has to be Ross. And it needs to be quick these 3 games define our season I think.
  4. So the captain out and being replaced with a back up young CB from Rangers. The St Mirren way. Does our academy not have any of these lol
  5. Anyone who thinks that squad won't finish rock bottom are sniffing the good stuff Losing our captain before he's kicked a ball. Will Goodwin even get any of that dough. And yes its a drunken post but true haha
  6. Hard to take losing a last minute goal but dons upped the pace at the end and went for it. Our squad is dire zero subs. Decent performance still no points
  7. Surely we've got to be looking at defensive cover this moving players from midfield into defence week in week out due to suspensions or whatever is a mess. Nearly first round of game done and we're still in the same postion as last season with defenders
  8. Nothing to wait up for its end of day sales at st mirren park nothing inwards lol
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