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  1. Dundee v Hearts

    Right I’m away out and that will be me till late Sunday night apart from getting suited and booted for hospitality. Still no even bothered about the game, just hope the suns oot so I’m no freezing my baws off, and the Brucie bonus is I dinnae have to pay Sodexo prices for food. Quids in, £30 on 0-0.
  2. Dundee v Hearts

    In hospitality tomorrow, not enough time to get wasted before the game. That means another Saturday night out to make sure there’s enough alcohol in my system before kick off.
  3. Dundee v St.Johnstone

    No it’s overpriced all the time compared with other countries, ie Germany, Spain etc. I bet they don’t have Sodexo ripping the pish with there prices over there. I prefer to line my local junior teams pockets tbf.
  4. Dundee v St.Johnstone

    No point in winging about prices, ever fucking game is overpriced, even when you let school kids in for free!! That’s a reason I don’t line any fecklers pocket these days other than my local junior team. Oh and BTW I’m no fae Blairgowrie anymore. I’d rather watch the juniors, £5 entry, pies are a £1- £1.50, and coffe 50p.
  5. Lol ive upset Highland No1, maybe he was wanting a wee shot, red dot boo fucking hoo
  6. Unlucky for your sister your going home tonight,, threeway with yir mither maybes
  7. Scores. Sat 27th Feb

    Coupar Angus 4 v Lochore Welfare 2, well deserved win
  8. Gobbling ur kids, where as in Perth they have Goblins as kids ,

    Pacific coast i think mate, good try though

    Depends what hotel you were in i suppose, been to both ends of the scale in Sharm.
  11. Darvel Juniors 2015/16.

    nothing but culture for you Ayrshire guys eh

    Akumal Wellness Resort and Spa

    After seeing that Russian plane crashhing in Egypt im glad i made the decision not to book again. Absolutley love the place but ive never felt safe the last 2 years. Was in Hurghada in September and loved the hotel, people(not the Russians though) and mostly the climate. However i have already booked for Mexico next year due to feeling uneasy in Sharm last year. I can only see this country losing tourists by the Thousands and this will hurt the ecomony . Been 9x before but i think this has been my last holiday until ISIS are put to the sword. I do feel sorry for all the hard working Egyptians in the tourist industry though.
  14. I've found wally

    Could be Brogans first conquest 7 years ago!!!
  15. All things Dundee FC

    Going by your grammer i reckon you are originally from Aylth and you are 11.