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  1. Hey all Just to let you know we are having a week 1 NFL Party and fans forum on Sunday 9th at the Golf Tavern in Edinburgh Still got some tickets available if anyone fancies joining us? All the details on our Twitter account @scotlandnfl or Get tickets online
  2. Evening all Been a while since I last posted on here...however, I've been working with Paul Mitchell of the BBC on a new NFL Podcast, we've called it NFL Scotland. We're about 10 eps in so far I know I some on here already listen, but any feedback, listens, shares, RT on twitter etc would be appreciated! We're also planning to do a live event in Edinburgh for week 1 @ScotlandNFL on Twitter https://scotlandnfl.podbean.com/
  3. Guys. I need to drop out. Sadly life is very much in the way of me doing this and im holding everyone back. Sorry
  4. Only had Romo so QB need greater than any other. Not hot on any of the WRs available. Open to a trade though if any have WRs going spare
  5. Gair is staying. No danger he'll move on. City will be in a good place to attract good players who dont want to travel from Edin to Stirling, Falkirk, Forfar, Berwick etc. They will also be prime to pick up some loans from Hibs and Hearts.
  6. Simplistic


    Just finished season 2. Prefered the first, however this too was excellent. I thought some of the scenes were amazing. The fight scene down the stairs vs the bikers was stunning. vincent d'onofrio is awesome. Utterly brilliant.
  7. Coldplay is meh. Not worth the mock-shock. It's a wee turn at half time.
  8. Lovè this game. 2 of my mates just got their PS4S. 1 got it for fallout the other fifa. So far we've only been playing this. So much fun.
  9. Seahawks currently 14/1 to win superbowl at the moment with bet 365. That's a very good price
  10. 3 years ago today, Mark Sanchez's face met his own O-Line man''s giant arse in the greatest turnover in history.
  11. Who you lot kidding! *all those years of hurt*....they only helped create the bandwagon ya'll jumped onto a few years back
  12. Genuine tears! Never seen that before. Brilliant!
  13. I'm grasping at straws to be honest
  14. this has been shit for me. Role on next season
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