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  1. Lights were great Cracking game Great and deserved win
  2. Tweedale East (Scottish Borders) 1st Prefs: SNP: 30.3% (+1.6) Con: 22.5% (-11) RT (Ind): 18.3% (+3.6) LD: 9.9% (-2.2) Grn: 9.6% (+9.6) Lab: 9.2% (+9.2) Van: 0.2% (+0.2) Elected: SNP, Con, RT (Ind) (nc) Turnout: 54% #BBSLE22 ^ LF Those Tory numbers [emoji4]
  3. Tory only elected at stage 7 last time due to the way the vote split.
  4. Tories had two candidates last time. Change on party vote not candidate vote
  5. First Result Tweeddale West (Scottish Borders) 1st Prefs: Con: 28.1% (-15.7) SNP: 26.2% (+1.1) LD: 22.8% (+6.1) Grn: 16.4% (+11.7) Lab: 6.5% (+2.1) Elected: Con, SNP, LD (nc) Turnout: 57.4% #BBSLE22 ^AF
  6. What's with the portacabins at the back of the Killie end?
  7. How does that compare to last year's vote?
  8. Any chat about a national non league cup which seemed to be on the agenda you quoted?
  9. Are the semifinals at neutral venues or played at first out the hat?
  10. The police/council enforce some ridiculously reduced capacity in the Merkland as it's unallocated "standing". Main stand will probably be season ticket holders but wouldn't surprise me if the capacity is reduced there too. That plus closed of areas in section y and ridiculous segregation the capacity is way down these days
  11. How does that work? Does the "home" side keep the gate money or is it split in this cup anyway?
  12. Frustrating day for Pollok yesterday. Talbot just more composed and street wise when it mattered. What a chance though it equalise at 1-0 but a poor poor effort from Lyon with only the keeper to beat Hard to see past Talbot for the title now but hopefully their fixture congestion catches up with them but Pollok can't afford any slip ups in a tough run in
  13. Mine too. Back now. Score gone from the corner....if it was ever there
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