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  1. Do you not just swipe down from the notification bar at the top of the screen to open up your notifications and then swipe the voicemail icon away to the right? I don't have a Samsung phone so I'm not sure if it's the same as it would be on any other Android phone.
  2. I think the app has background play on by default, but if not go to the Youtube app, go to settings and go to the Background & Offline option and then switch background playback to always on.
  3. Whit? Last time I was on the dole I had to file in a wee booklet with three things I did in a fortnight! How much of the 35 hours is taken up accounting for the 35 hours of jobseeking?
  4. You can buy a copy of full Microsoft Office for £9 if your work is signed up to Microsoft's Home Use Programme. Might be worth a look http://www.microsofthup.com/hupuk/home.aspx?culture=en-GB&wmpcode
  5. Lol. Aye, but seriously, goal-machine.
  6. We'll scrape Jamie Langfield off the front and send it on down.
  7. This has gone whey too far.
  8. Casagolda was signed based on a Youtube video and that ridiculous 'Goal Machine' thread on Steelmen Online. Can't imagine Steelmen will manage to do the same thing ever again though, there hasn't been a positive word written there about anything or anyone since. Fool me once, I suppose...
  9. Did I miss something with Fraser Kerr? He hardly got a game last year and he wasn't up to much when he did play. Obviously he'd be coming in as Hateley's leaving but it's going to be a bit of a backwards step if we're going to go with a guy who never never challenged Hateley for his starting spot last season.
  10. Merkin

    Parks & Recreation

    The third and fourth series are already on American Netflix if you know how to get that (if not there was a thread on the E-chat forum a while back) and it does seem to just get better and better.
  11. http://shop.o2.co.uk/mobile_phone/pay_monthly/init/HTC/One_X_Plus I think o2 might be the only one at the moment.
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