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  1. Yeah, you have to wonder why one of the most lauded Thistle directors since Save The Jags never thought of such a brilliant wheeze. 😎
  2. Good point, or they could be letting individuals hang themselves with their own rope.
  3. The story also suggests that Beattie & Co aren't having much luck with Colin Weir. Idle speculation, but could there be a gatekeeper in their road? Say, a 'close friend'? I am sure this is nonsense and everyone is being very grown up.
  4. Just pulling a thought out of the air/my arse, but why would the club budget £200,000 for players it might feasibly pluck from a partner club playing their wages already?
  5. Hmm, first it's an insider, then it's sources plural, then we are treated to the unedifying image of Low as a 'close friend' of Weir. Talk of the steamie.
  6. ESPN was reporting yesterday that Lee’s sale of Nice to Jim the Fracker could top €100 million.
  7. There always seems to be people connected with that club winging and jetting about.
  8. I've used it for the past five seasons as I live overseas. (And buy a season ticket for other people to use.) It was a good package in the top flight. The audio is alright and the highlights are enough. There are much worse ways to below less than a tenner on football.
  9. Good point, but it strikes me that someone at NewCity does. There's a McGarry piece in the Evening Times that rounds up the events of the past few weeks. While the tone seems to me to be facetious, McGarry gets around to asking the important question of the glorious returning saviours on the Thistle board: where is the takeover?
  10. All kind of quiet on the takeover front. A colleague here in HK suggests the prospective owners have spoken to the EFL about the deal. He thinks it was a formality and there'll be no problems about control of both a Scottish and an English club. All yet to be confirmed, of course. Folk are asking why Thistle. After reading a little about the Moneyball concept that took off at the Oakland A's, there are some parallels with Thistle. I'll not bore anyone with links, there are plenty to be found on Google. I guess they see Thistle sitting in a market that's not tapped out by the Arse Cheeks and has plenty of potential if the asset - Thistle - is worked and managed with that goal (building a low purchase cost business up into something worthwhile and profitable) in mind. Anyhoo ...
  11. Well, I believe that the Ineos looney has acquired Nice, leaving a Barnsley/Thistle portfolio. Would they (NewCity) have a larger fish in mind? Who knows? Alarm bells or not, there seems to be zip that can be done about the prospective owner's plans for Thistle, but I suggest they won't set out to maintain a club that yo-yos between the top six of the top flight and the arse end of the second tier if they want a shop window for talent.
  12. My suspicion is that in theory they think they'll pick up Thistle for not large money, resource the club for buttons in their world but a fortune in Scottish terms and get it into the top flight and European contention as a platform for selling talent for large money.
  13. Call me an old nosey parker but I wonder what all that about the 'new' board acting because of what was happening at Firhill was really all about. The Lee takeover has kind of smokescreened things and got us looking the other way.
  14. Flea's legbreaker at Love Street worth a mention, too.
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