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  1. Talking of the cup game, can Thistle fans remember the last time the Jags won the kind of soft-as-shite last-minute penalty that's often awarded against them in games with Celtic? πŸ€”πŸ˜‰
  2. The spark that will lift Thistle on an inspiring voyage up the league table. πŸ˜‰
  3. 'Hopefully' when appended to any comment about Alan's managerial record after summer 2017 is one of the reasons Thistle are doing khazi business at the bottom of the championship. For the sake of the club he'll have to find his feet and convince sceptics like me he's past the rabbit in the headlights routine. Anyhoo ...
  4. All quiet. I am pleased that Ian's making a return to Firhill and hope he's a big success. I reckon/ am hoping the delay confirming his return is because someone at Firhill is asking if Archibald's return in any capacity other than janitorial isn't a fucking joke.
  5. I'm wondering who's going to be deciding this next managerial titan for Firhill, given the whiff of takeover that's hanging around.
  6. Yeah, you have to wonder why one of the most lauded Thistle directors since Save The Jags never thought of such a brilliant wheeze. 😎
  7. Good point, or they could be letting individuals hang themselves with their own rope.
  8. The story also suggests that Beattie & Co aren't having much luck with Colin Weir. Idle speculation, but could there be a gatekeeper in their road? Say, a 'close friend'? I am sure this is nonsense and everyone is being very grown up.
  9. Just pulling a thought out of the air/my arse, but why would the club budget Β£200,000 for players it might feasibly pluck from a partner club playing their wages already?
  10. Hmm, first it's an insider, then it's sources plural, then we are treated to the unedifying image of Low as a 'close friend' of Weir. Talk of the steamie.
  11. ESPN was reporting yesterday that Lee’s sale of Nice to Jim the Fracker could top €100 million.
  12. There always seems to be people connected with that club winging and jetting about.
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