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  1. Falkirk Daft will have the board on for an interview next week according to their Facebook post. Unsure if this was already in the pipeline or a means of putting right what they said. Get your questions in if you feel strongly enough about the e-mail.
  2. The email doesn't look great. All about how they respond to.it it though. One thing they are at least emphasising though is that we need cash in and to be honest they couldn't have made it any clearer.
  3. Looked a decent crowd last night from the highlights. Did they announce it? Anything over 2k in this cup is very respectable.
  4. The club itself I have no issue with. Some shady people involved with the senior team though.
  5. Very entertaining at Ochilview. Certainly didn't look 2 or 3 levels between the teams. Auchinleck just had more power in the final third.
  6. 2 goals in 2 games caused by the goalie. Very very worrying.
  7. You've got a screw lose ya weirdo. At least your big team won today.
  8. This is worse than Airdrie. McCann at RB Iis a horrendous shout. Needs big changes at half time.
  9. Still got that Celtic shop at your ground aye?
  10. We incredibly got £150k for him. We are not the losers here chief.
  11. Plus half the gate I'd assume. Average it out at £10 for every punter you're looking at £15K of a 3000 gate? Hardly a massive amount but it chips away at that £400k back hole.
  12. I'm in the 3 at the back camp. We have a left back and a right back who are better attacking threats than defensive ones so utilising them as wing backs would be good. We also have an abundance of full backs when they are all actually fit. It won't happen but I would like to see it.
  13. There is, from the 1st game he played though I could not get over how bad he looked.
  14. I would go as far to say he was one our worst signings in the last decade.
  15. Ooft touchy. For the record I support l whatever strike action takes place. Wouldn't say a light hearted joke was sticking the boot in
  16. You seen what train drivers earn? It would make Burton O'Brien blush
  17. Going to tick it off the list but that is it. The ground looks shocking.
  18. Felt a bit sorry for Alegria today. If he could learn the offside rule I reckon he would have got a goal. Williamson was MOTM.
  19. I think the accommodation things was common knowledge among a lot of fans. I believe the club made payments to a company owned by Lex Miller for accommodation. It was in the accounts a year or 2 ago.
  20. 5 goals in 20 minutes That is shameful. I wouldn't even bother coming out for the 2nd half after that.
  21. Morrision was fucking stinking. Its his job to attack and score goals. He had a handful of chances to do so and failed every fucking time. His finishing is shameful.
  22. Algeria, McGinn, Nesbitt, Morrison and McGuffie were an embarrassment. 2 games in and we are already on the back foot for the season. Absolutely no sign of progress.
  23. I agree but the thing that annoys me is that they were all developed my our very own academy. What we closed was the Forth Valley academy which may still have produced some.decent players but nothing like another Sibbs, Fulton, Kingsley etc. We had a golden era of youngsters a decade ago that would probably never have happened again.
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