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  1. Incredible nobody has considered Taylor-Sinclair.
  2. Happy to see the "foriegn" teams in it again. Just a shame we won't get the colts punted out.
  3. Eh? He was part of one of the strongest and settled defences we've had in the last 15 years!
  4. Absolutely no idea where you got that from. He won his fair share of headers, tackles and kept his distribution from the back simple (I.e fed the ball into midfield for a Taiwo/Vaulks/Kerry or hit the channels effectively). That is literally all you need from your defenders at this level.
  5. What made him awful? I'm curious. He was by no means a stand out but he was a regular in our best team for a decade. We've had nobody better than him in his position since.
  6. Not having that at all. Came to us as a centre back and spend 90% of his time as a solid full back.
  7. Aarron Muirhead rejecting a contract at Ayr. Would take him back.
  8. The board statement just released paints an optimistic picture. Pretty much a back to basics plan but at least appears to be thought out and justified. It looks like we will also be back to grass after next season if they are looking for a training ground way from the stadium.
  9. The amount of braindead morons on that Facebook page trying to say he wouldn't be a good signing is scary. Sometimes I think half of them deserve where we are at the moment.
  10. Not mobile enough? We haven't had anybody who can turn on the ball like him since he left.
  11. This. Plus Stephen Kenny is a Fife c*nt.
  12. Nothing wrong with it all. If anything it's better. If they done it today your getting the exact same responses that McGlynn is giving the press. Leave it a few more days and you'll probably get totally different answers from based on his first few days in the job. Absolutely nothing wrong here whatsoever.
  13. Thats me sorted also. Ireland really irritate me in international football so I'd love to go there and turn them over comfortably.
  14. McCann strikes me as Leahy Mk II. I'd like to see what he can do further up the park.
  15. I fear Cove more than Dunfermline and Airdrie more than QOS to be honest. QOS and Dunfemrline will most likely have total rebuilds (similar to us) and Kelty will need investment to compete as their current squad isn't anything other than a solid League 1 team. If Airdire stay down that is still who I'd fear the most if they keep their squad together.
  16. Don't think anybody is slagging them as such. Yogi left us in a bad way despite a few years of success and Houstie over achieved before the players essentially downed tools on him. That doesn't take away from what they achieved as players or as managers when it was deserved.
  17. Could argue that without Rice he failed.
  18. Can't dispute that because out decline has been massive. Very few of them appear to be sellable assets though. They probably do a job but none of them are going to pull in 6 figure sums which is what kept the academy sustainable.
  19. Worth noting however that they came through a decade ago. The 3/4 years before closure the best we got was Kevin O'Hara, Scott Shepherd and Camreon Blues! The death of the academy was when it become the Forth Valley academy.
  20. Despite the aforementioned dross still under contract. I'm back on the ST wagon. Send Dunfermline down and get Annan/Forfar up and I'm well up for next year.
  21. This. Glad to see the head coach patter punted to f**k.
  22. Not the brightest bunch tbh. I know the foundation have control of the parks at Sunnyside. The goals are falling apart and are a bit of a hazard.
  23. If that is the case then Little Kerse or the Uni are the only viable options. Unless the club take control of council pitches and relay them. Plenty about that could be utilised.
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