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  1. Airdrie have 3 forwards literally standing on our 18 yard box ready to pounce everytime and yet we try to play out. That smacks of arrogance from Sheerin. It directly led to us being a goal down. Airdrie are substantially better than us.
  2. Mrs Rawlins will probably print it on a shirt and give it to Greaves to sell.
  3. Thats what I mean, it makes sense if there is a regular pathway to a senior club but stand alone U21 leagues are just irrelevant now.
  4. Surely there is really no requirement for an U21 league now? Once you hit 19/20 you should be heading to play amateur's if your not making the step up to a senior/ex-junior team.
  5. At this rate it will be twenty odd years until we get excited about another Falkirk match.
  6. I' m the opposite. I really enjoy the international breaks. I got a buzz from Saturdays game that I have not had watching Falkirk since 2016. Watching Falkirk now is just going through the motions. Its an excuse to get the house and nothing more and looking at the crowds so far we are teetering on a cliff edge. Once winter hits we are looking at PATG numbers in the very low hundreds and ST holders who will probably settle for Falkirk TV with the fire on.
  7. There is a ticket thread on the tartan army group on facebook. That will be your best bet.
  8. These youngsters look dreadful. You could squeeze at least 3 Gemma Collins between the centre halfs at any given time.
  9. Looking forward to the Q&A more than any fixture so far this season. Hearing face to face from the fans will hopefully give the Rawlins the fright they need to see how unhappy we are.
  10. I did during the 2nd half of the Partick 5-nil scudding back in April - no response. Money is where it will hurt them.
  11. Certainly did. Anyway, on the ignore list you pop wee man.
  12. Even if we weren't shite that wouldn't really bother anybody since you have the IQ of a fucking 7 year old.
  13. latapythelegend

    FIFA 22

    Anybody not received points despite having the ultimate version?
  14. I remember going to Montrose about 15 years ago for a league cup tie in my early teens and I found the prospect of even conceding to be a bit horrifying. Fast forward 15 years and here we are. Would've been more dignified if we just locked the doors in May 2019.
  15. A decent amateur team would ride us silly. Edit to add...... There's the 2nd. 2-0 TO FUCKING MONTROSE
  16. We are definitely doing a Brechin. Shire will be buzzing for the derby to return in 2 years time. If there is still a club in 2 years time.
  17. Relationship therapy. My significant other has never been happier now that I actively look to spend Saturday afternoon with her.
  18. The rabbit hutch in Greenock must be a while. Don't think anybody over 6 foot was around when it was built.
  19. Meh, Bo'ness vs Wick will be my choice of game this weekend. We are too shite to bother with.
  20. Bo'ness vs Wick next weekend. Should be a cracking cup tie. Anybody going to Montrose needs a one way ticket to Bellsdyke.
  21. To be fair losing so convincingly to absolute dross like Dumbarton is a fucking red neck either way.
  22. Its only brutal of you take an interest anymore. To many other things worth bothering about. Cracking result for the Shire last night.
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