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  1. Did Lee Miller ever score a SCISSOR kick? This is the most fun I've had in this thread since 2016.
  2. A bit of time away from football will be good for him. Gives him plenty time to mullet over.
  3. I hate most things to do with FFC but I agree 100% with that statement. I hope we go up there and kick everything that moves and shitfest a 1-0.
  4. Been impressed with it. Done what everybody else has and headed over my house as soon as I got it. Ended up fucking it up and crashing into the field where i used to run about as a kid. Totally surreal. From height the mapping is fantastic. As realistic as you'll see on any simulation.
  5. I dislike Livi pretty strongly but I've played 15-20 matches on the pitch at Livi and genuinely don't see what the issue is. The ball reacts as you would expect it to and unless somebody can prove otherwise, there are no more injuries than there would be on grass. I would obviously prefer to play at pristine grass pitches every week but that simply wont happen in Scotland so I have no issue with 3g pitches.
  6. It would probably convince me to buy a season ticket tbh.
  7. In which case we should get something. It would be criminal not having a sell on clause.
  8. Did he not already go to Toronto permanently after being released?
  9. Not disagreeing as such but Neilson was surrounded by absolute numpties at the back and still stood out like a sore thumb as a good player. Fotheringham will probably make it in full time football but won't reach the heights Neilson is expected to.
  10. The game only sold out on the day and the crowd was limited to 300. Barely 140 Rangers fans there. Shire were unlucky not to get a point from it. Put the rod away.
  11. How many fans of Asian descent did you typically see at SPFL grounds pre-covid?
  12. Without sounding stereotypical, there aren't many Asian supporters in Scottish football. I think most tend to support English teams.
  13. Sad day when a job at Queens Park is more appealing than with us. Best of luck to him.
  14. Can't disagree with any of that. Don't get me wrong the nurses on the wards are fantastic, one of which is spending time when she can with my gran picking up some very basic BSL to try and bridge the communication gap. I just feel these nurses are let down by those above them in the chain and others who are not patient facing.
  15. If he led the club to another season at this level the pressure would surely be too much and he'd be out the door. The Rawlins won't want to be dealing with a part time club.
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