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  1. The pressure is then on them and those being elected to the board to make sure he goes. Its an absolute necessity.
  2. Unless I'm mistaken, Dobie masterclasses were the nail in the coffin on both occasions.
  3. No, the simple reason being he didn't have a decade and a half coaching experience behind him. Some folk craved for Yogi's return, why not the assistant who shared the same success he did at that point.
  4. The stats don't lie i suppose but you're never going to perform any better than that at Hamilton in the Premiership. I think Rice would get more out of this group than Sheerin and would certainly give him until the end of the season. Rice would jump at the chance as well so it would save us a few weeks faffing about. Its imperative any new manager sees his squad for a few weeks before January.
  5. I'm pretty sure the announcement of Houston and Hartley's sacking was a Sunday night so something may come tonight.
  6. Rice would get the players playing for him. That is his strength. Tactically there will be better managers out there but these players should be good enough (how many times have we said that) to turn things around if they have a manager who can motivate them.
  7. That Sheerinball tattoo was never a good idea tbh.
  8. If Holt and Sheerin aren't gone by midday on Tuesday following this AGM then I'm done. That was the most spineless, half arsed attempt at football I have seen from a professional team. The players aren't interested and are just fucking dreadful. McDaid, Hall and Ruth being the worst. If the new investors don't deliver change immediately then there is no fucking point.
  9. Very strange. I thought we were trying to move away from the council.
  10. 4 years of absolute pish is patience in abundance.
  11. This. Hopefully that can be his last words on Monday night before stepping down.
  12. The fibres are so flat on the pitch now that even when watered it is slow. Its definitely needing replaced now.
  13. Couldn't help but notice the 2 rows or so that are usually occupied by the board looked very sparse today. Sammy McGivern and a women (wife?) Along with somebody else. Usually Holt and Dean's are distinguishable but not today. Seems like even the board can't be arsed turning up.
  14. Take off the away support and there were barley 1600 home fans paying in today. We are only heading in one direction.
  15. Nope. You're not dreaming. We are turning no corners for the next few years anyway. Comfortably the biggest joke in Scottish football.
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