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  1. One boy did get thrown out at half time by a little gremlin for asking to nip back to the pub across the road to pick up his hat by the sounds of it and they turned into nazi mode.
  2. Haggs Tavern will be in with a shout. Harvester as always wont get far away. Destroyed Westside 5-0 on Sunday so they look like the mean business again.
  3. Imagine it would be hard to segregate without giving us at least 700 tickets
  4. That's dropped considerably! No doubt some H&S overkill. Last I checked it was well over 3k.
  5. Not the kind of tie I would ever envisage occurring. Praying that it doesn't get picked for TV and moved to the Friday night slot but it's unlikely. Lithgae pubs will make a killing and we will struggle to a 2-0 win. Assume we'll get a 1000 tickets max?
  6. Falkirk crowd was 1076. Even when nobody wants to go we still can't help but be massive. [emoji2369]
  7. There is an informal fans meeting on Monday for any fans who want to ask these questions. I'm sure Frank will be more than happy to print of the last few pages of this thread, introduce himself and ask for Mark to clarify?
  8. Does the bowling club at Somerset still allow away fans in?
  9. Cowdenbeath in the league cup a few years ago.
  10. Anybody know if it is the Gannochy pitches they are playing on tomorrow or the pitches up by the golf course tomorrow?
  11. Despite being absolutely shite. Our away crowds have been great this year. When you have nothing to cheer all season then the rare occasions that you can go baws lot mental, those are all the more satisfying.
  12. After all this supposed racism and coupled with the last 2 years inept football, Margaret Lang has to go. However, I respect here for at least being visible on matchday and willingly approaching fans for a chat. She is being made a scapegoat by Craig Campbell, Lex Miller and co. When it comes to the AGM they should all be individually justifying their positions at the club.
  13. That was a great performance. Even a draw would have been fine because the team ground it out defensively.Brough and Harrison are improving every week. Well worth it today!
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