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  1. by making it the 3rd place team at least it's the position that potentially is least affected.
  2. The concept of having to book a table in a pub is just bonkers and is just getting added to the list of reasons why I have no interest in going to London apart from watching Scotland. The authorities must surely have put provisions in place for having thousands of Scotland fans congregating - even if not a fanzone as such. Otherwise it is going to be carnage everywhere.
  3. Luckily they aren't into the royals. However if that's what it takes to scare them off then I'm looking out a black tie and working on my somber face.
  4. Since we can gather in groups of 6 from 6 households, she has said her parents and brother are coming up on Saturday. I advise her I am watching the Falkirk game at 12. She cracks up saying I am not sitting in the house when her family are here - as if they are the fucking Windsors. She knew fine well I'd be watching the football yet invites them up because it suits her. Her dad and brother are also Falkirk fans but would never pay for an away stream. So now I am to turn the TV unit and point it out the patio doors so we can watch the game whilst sitting distanced in the garden. Absolutely fuming. To compound matters, I am no longer allowed to call Mark Durnan and Connor Sammon useless c***s as it will cause offence. I've never considered myself to be very rough spoken but this family are a bunch of vanilla c***s.
  5. I earn less than the Scottish average wage. If somebody really wants to get to away games, they will be able to without any issues. Literally one or two game in the last 4 years has required points to get a ticket.
  6. Nope. If I'm dragging my arse all over Europe and attending every qualifier (including shitey home friendlies), I am 100% more deserving of a ticket for the big games ahead of somebody who hasn't.
  7. Aye you get my point. You'd think I'd know how to spell it by now because it's been a common theme at the club for the last few years.
  8. Just done a bit of googling and I see the official website has just lifted his LinkedIn description and copied in onto our website. Amatuer.
  9. Not familiar with him but his record looks promising. Every club he has been at in Scotland has at least some decent record of youth development. Glad to see we are focusing on the 16-20 age bracket and not wasting our time babysitting children. Leave kids football to the established boys clubs.
  10. As much as I enjoy the festival, its full of weirdos so nothing new there.
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