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  1. Over 3600 tickets sold yesterday for the semi is a tremendous starts. Probably 4000 now including this morning. Won't be far off what we had for the last semi already.
  2. What benefit does Murrayfield have? Views are marginally better at best and you can stand for an hour waiting for a tram as well as a train?
  3. Definitely not him. I have no idea who this guy is.
  4. I agree. We are better than last season bit on the whole we are still not good enough to win the third tier.
  5. This cup run is covering one hell of a collapse.
  6. Looks like quite a few may have forgotten. Crowd quite poor.
  7. There's one who marches about like a wee nazi toad. Most likely her.
  8. To be honest I can see those 2 full sections being standing sections as most people will want to be as far round towards the North stand as possible.
  9. Comfortable 3-0 win to fire us on the road to Deutschland next year. McGinn, Adams, Robbo.
  10. It no longer stands because they are no longer winning. Hence why changes should naturally happen.
  11. I'm going to see Higginbotham cry like a wee bitch again. The match should take care of itself.
  12. Morrison is easy to defend against. Watch the ball and not him sand you'll come out on top. Cook is a garbage ref. On the whole it was a terrible to watch.
  13. I'm not going to argue the point. We were dreadful and today 100% confirms any title challenge is gone.
  14. Donaldson McKay and Morrison worse of the lot today. Thank god we've got the semi or this would be classed as an absolute collapse.
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