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  1. He's far down the lost of imposters over the last 3 years. ATS on the other hand...
  2. I see the signage outside the ground has the fixture down as "vs Airdrie fc"
  3. Job done, a new ground off the list at somewhere we may never visit again. A good day all round.
  4. McGinn has been the poorest of the lot. Not one pass Mark so far.
  5. I use the pitch as part of a team and we train until 10pm. The lights are more often than not turned off while players are still on the pitch. The contrast once they go off means it is literally darkness. Not the smartest.
  6. Sorry to detract from the positivity but some of the people doing the turnstiles need a shake. An OAP struggling with a QR ticket told fix it or GTF. Bang out of order.
  7. Scotlands game of the day next Saturday. Quietly confident. Can see it being equally as tight as the last meeting. Expecting a decent game. 1-0 Falkirk. Burrells.
  8. He should feel pretty annoyed he only got 2 today. It really should have been at least 3. I'd also have been fizzing if I was playing that well and was replaced while on a hat-trick for that utter donkey. McGlynn has done that already this year. If your on a hat trick he will still hook players on a hat-trick regardless.
  9. Delighted for Burrels. 2 headers,, 2 goals is exactly what you want. Same again next week please.
  10. Possibly although I've never seen BBC Scotland go outside the central belt for these Cup ties!
  11. I have the absolute fear that we will get up there and its postponed.
  12. First half killed us. Kelty knew how to shitfest a result and fair play to them.
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