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  1. Surely a decision should be made by now, game is in 2 days and the isolation period will go beyond that. The fact no PPV info appears to be released indicates it won't go ahead.
  2. Ghosts sounds like something that would have fit right on The Rising album. Absolutely love it. Letter to you is decent enough but im hoping Ghosts sets the standard for the rest of the album. As much as the Western Stars project was pretty good I thought, its nice to hear the E Street sound again.
  3. 2015/16 was the last time the players genuinely looked like they enjoyed themselves.
  4. Dull group Killie will pump us, we'll beat Dunfermline, draw at Dumbarton and then Clyde will put 3 by us.
  5. Going by current guidelines crowds can return in some form by the end of September. League Cup starts on 6th of October.
  6. I doubt they will advertise any friendlies being played to deter anybody trying to turn up.
  7. My team are the same. Need to get moving again at some point
  8. Try Ravenswood? Plenty parks there that don't get used on a Sunday
  9. Are Czech fan still distancing at domestic games over there? Booked up for this but no idea what will happen.
  10. Good effort although the amatuers will be a nightmare to update as many of the teams will be moving across associations.
  11. Andy Nelson just released from Dundee. Always thought he could be a player. Just a bit rough around the edges.
  12. Surely they should be stepping up to amateur then? Unless an U20's team is affiliated to a junior/senior set up then there is no point clinging onto youth football when they have to change to amateur anyway eventually?
  13. 1) 41 2) 40 3) Currently existing - Airdrie i think 4) TFS 5) Somerset - closest thing left to Brockville. 6) Dumbarton
  14. Fair enough then, certainly a misleading statement plenty teams around here seem to be thinking the same!
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