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  1. and where did Pressley's wonderful signings get us over the course of 3 season? 3rd, 3rd and.....3rd. Holt also got us 3rd. However he got us to the last game of the season with something to play for. Not saying he was great but he was certainly not a failure and to criticise his style of play is fair enough but to be totally honest it is no worse than what we have been subject to since (excluding 18 months of good football from Houstie's team). Pressley was forced to use youth. He struck gold when it turned out they were actually half decent and played out their skin for him because that is what you do when you make you break through as a professional. Combinations of this was what gave Pressley a lot more credit than he should have got.
  2. I don't think anybody is making Holt out to be some form of saviour however he has excellent credentials based on his involvement in one of the most promising youth set ups in England and a steady career in management (even if relatively short) which would have allowed him the opportunity to form connections will people both north and south of the border. Pressley is a no go, he has achieved very little and has never left any other managerial role in a good light. You mentioned Jefferies, would this be the same Jefferies that Gary Deans approached regarding the DoF role before he decided to go back to Hearts? Gary Deans won't have a magic wand but given what we have seen over the last year he has certainly steadied the ship, attracted substantial external investment and provides transparency that we haven't seen from the club in the last decade. What is so "clueless" about his performance to date?
  3. I would ideally prefer us having one or two age groups and drawing the line there. Going all the way down to U13's/14's is throwing money away unless you are one of the top teams. Having an under 16's/17's below the development team should be enough. Towards the end, part of academy's downfall appeared to be players there who were just squad fillers at their respective age. At U16/U17 level there would nothing wrong having a few guys a year or two younger playing above themselves as long as they show have the ability and potential. Its much better to have a great teams at one age group showing promise as opposed to 3 teams at different ages not really showing anything. Leave that to the foundation to give the rest a game.
  4. Then your daft for opening a restaurant during a pandemic! I see there is a Scottish Tapas place opening at the end of Manor Street in March. God knows how they expect to be profitable in these times.
  5. Pretty much the expected response. Not as cringe-inducing as Particks but addresses what had to be said. Not much else to be added I suppose.
  6. Like other I have said I find the match layout is not as good and smooth to use as last year. I've tried getting in to this one and I'm just enjoying it as much. Went back to FM20 where I have my longest save in years (helped by lockdown and furlough). For the 1st time ever I actually got Falkirk to challenge the OF and got 2 titles. Finally got a treble 7 or 8 years in and resigned to try something new in a different league. Have bounced around a bit - went to Granada for a bit then ended up at Freiburg and managed to keep them in Bundesliga 2 after a horrid year. I just find it hard to get into managing abroad so it was a failed attempt. Regretted leaving Falkirk though and once the Czech guy they hired got the sack I re-applied but they said they wanted to trying somebody with new ideas
  7. This will make a very big differences. The time involved in GP's/nurses visiting bed bound people or care homes where residents are spread out, will probably equate to a greater amount of able bodied being able to queue at a practice or vaccination centre. Numbers should jump up quite significantly I'd imagine.
  8. Falkirk 2-0 Montrose Clyde 2-2 East Fife Dumbarton 1-2 Forfar Thistle 1-0 Cove R Peterhead 1-2 Airdrie
  9. Just off the back of my 5th Gamblers Anonymous meeting last night. Had a very tough 2020 following a few years up and down struggling with gambling. This year everything was compounded by lockdown and spiraling losses that I stupdily tried to chase and It took a bit of a breakdown at the start of December and explaining to people close to me what situation I was in. Even after that I had no belief that I could get out of it. I was given the ultimatum from my GF that I either do GA or that's it so I joined the 1st call - thought it was good but still doubted myself and didn't think it would change me. Fast forward a few weeks and it has been incredible turnaround so far. Listening to other peoples stories and how they ended up at GA was quite eye opening and at times emotional as was having the opportunity to tell my story to a group of people I've never met before. This probably belongs in the reason to be cheerful thread but just thought I'd share it and the fact that its gave me a much more positive attitude (despite what the world is currently going through). I would recommend it to anybody having problems. Have a good day folks.
  10. The overwhelming disdain certain clubs and fanbases have for cup competitions. Managers like Klopp who will put the weakest squad possible out for League/FA Cup fixtures as they want to protect the stars for run of the mill league games. Suppose its even worse for the teams who aren't even title challengers who value a 4th place finish over a national trophy. Money has totally fucked it.
  11. If this goes ahead I can see it being similar to last years tie up there. Not confident at all. If Arbroath have done their homework they'll pile balls on top of our defence from all angles and will be guaranteed success tbh. I'd probably stick Durnan back in and drop Hall who is just a nightmare. Hoping we see Keena from the start and go for it because the last month has shown we can't sit back and not f**k up. Seen plenty on the FFC thread about the cup not mattering this year which is nonsense. Any opportunity to progress should be grabbed with both hands as it is a bit extra cash at the end of the day.
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