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  1. It's not like you to be this bitter. Is it because we've signed your best player again?
  2. McCusker actually had 4 spells. First on loan from Hearts, then a permanent deal after that. He returned after a spell with Albion Rovers, then later came back on loan from Dumbarton. I only count Lithgow as having 1 spell.
  3. Stirling Albion What a gang Good to see the famous Bully Wee prevail against 12 men. We even rested JP McGovern and still got the job done. League 1 here we come.
  4. He's probably still playing better than SHC. Shame Pyrgos is injured.
  5. Berwick appeared to field Antonio Cesaro in the number 11 shirt.
  6. Currently 62, with 4 recent signings waiting to debut.
  7. The SPFL have decided to make the Clyde board watch a dvd of a Queen's Park game every night before bed as punishment.
  8. This. He's also just getting his own coaches in place now. By contrast, the results in the corresponding fixtures 2 years ago were 20-0 vs England and 51-3 vs Wales.
  9. Pack of Healy, Hartley, Nel, Jones, J Gray, Warburton, O'Brien, Falateu. Backs much harder to choose from in my opinion and will probably depend on who is coaching.
  10. He is. Apart from goal kicking Halfpenny doesn't offer that much. The general consensus amongst Wales fans seems to be that they are happier with Liam Williams in the team at full back.The idea that Scotland's outside backs are second rate is absolute nonsense. The back 3 yesterday are better than their Irish and Welsh counterparts on current form (North's try aside, he has been honking for ages). Denton has been absolutely anonymous for the past 2 games, hopefully Adam Ashe is fit for Rome or give Strauss a chance.
  11. Three wins and a draw actually. A last minute equaliser against Morton being one of the high points shows you how bad that season was.
  12. Millen played against East Fife last time out. Gemmell didn't even travel going by Twitter.
  13. Yes, individual match tickets should be refundable.
  14. I think that's near the ends but should be a decent view providing you're not down in the front few rows. But going by the state of the Scotstoun pitch, there's a good chance the game will be moved.
  15. Cracking performance from the U20s, recording their first win (24-6) against England at that level. Most entertaining game I've seen at Broadwood in about a decade.
  16. Scotland Women managed to hold out until the 25th minute before conceding points, surely a record?
  17. I make Gemmell his 37th signing since taking over. We had 17 signed players when he took over and he's brought another 8 through from the U20s. To date we've listed 61 different players in matchday squads, I'm sure McMann and Gemmell will take it up to 63 soon.
  18. Expect their fans to also gloss over the fact that they've signed yet another professional footballer.
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