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  1. Clyde had two David Thomson's on their books in the late 50s and early 60s. One was a goalkeeper and the other an inside forward, who played together a few times.
  2. I'm missing a fair few dates of birth particularly in the 19th and early 20th century but would be shocked if we've ever fielded anyone older. We lined up with three centre-backs tonight, Rumsby in the middle of Howie and McNiff. Cuddihy and Allison as wing backs. McStay as a holding midfielder and Love, Wallace and Johnston all inter changing and supporting Smith. Lyon came on for Cuddihy a few minutes before the break and Lamont for Wallace at HT. Celtic were fit and very quick coming forward but our defending in and around the box was better then what it has been recently. They lacked a cutting edge but their build up play and passing was good. After getting the second we sat back a bit and it became a 541. They started to get more space in the wide areas as the game progressed but Allison did well for the most part aided by Love (bar an obvious push for their penalty), until they began to tire. Smith was isolated for most of the second half but put in a good shift and was unlucky not to score twice. McStay more like his old self. McGee let an early cross slip through his hands but was otherwise solid, and made a couple of really good saves near the end. Lennon then strolled through the last few minutes. A decent workout overall.
  3. Rules on the Glasgow FA website for this season say there must be at least 6 recognised first team players fielded. Clyde rested David Mitchell, Ray Grant and David Goodwillie. Three others were injured (and I imagine they would have played if fit) and Alex Petkov played for Hearts Reserves earlier today. The rest of the squad was used tonight, with Danny Lennon listing himself as a sub too. Our youth teams are community teams who play in SYFA leagues as opposed to pro-youth/club academy, I assume they'll be on different registrations to SPFL so unsure if that'll have any impact on whether they are used or not. For Clyde anyway I think it'll be a fairly strong side being sent out.
  4. Looks like this will be back at first-team level (well, sort of) for the first time since the 1988-89 season, much to the delight of HibeeJibee I'm sure. Celtic and Rangers will field colt teams (under-21s with 2 overage players). Clyde, Partick Thistle and Queen's Park to play a minimum of 6 recognised first team players. Two trialists permitted too. Round robin home and away format with top two teams in the table contesting the final in April. Admission prices set at £5/£3. Tue 20th August Clyde 3-1 Celtic Colts (Love, Howie, Welsh OG; Henderson) Tue 27th August Rangers Colts 0-2 Partick Thistle (Mansell, Jones) Tue 1st October Partick Thistle 2-1 Queens Park (Mansell, de Vita; Thomson) Tue 3rd December Partick Thistle 9-1 Clyde (Jones, de Vita x2, Galasso x2, Austin, O'Ware, Niang, Cameron; Malcolm) Wed 11th December Queens Park 0-2 Celtic Colts (Burt, Wylie) Tue 17th December Celtic Colts 1-1 Partick Thistle (Burt; Niang) Clyde 1-1 Queens Park (McNeil; Moore) Tue 21st January Celtic Colts 4-1 Clyde (McGrath x2, Dembele, Connell; Johnston) Partick Thistle 1-2 Rangers Colts (Mansell; McPake x2) Tue 28th January Rangers Colts 3-2 Clyde (Mebude, Maxwell, Balde; Smith, McStay) Tue 4th February Rangers Colts 1-1 Celtic Colts (Dickson; Connell) Wed 5th February Queens Park 1-1 Partick Thistle (Foy; Barjonas) Tue 18th February Clyde 3-1 Partick Thistle (McNiff, Love, Smith; Cameron) Tue 25th February Queens Park v Rangers Colts Week 9 (Tue 3rd/Wed 4th March) Clyde v Rangers Colts Celtic Colts v Queens Park Week 10 (Tue 17th/Wed 18th March) Partick Thistle v Celtic Colts Queens Park v Clyde TBA Celtic Colts v Rangers Colts Rangers Colts v Queen's Park Final (Tue 7th/Wed 8th April)
  5. Signed on 30th December 1911 from Newton Stewart. John Litster's stats give him 2 appearances and no goals scored, I can only confirm one appearance, against Hibs on 17/02/1912. The only games that season I don't have lineups for are Hamilton on 1st and Celtic on 2nd January 1912 so may well have appeared in one of them. Seemed to leave at the end of the 1911/12 season but no further details of who he went to next.
  6. Pat Boyle needed the physio on after picking up an innocuous knock yesterday, I take it he's a courageous hero in your book? Did Dunlop show passion for the Peterhead shirt when he made a ridiculous lunge on Goodwillie? And Goodwillie must not be playing for the Clyde shirt as he decided not to receive treatment after it? Can't remember the Cowdenbeath physio coming on last week, I suppose you have all their players down as cowards too. At Hampden I can only recall the QP physio coming on to attend to a player who had done his hamstring in, funnily enough he injured himself without putting a tackle in or challenging for the ball.
  7. Aye, nothing says playing for the shirt more than, er...going down and needing the physio to come on.
  8. Gus clearly shat it at the prospect of being shown up by Mr Lennon at Hampden again.
  9. The 6 Glasgow teams all played in the First Division numerous times pre-WWII and in 1946-47, 1947-48 and 1957-58.
  10. Nobody from Clyde or Berwick. It seems the players from the 8 small clubs are petty, jealous and bitter little men.
  11. 7 league wins in a row between December 2003 and February 2004.
  12. Spot on. We do need a commanding centre half, hardened midfield general, dynamic box-to-box midfielder, creative number 10, and big target man. Patrick can play all these roles, simultaneously. And as a bonus, the captain's armband would fit snugly around his bulging biceps.
  13. Cuddihy and Breslin were the two players protesting to him and he just flashed a yellow card at one of them. I assumed it was Cuddihy too at first, as a red would have surely followed for Breslin. But Craig Charleston.
  14. It looked like Charleston forgot he had already booked Breslin, his assistant had to tell him, then he checked his book and went back to Breslin and showed him a red card.
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