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  1. 3 hours ago, Rory said:

    Looked a bit of a soft penalty to get but from the two angles I've seen it did look over the line.

    Does Offords current loan end when the window reopens? Our issue seems to be strikers scoring in batches in stead of consistently, Sammon and Rodden both had good spells at the start of the season and Donnelly had a decent run of goals. I'd like to see Ross take Sammons place up top for a couple of weeks, I've felt a few times this season that Sammon wins a lot of flick ons that amount to nothing and give away possession.

    Can't see Rice being sacked and wouldn't want him sacked. Playing players out of position is frustrating but was justifiable when the squad was stretched. I can only think he possibly wanted a fully match CB alongside Stanger last night given he's been out injured too. 

    Where did you see a different angle? From where I was sitting, although it was crisply hit I’m not convinced it was over the line and the view on YouTube it is impossible to tell with Parry restricting the view. 

  2. I am not giving up on Hendji  just yet. He admittedly is a bit raw and rough around the edges but his 2 previous performances, (Morton / Falkirk) I was quite happy with what I saw, in those games he was winning the important tackles and clearing headers and had a bit of pace about him to recover. Perhaps a bit of encouragement from the stands would help boost  his confidence.

  3. 2 hours ago, David W said:

    I'm also not convinced about our merits as a side looking to break a defensive team down. Counter attacking we will be fine.

    I would be absolutely delighted having a team on the front foot trying to break down the oppositions back line after the past 2 seasons watching teams piss all over the top of us. 90% of last season we were on the back foot trying to hang on in games.

  4. 6 hours ago, Distant Doonhamer said:

    Up to speed or not I’d be wary of getting too excited about a win at Palmerston. Other than Ayr United it’s pretty much been every teams favourite away ground for quite some time now. 

    If that being the case I wouldn’t expect Queens to be anywhere near promotion unless that changes, any successful season is built upon a strong home record. 

  5. 9 hours ago, CM. said:

    I was only a 10 min bus up the road to Broadwood from Kirky but now a bit more of a journey to Accies. Not really complaining though after having it easy for so long.

    Squad wise, it was encouraging to hear about to many changes on Saturday and the "reserves" seemed to do their chances no harm at all, albeit against a dreadful Morton side. Early days but we could've found a wee gem in Olly McDonald. Had a good cameo against Bonnyrigg and was excellent on Saturday by all accounts. That through ball for the first penalty award was sensational. 



    I wondered who played that pass, inch perfect.

  6. 20 minutes ago, Brian Carrigan said:

    Identified the targets in January? Interesting that we were only targeting players released from levels below us. 

    Unsure if this is delusion, denial or self-preservation.

    Hopefully the patience he talks about pays off and we secure some signatures over the next few days. 

    Or maybe he has indeed signed his targets to fit into the system he wants to adopt, perhaps for once ( I know this sounds a bit wacky and out there) but you could possibly take him at his word for once.

    I have yet to see you make a positive post about the team you knock at every turn, sorry I mean the team you claim to support.

  7. 41 minutes ago, Passionate said:

    Euan Devenney ex killie on trial at ourselves,  I believe he was on loan at Clyde last season any good

    He started off pretty decent, his debut was probably his best game for us but he never kicked on from there and ultimately fell down the pecking order. It never worked for us but that is not to say it won’t work out for some other team. I wouldn’t write him off just yet.

  8. 38 minutes ago, Gandhi said:

    I rarely, if ever, comment on P&B because, as a relative of Adam Livingstone, I don’t think it’s right to do so. However, there have been a couple of allegations against him that are not just untrue, but so far off the mark that they can’t be left unchallenged. 
    I’m not talking about comments on his playing ability - football is all about opinions and everyone is entitled to their own - and mine is obviously biased, so it is what it is.

    There have, though, been some claims about his attitude off the pitch and towards Danny and the club. This is where we’re in the realm of facts and I’m too concerned about things being put out there that just aren’t true, to stay silent. 
    I don’t know where the alleged information is coming from, but the facts are that Adam was a popular member of the squad last season (the whole squad were very close) and he got on particularly well with Danny. He is very fond of Danny and the club, and he and Danny remain on very good terms - and he has always been respectful towards him and always will be. Wherever he is next season, whether at Clyde or anywhere else, he won’t change his opinion towards Danny or his respect for him. 
    Say what you will about him as a player (when you become a professional, you accept that you put yourself out there for comment and opinion - that’s football and the first thing you have to grow is a thick skin) but he gave his all last season, including playing through injury for part of it, and to say his attitude towards, and relationship with, Danny, the other players and the club as a whole wasn’t good is a downright falsehood. 
    I know some may think I shouldn’t have posted this and some may even ridicule it, but them’s the breaks. I thought it was more important to get the facts out there. 

    If you felt the need to contribute to the discussion you have every right to do so. No ridicule from me. It is always good to hear the other side and if I am honest I am without doubt going to believe your side of things before someone on P&B who heard some rumours.

  9. 13 hours ago, JIMMY CHOO said:

    Maybe a bit of loyalty would go a long way.We need to do what’s right for Clyde not players trying to feather their nest at so called bigger clubs and when it falls apart to crawl back with his tail between his legs. We shouldn’t hope players that have been made offers come back because they couldn’t do better elsewhere we shouldn’t put up with that.Let’s put it to a vote who agrees or disagrees if we should bring back cuddihy and Livingstone.

    Bring Cuddihy back, that would be my vote. He has done nothing wrong, only trying to advance his career , what is the problem with that ? Why would anyone not want one of our best players to resign?

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