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  1. Cove Rangers came in and made an offer of £800 p/w but he decided he was happy where he was and will be doing his coaching badges. AFAIK DGW is being paid from an outside scourse.
  2. Thank fcuk this game is out the way time to move away from all this pish. Can't help but feel a bit of sympathy for for all the bigots out there, its not entirely all their own fault, it's deeply ingrained and passed on from generation to generation.
  3. FFS a Celtic fan taking the moral high ground over sex offences but let's not forget our player had no case to answer, can you say the same? Any way Fcuk off .
  4. Nothing wrong with being optimistic, the reason we won the last time was because the players really believed they could do it, if we go out on the park believing we are just there to make up the numbers we are beaten before we have even begun., hopefully the guys will go out with the right attitude then who knows what will happen.
  5. Rumsby has been brilliant for us, mr consistency, even when he is on his arse he still manages to head the ball away.
  6. Not a mishit cross from Rankin, he quite clearly picked Lang out with an inch perfect pass into his feet.
  7. We have had a tough season with injuries, Rankin, Norway have been out all season, Love has missed a good few games with injury, Howie has been out for a month now and Lyon even longer and Duffie is out more than he is in ,just about every other player has missed matches, McStay, Goodie. I think we only have about4 or 5 players who have survived unscathed this season. I honestly believe if our injury crisis clears up we will be fine and capable of beating anyone in this division.
  8. I think we are up against it today, with no player on the bench who can turn a game.
  9. " Clydes impending financial difficulties surfacing" please elaborate.
  10. FFS Balboy give it a rest and stop sounding like a wee fanny with your pish patter,you really are embarrassing.
  11. I'm liking all this negativity from our fans and the optimism of most Airdrie fans, got a good feeling about this game and it wouldn't be a surprise to me if Clyde pull of the win. We have shown we can compete in this league , injuries s have played a part in our recent poor form, the players we have have shown us many times that they can bounce back after some poor results and performances. Confidence maybe low atm but every game is a fresh start hopefully tomorrow could be a turning point in the right direction, I believe any team in this division can beat anyone else.
  12. Think we need to just calm down a bit, McStay and Lamont suddenly are not good enough ?
  13. Twitter page says no pitch inspection planned, find that a bit strange considering the temperature.
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