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  1. I thought Gomis and Grant were outstanding today, don’t think big Zulu broke sweat all day and I don’t think there is a better CH in this division as good as McLean.
  2. I am not giving up on Hendji just yet. He admittedly is a bit raw and rough around the edges but his 2 previous performances, (Morton / Falkirk) I was quite happy with what I saw, in those games he was winning the important tackles and clearing headers and had a bit of pace about him to recover. Perhaps a bit of encouragement from the stands would help boost his confidence.
  3. I would be absolutely delighted having a team on the front foot trying to break down the oppositions back line after the past 2 seasons watching teams piss all over the top of us. 90% of last season we were on the back foot trying to hang on in games.
  4. If that being the case I wouldn’t expect Queens to be anywhere near promotion unless that changes, any successful season is built upon a strong home record.
  5. I think you need to calm down, 4-1 who’s the diddies?
  6. Happy to have Cuddihy back. People have been moaning about our signings pre-season. I honestly think we are in better shape than last season exc DGW obviously.
  7. Or maybe he has indeed signed his targets to fit into the system he wants to adopt, perhaps for once ( I know this sounds a bit wacky and out there) but you could possibly take him at his word for once. I have yet to see you make a positive post about the team you knock at every turn, sorry I mean the team you claim to support.
  8. He started off pretty decent, his debut was probably his best game for us but he never kicked on from there and ultimately fell down the pecking order. It never worked for us but that is not to say it won’t work out for some other team. I wouldn’t write him off just yet.
  9. If you felt the need to contribute to the discussion you have every right to do so. No ridicule from me. It is always good to hear the other side and if I am honest I am without doubt going to believe your side of things before someone on P&B who heard some rumours.
  10. Bring Cuddihy back, that would be my vote. He has done nothing wrong, only trying to advance his career , what is the problem with that ? Why would anyone not want one of our best players to resign?
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