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  1. What is it about his work that is very good? What experience does he have? Playing Devils Advocate slightly here as can see huge benefits in going in this direction.
  2. Good to hear John Barnes commentating on Saturday's Sportscene, thought he had retired, guess he was maybe called in as they needed help with six matches to show.
  3. Definitely a big chance missed then.
  4. Finishing second in the group will hopefully allow us a more favourable draw in the next round of Nations League matches?
  5. Is it just me that would rather we played the play off matches away from home? I think our best performances under Steve Clarke have been when we've been defensively resolute and looked to nick a goal, thinking Serbia, England and Austria.
  6. Israel spewing that we scored, great stuff
  7. Just knew McTominay wouldn’t be taken off
  8. Ryan Fraser looking like a player that hasn’t played a full 90 minutes in many months.
  9. McTominay hasn’t had a good start
  10. Being outplayed all of a sudden, only good thing is we havent conceded
  11. He's not rotten, I'm not convinced he's got the ability to play as an isolated number 9, he started the season well in a front two.
  12. Hanley back after suspension, Dykes would have been suspended had his booking stood tonight, everyone else ok to play.
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