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  1. Everyone's entitled to an opinion. This is a fact though. Graeme Shinnie is one of the best players in the best Aberdeen side of the last 20 years. Charlie Mulgrew played in the Mark McGhee Aberdeen team and was dreadful. He got tore apart at left back week after week and was responsible for one of the worst performance I've ever seen in a dons top. I'm yet to see Shinnie have a bad game. If Shinnie goes to Celtic he walks into their team.
  2. What's this got to with anything? A couple of good games against decent opposition means nothing. Shinnie out performs Mulgrew on a consistent basis. Mulgrew is murder at left back and probably is better as a holding midfielder but I'd have Shinnie over him all day long.
  3. Having both played for Aberdeen and having seen both players up close, Shinnie is a far better player. Amazed Celtic never tried to sign him.
  4. The league leaders will run out comfortable winners against a bunch of also-rans. 0-2.
  5. Aberdeen - Teddy Scott Celtic - Tommy Burns Dundee - Fabian Cabellero Dundee Utd - Craig Brewster Hamilton - Allan Ferguson Hearts - Graham Rix ICT - Ross Tokely Killie - Paul Wright Partick - Gerry Britton Ross County - Brian Irvine St Johnstone - Alan Main
  6. . Previous results mean absolutely nothing and you've been in the championship for a year. Since then we've bought players that would walk into your side. I'll be surprised if Hearts are within 10 points of Aberdeen based on the state of both squads currently. And they say Dons fans have delusions of grandeur
  7. Ok so where realistically do you think Hearts will finish with their current squad? Serious question. Based on your current squad id say mid table.
  8. Hearts fans need to get realistic. The play off game was a good indicator of the standard of the championship. Top 6 for them will be an acheivement.
  9. Speith 17/2 Reed E/W 50/1 Kirk E/W 80/1
  10. Can never understand the fascination over whether people leave the ground early or not. I don't know everyones personal circumsatnces so tend not to judge. As long as they've made the effort to turn up then fair play to them.
  11. Not doubting May's Ability but I don't really see the point in sacrificing the leagues top scorer. I think his wages would be better used on a goalkeeper and a midfielder.
  12. Sensible post. Too sensible for this thread perhaps, although I disagree with your dad. I thought Logan had a good game. Sounds like your dad could indeed be racist,
  13. Doubt it. Racist bigots are generally unemployable.
  14. Yeah but I'm fucking minted. Its all the oil and farming
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