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  1. All things Dundee FC

    That sort of career trajectory is verging on a Crime. Watch him play for Lossiemouth Juniors within a year. Apologies etc.
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Haven't read it yet, but there's a guy called Stewie Griffin who posts on Have Your Say who is clearly OFTW. Absolute nutter [emoji38]
  3. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    What an absolute fucking farce [emoji38]
  4. Driving Annoyances

    If the above 5 issues turn you into a seething mess, then yeah, probably.
  5. Iconic imagery

    Is that Toldo after the Dutch missed something like 5 pens over the course of normal, extra time and PKs in a Euros game?
  6. Bonetti era at Dundee

    Jesus fucking Christ. Someone kill the last few pages of this thread with fire. Awful chat.
  7. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Fluffy actually taking a stand on something
  8. Put the turps down gramps
  9. Posted by a *** shoe-horning himself into a thread about St J and Celtic. Muppet
  10. It's weird. Rangers and Celtic fans have "become each other". Celtic fans with a quite stunning display of whataboutery over dodgy songs, and Rangers fans being a bunch of whiny paranoid bitches who think the entirety of Scottish football has an agenda against them. Lovely.
  11. Regretting putting Queens on the coupon now tbh.
  12. The Photography Thread

    Aurora Borealis from near Knockan Crag in Assynt on Wednesday night. There's virtually no light pollution up there which is ideal for night sky stuff.