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  1. He still posts after welching on charity bets. Ad Lib utterly rinsing him probably scrapes the Top 5 of his total humiliations on here tbh.
  2. They do have bigotry, homophobia and misogyny in common tbf.
  3. The club toss at 1:30 is tremendous [emoji23]
  4. Has there ever been a club more associated with shitting the bed than Hearts? [emoji23]
  5. Aye, another 4 fouls at least before he gets another yellow imo.
  6. f**k's sakes. Everyone I see this is bumped I briefly hope he's been jailed, severely beaten or deid. Disappointing.
  7. https://robinmcalpine.org/why-is-the-scottish-government-surging-to-the-right/ [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  8. Any Facebook post about Mason Greenwood was the same. Hundred of African and Asian accounts defending him, calling the victims liars and worse etc. Really weird.
  9. He's a tedious w****r but I can't help but admire the stylish execution of some of his heads-gones
  10. This is correct. You only have to look at how the more extreme parties fare in elections north and south of the border. UKIP/Brexist party have consistently pulled a decent vote share (of not actual representation particularly at WM elections). The only "extreme" nationalist party here is probably Alba, and even the Scottish electorate don't like them, as evidenced by two absolute thrashings in the last two elections.
  11. I just don't see how the numbers are going to stack up for Labour in order to win power in a GE any time soon. English voters in particular are still largely favouring the corrupt, mendacious Tory Government in living memory, led by a PM who quite openly doesn't give a shite about the public, or indeed doing his job. Not only that he leads a cabinet made up of politicians who would have been at home in the BNP 15 years ago, topped off by a billionaire Chancellor with shady Tax status issues. Throw in a few rapey and racist MPs and you have a party mired in greater levels of sleaze than saw them emptied by Tony Blair's New Labour in 1997 in emphatic fashion. A snap election now would at best see the Tories with most MP's, possibly depending on a need to bribe the Dinosaur Deniers again. Any decent, well-organised major opposition party should be absolutely demolishing the Tories in the polls just now, and whilst Starmer is doing a bit better lately in terms of polling, when push comes to shove, the electorate will edge the Tories in again when it shouldn't even be close enough for that to happen. In any case, if the Tories look to be any danger at all prior to the next election, they'll bump BoJo for a visually safe pair of hands and win fairly easily. Aside from Labour's obvious problem with internal politics and trying too hard to appeal to folk who'll never vote for them, they have completely lost Scotland, where they could generally have relied on 30+ seats in the old days. They are an unelectable rabble up here with zero political talent coming through the ranks. I don't see how they get out of this hole in the next decade at least.
  12. Duffy was absolutely horrific, however given what Ramsey must be costing in wages and whatever the loan fee was, plus the fact that his total lack of bottle has cost Rangers a european trophy AND a lucrative CL spot, then i think it's fair to say he's been a much poorer signing. Joey Barton's failure was probably funnier because he was as cocky as f**k, thought he's walk it up here and went back down the road in abject humiliation.
  13. It's wild. The government could literally stop all benefit payments tomorrow and these absolute psychos wouldn't see a penny of it. It's pure, unadulterated vindictiveness.
  14. Those always crack me up, usually the comments sections are full of bitter boomers who are convinced these folk are bribing their GPs to get signed off
  15. Yeah it's quite a common misconception that it's easy to "fiddle" the system. It's not at all, as anyone who has ever been through a Work Capability Assessment process will know.
  16. This. Any pitchy which results in loads of fat, bald ***s getting skelped and a seemingly endless run of hilariously raging club statements are totally fine. Also, without that glorious occasion we'd never have witnessed the magnificent many-armed Hibee windmilling ***s all over the place
  17. Pitch invasions are f**k all to do with Post-pandemic excitement and everything to do with utter wankers as pointed out by @Steve_Wilkos wanting some attention on social media, interspersed with a few coked up, neck-tattooed welts wanting to have a pop at a player or manager. Gone are the days when a "pitchy" was usually only seen when a lower league team pumped out a top division side in a cup tie. That said, I've been involved in two One when Dundee won the First Division in 1992 and the other after we knocked Hearts out of the League Cup QFs after a 4-4 epic on pens. There was another one after THAT game against Hearts in '86 where a good number of Dundee fans got on thinking we'd beaten Rangers to the last UEFA cup spot, and goaded the fans in the Hearts end. Surprised that didn't result in a full on riot tbh.
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