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  1. Surely you'd simply do whatever the f**k you wanted as the spineless fat c**t wouldn't have the balls to do a thing about it.
  2. What about the SNP doing a "Sinn Feinn" in this scenario? Pull their MPs so that they aren't in a position of having to vote with, or against Labour.
  3. This. Clearly bullied for every single day he spent at school, and basically being rag dolled throughout his entire political career have left him as nothing more than a ridiculous point-and-laugh fat loser in a cheap suit, further reduced to whining about seating positions and smudged bits of paper at a service. I hope he stays in post for years tbh.
  4. No thank you. Championship winning promotion for us, hilarious relegation for them, although Partick emptying them in a play off would be nicely poetic I guess
  5. For the money that's been allegedly thrown at it, it's absolutely a fucking gang but would still in theory be good enough to compete with some of the dross around them. However factor in a dressing room where any incoming manager is going to be immediately up against egos like Mulgrew and Watt then they could be in pleasingly deep shite. Imagine allowing a nobody like Watt to dictate your choice of manager
  6. They're fucked, without a serious clear out of egos in that dressing. Emptying Ross (whilst funny after the crowing about landing him) pretty much on the basis of Watt and a couple others has-beens on probably sizeable wages deciding they didn't want him is dire judgement. They should be able to comfortably finish mid table with that squad, in theory, but another hilarious 2016 style season could be on the cards. Someone other than us will have to pull the trigger this time though
  7. @spongeheid15 seems about his intelligence level, imo.
  8. Here's a useful list of the consequences these cretins will face: *Tumbleweed*
  9. Tbf, Germany didn't exactly smash the Russians in the early part of Barbarossa, they simply conceded a lot of lightly defended territory which the Wehrmacht blitzkrieged their way across to within shelling distance of Moscow. The might of Russia's manpower and manufacturing ability, allied to some fucking wild decision-making by Hitler saw the invasion falter to it's inevitable conclusion.
  10. They are simply a cancer on society, from PM to voter There can't be too many Tory MPs looking forward to their next constituency surgeries
  11. I doubt that's an issue tbh. It'll just mean government by coalition rather than the current scenario of the SNP singularly botch-slapping the other unionist parties ad infinitum.
  12. I guess it was inevitable the attention-seeking nutjobs on there would eventually realise no one was bothering with the COVID binfire anymore. On the plus side we have lots of pointless graphs to look forward to
  13. I suppose it's harder for you to go greeting to the mods over emojis. Unlucks.
  14. Definitely the latter. She's a dreadful communicator. That minister Nick Ferrari shredded was useless as well, clearly just throwing words out as soon as he knew the Ukraine pish wasn't going to fly
  15. A pity, as the cheating fat c**t would have been humiliated, probably live on TV
  16. Finally decent weather for a hill, the magnificent Fuar Tholl from our accommodation in Achnashellach.
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