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  1. The BBC are utterly fucking servile. Nicolas Witchell represents them almost perfectly. They know that the current government absolutely despises them, but still they toady to these Tory c***s on a daily basis.
  2. In partial mitigation it was to play for my home club in an inter-club match. I hadn't of course realised just how shite Piper Dam was, and spent the first two hours of that nonsense absolutely seething. I believe it's been improved but it was an absolute mickey mouse layout in those days, especially the first 6 or 7 holes.
  3. He's been thoroughly rinsed for it and the paper have apologised
  4. I once rubbered Carnoustie to play at fucking Piper Dam [emoji23]. If someone starts a shit courses thread that experience will feature highly.
  5. Frank Gilfeather weighing in [emoji23] I actually thought he was dead tbh
  6. The only thing that can stop a bad actor with a prop gun, is a good actor with a prop gun.
  7. This might also turn out to be the least surprising line ever to appear on the internet.
  8. It was a shite job and I was actually quite pleased to return to my main post for slightly less money tbh
  9. I just fronted up and said it was a football website and I had been pretty bored. Strangely my secondment wasn't made permanent.
  10. You stand out here because your posting is fucking horrific. HTH
  11. Is this Meldrew imbecile the latest Pep incarnation? What a tedious c**t.
  12. Back in 2009 I was in a boring as f**k job with the Council's Roads Department, and whiled away much of my time pissing about on here. Sadly this was also in the days where internet usage was heavily monitored. I was called in the to managers office to explain why my internet usage had been 20X higher than anyone else's in the last month and asked what "Pie & Bovril" was. That was awkward.
  13. Keeping the Simpson's theme - here is current Labour Party policy in Scotland.
  14. Another soldier fired the fatal shots? Well get that fucking coward on trial then.
  15. It has all the hallmarks of a recent media frenzy in Dundee (and doubtless elsewhere) of dog thefts which all shared remarkable similarities in that almost all seemed to happen to Facebook maws, all of the perpetrators had either Irish or "forrin" accents, all had a van which no EVER seemed to get a reg number for, save for one which went viral. So much so in fact that it was seen in about 15 different parts of the UK on the same day, despite having been scrapped several years previously. This was all over Facebook which of course is DC Thomson's main source these days so it was then reported as news, despite being absolute fucking nonsense on every level.
  16. Farage bring rinsed in interviews just never gets old. That was particularly well executed [emoji23]
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