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  1. What a strange thing to say. Sounds like you're projecting your own home life there m9.
  2. The more of these dribbling fools that migrate across from Kickback, the greater the evidence available that Hearts fans are utter fucking morons. Jesus christ.
  3. Jesus f**k. Jambos are genuinely thicker and even more delusional than their big brothers [emoji23]
  4. If we could ignore the alcoholic *** that'd be just lovely.
  5. £1 express delivery doesn't sound unreasonable tbh. Perhaps he's just furious because all the *** stuff is XXXXXL and they've nothing in his size.
  6. TPC River Highlands must be one of the easiest courses on the PGA Tour tbf. Plenty of shortish par 4s and also I believe the scene of Furyk's ridiculous 58.
  7. On the plus side Pars fans are considerably less boring than St Johnstone's tedious duo of BoredomGuy and that creepy fucker Old Pack.
  8. A fine effort from Dorlomin there, but frankly reaching the dizzy heights of the post-2015 Election seethefest is a high fucking bar.
  9. If you're old enough to remember Chris Kiwomya, you'll remember we didn't exactly cover ourselves in glory in this respect either.
  10. I think so, yeah. I'm surprised it wasn't an ode to Supras. Those two losers made Misc Fitba unreadable on all too regular basis.
  11. Successful businesswoman Ann Budge's climbdown from this risible Court action is going to be extremely humiliating. Splendid.
  12. He changed his name to An Sionnach or similar, which is still there.
  13. I'm sure VT was studying in the US at the time, as WTM had calculated where he'd have been, factoring in time zones etc. Incredible stuff. He went off on one at me, accident me of being a nazi (Ian Curtis) profile pic, because I posted a laugh emoji in response to someone ripping the pish out of him.
  14. Lex's pathetic trolling backfiring. You love to see it [emoji23]
  15. My favourites are women in their 30s and 40s who post on local town pages asking if anyone knows of any jobs or houses available for rent. All very well. but when you've got a daft profile pic that makes you look like a fucking cartoon dog, I'd imagine it might limit your opportunities somewhat.
  16. No one is even reading this pish any more. Shut the f**k up.
  17. Having done this twice I can only advise you avoid having to stop at uphill traffic lights in a big gear.
  18. No, he's simply happy that he's learning how the big hand and little hand work.
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