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  1. Bold statement for a poster who used the Report function about 9 times in half an hour in response to *** [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Personally I'm absolutely fucking gobsmacked at Pandarilla indulging in yet another bout of attention-seeking contrarian trolling tbh.
  3. The Central Highlands have been generally busy the last few years, though definitely exacerbated by the sorts of antisocial wankers who'd normally be getting pished in Benidorm on shite lager buying cheap tents, disposable bbqs and leaving the place a pure state. These wankers are now frequenting the previously quieter places like Torridon, Assynt etc. Hopefully once foreign holidays are without issue they'll f**k off again. I usually don't bother with Glencoe etc in summer anyway. Too hot, too many midges and too many wankers.
  4. Great to see that cowardly bigot Kincardine being absolutely rinsed yet again. I particularly enjoyed the theory that it isn't the job of opposition parties to offer alternatives. I suppose this might explain why the Labour, Tory and Libdem northern accounting units have been completely slapped down by the electorate in every election since about 2007. Daft old c**t.
  5. The vast majority of men who vote for Trump probably shouldn't be left alone with women. A collection of racist misanthropes, nonces and incels who are probably still hoping the premise of The Handmaid's Tale becomes Republican policy. Absolute joke of a country.
  6. This is a no-win situation for the SNP. Either: "OMG the SNP have failed all our kids by not interfering in the work of the independent SQA!!!!1111" OR "OMG the SNP are interfering with the work of the SQA to make our kids' results look better to boost their separatist cause!!!!!11111" They're just going to have to ride this out, correct the usual MSM hysterical bullshit and nonsense TV interviews with facts, and point out that this is entirely in step with what is going on elsewhere, not to mention the availability of the appeals process. IF teachers really have been massively boosting grades with bullshit "estimates" then they need to take some responsibility.
  7. Hilarious and often fantasy-land stuff there. However you forgot "being so wound up on here got banned for using a distasteful reference to disabled people"
  8. Seems familiar [emoji23] What's your hill on Monday?
  9. Quite. No one has ever gone into Conservative politics for reasons other than either getting rich, helping their pals get rich, or because they are a home for racist arseholes.
  10. Pet desperately wagon-circling this into some sort of victory when Hearts have been absolutely fucking rinsed at every stage of the process 😂
  11. Ooft. Truly damning evidence from the alcoholic wastrel there. Unsure whether the independence movement should be more concerned about the mystic powers employed by Ms Hamilton to come to the conclusion that "C" is a member of the SNP, or why said MSP can't even spell "Minister". Fucking jakeball 😂
  12. Last time i was there it was cash only and £3. That was last Nov. I forgot cash, winged it and nothing happened.
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