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  1. Ferrari's strategy is such a fucking binfire every week
  2. It's an absolute fucking binfire of a country rammed with gun-toting incels and Q-Anon fucking weirdos. Baws to ever going or living there. I can only see further erosions of women's rights, gay rights and generally horrendous extreme right wing policy. Multiply all that by 100 if Trump gets back in.
  3. Further confirmation that this is little more than a retirement tour for has-beens, jobbers and crocks.
  4. A debate for another thread imo, mind you pre-Man United Leighton vs 90s Goram would be pretty close. Anyway RIP, a genuinely world class Goalkeeper in his prime.
  5. The Greens or Plaid? The Tories are basically the PSG of the sex pest table
  6. Tsitsipas winning in five sets with a volley belted against Kyrgios would be the dictionary definition of SCENES
  7. Terrific spell of bowling from India here to get England 80odds for 5. Terrific performance from Leach as a nightwatchman there [emoji23]
  8. It's almost an exact repeat of the Schumi situation. If you thought football fans were tribal, myopic simpletons, I'd have a look at any of the F1 Facebook pages. Holy shit they are something else. Recent gems include Verstappen still being on 0 world Championships and Hamilton being racist towards Piquet for complaining about his use of "normal Brazilian language"
  9. Nice of Flintoff to motivate Youvraj immediately before that
  10. Has Broad not also gone for 6 sixes off an over as well? Pretty sure it was a 20/20 with Youvraj demolishing him
  11. I'd argue that the behaviour of the current Tory lot ensure their brand will remain toxic for decades to come. I just don't see where the numbers for a new right of centre party would come from. Right-leaning labour voters have probably already switched to the Tories, the Lib Dems are an irrelevance. New Labour swept to power partly due to a successful rebrand, mostly down to endemic Tory sleaze and already had a health base number of safe Labour seats to build on. Labour either already have, or are close to completely fucking themselves beyond repair in Scotland.
  12. This is a very, very unlikely scenario. The Tory vote in Scotland has hung 22-26% ish for decades. They hit 28% or so at the 2017 GE, which was a bit of an outlier. They haven't been near 40% since about the 60s. I don't even see how they'd be able to form a coalition. There aren't any other non-moonhowling parties which are right wing.
  13. Even if you take away the obvious and ever present threat of a fellow inmate trying to stab you or gouge your fucking eyes out, the loss of liberty itself would be horrendous. I'd be mentally fucked within 6 month One only needs to look at the Covid thread to see how normal folk take to having the freedoms and liberties curtailed.
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