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  1. Jesus f*** It's been fun seeing Tory drones spend all day spreading that fake "friend of a nurse" post only to slap the hopeless fuckers down with the actual story.
  2. Any of you guys got/had a shot of the Giant Defy Advanced range? Looking at the Defy Advanced 2 (2020). My B'Twin is decent for short rides but pretty uncomfortable after about 50 miles. I've narrowed it to Defy Advanced 2 or Canyon Endurance AL Disc 8.0 - bit of a stock issue with the latter though. Thoughts?
  3. You are correct He posted for some considerable time after the Pies thread. Wasn't he greeting about misogyny on the Mumsnet thread until someone helpfully pointed out that he'd confessing to gouging at a teenage lassie's cleavage? I thought the actual break from P&B came after Craigkillie's glorious "Most Influential Posters" thread. That was brutal and beautiful at the same time.
  4. More made up shite. What a fucking loser 😂
  5. Particularly LOLed at his story about some old c**t relative being a war hero [emoji23]
  6. Ooft. Kincardine-levels of attention seeking here [emoji23]
  7. BBC Scotland football will be rammed full.of his pals tbh
  8. Someone needs to tell this moon-howling *** c**t that Hibs actually won a major trophy.
  9. As desperate cries for attention go, this is quite tremendous 😂
  10. I don't think we should be considering punting anyone other than Mackie until we can see them playing under a remotely competent manager tbh.
  11. I don't know what's worse. Pish like that, or made up stories about your family [emoji23]
  12. No. I'd put McPake in 2nd place in any "Worst Managers You've seen" thread, behind Kernaghan. Kernaghan was another absolute doozie from the Marrs. Duffy was canned after a cup defeat away to Stranraer, though iirc we were unbeaten in League games having beaten QoS and St Mirren quite convincingly and I think drawn with Clyde. However a section of fans were on Duffy's back and the Marrs caved, binning Duffy and appointing Kernaghan. I'm not sure the useless c**t even had a dressing room to lose. We were utterly abject under him ,with the cherry on top of a particularly shit cake being a 7-0 drubbing at Airdrie where he took the huff at not getting the game called off (we had several players down with flu) and decided to play a load of the youth players. It was an absolute fucking minter. IIRC he also lost 0-4 there WITH the first team. Other "highlights" I can vaguely remember include getting a 4-2 home cunting off Hamilton and of course Gretna pissing all over us on live TV in the semi at Hampden. He was a joke appointment that set the club back for some time. I actually think sticking by Duffy would have seen us promoted again that season. We had a decent squad, but Kernaghan had no idea how to manage them and clearly the squad hated him. We finished 6th or 7th that season I think. McPake is fucking woeful, however if Nelms has the sense to bin him before he can do much more damage Kerno's No1 spot is safe.
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