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  1. This is absolutely spot on. Whilst I've no doubt there will be many folk utterly seething at the "free bikes" proposal, it has massive potential benefits. Over the coming years there are going to be a shit-ton of unused bikes lying about that folk bought up during lockdown - hopefully this scheme will encourage these to be handed in and refurbed. Angus already has a few Cycle-hub type shops which take in unwanted bikes, refurb and sell them on for bargain prices. Tapping into this would seem like a pretty good idea.
  2. Can't disagree with any of those tbh. I can't even remember the last time I bothered watching a Champions League game. Turgid shite. I'll have even less interest in whatever future Euro Superleague they eventually cobble together. I grew up watching the 78, 82 and 86 World Cups, which were all fantastic tournament. Italia 90 was alright, everything since has been largely shite. South Africa 2010 was probably the worst of the lot, atrocious football and those fucking Vuvuzelas.
  3. Fucking hell man that's ridiculous. Which shower of absolute c***s did you work for? Feel free to name and shame the fuckers. Things will get better m8 (other than our chances in the play offs) ATB
  4. You probably wouldn't tbh. Still, have at it, you absolute weirdo.
  5. Can't be fucked checking back to see if these have been posted yet, but the cigar-worthy numbers continue unabated. 237 new cases of COVID-19 reported 23,580 new tests for COVID-19 that reported results – 1.2% of these were positive 1 new reported death(s) of people who have tested positive 16 people were in intensive care yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19 115 people were in hospital yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19 2,708,691 people have received the first dose of the Covid vaccination and 661,975 have received their second dose
  6. We booked ours late last year for September/October this year. Prices were still fairly reasonable at that point (Strathcarron and Mellon Charles). Walkhighlands have a fairly good accommodation search facility. The worst area by far is the far north, beyond Kylesku etc, with some frankly hilarious pricing. My fortnight away in May isn't too bad either. Hostel prices are still OK (although one household has to book an entire dorm/family room for the time being). Glen Nevis were also offering tent pitches, but f**k going there in early May. It'll be absolutely mental.
  7. You've got to admire @Terry_Tibbs long term commitment to servile bootlicking tbh. Most of the Yoon trolls on here get bored or banned fairly quickly.
  8. That's impressive. f**k knows how folk can walk in, do those hills and face the same route out in a day. Bendronaig bothy is pretty cool though. I'd be way too tempted by that 😂 I have a few epics (looseley) planned for this year. Ultimately I fancy a bash at the Mullardochs in a day. It's a batshit mental undertaking but I'm going to try a few of Dan Bailey's nonsense routes in preparation and see how I physically manage those. One of my pals tried it and managed 11. He was absolutely gone after Mam Sodhail and just couldn't face the detour to Beinn Fhionnlaidh. Poor c**t, he was absolutely gutted afterwards.
  9. My work are about to implement the same. We had an employee engagement type thing about it today, where senior management presumably try to kid staff on that their opinion matters and the decision hasn't already been made 😂 We've basically got about 5 "workstyles" that everyone will have to fit into, ranging from fully office based, to almost entirely working from home. If I'm punted into fully WFH I'm going to have to go through a completely bullshit appeal process as there is no fucking way our flat is suitable for me to WFH permanently. Even if you're allowed some office based work, it won't likely be with your own team, only in "bookable spaces". Looking forward to trying to discuss a client's difficulties with bowel incontinence for an appeal submission when in amongst a load of arseholes from HR or something. Obviously senior management are loving this idea because they can save money and largely perform functions which can be done entirely from the nice study they've got at home. I'm also not keen on a situation where the lines between home and work become totally blurred to the extent that you are basically living in your workplace. f**k that.
  10. My work had an employee engagement session/horror show this morning on Teams. They appear to be using Covid (including all the favourite cliches of variants, mutations (and someone literally said "we just don't know" at one point) to justify a series of god-awful working from home measures. I genuinely can't wait until they try to force these measures on staff, having ignored their concerns and massively f**k it up before having some sort of humiliating climbdown. Utter shite.
  11. Aye did them in 2018 during a week in Lochcarron. I was totally wrecked by that point, having had three straight days of MTB, road biking and a total shambles of an attempt at the central Fannichs. I think it had pished down the night before so the track was muddy AF. Shite for downhills on the MTB and torture on the uphills. We got views off Lurg Mhor but the clag dropped on us for Cheesecake, a shame as it seemed to have a nice summit ridge. Did you bike these or walk the whole thing?
  12. Everyone (meaning no one): Has Sir Keith replied with, "Oh OK then. Just thought we'd ask" yet?
  13. And in today's edition of Anti-vaxxers are fucking nuts, we have:
  14. DRoss's eyebrow raise right at the end when he knows he's been shredded is just wonderful. Tory c**t.
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