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  1. That would have had some merit if it wasn't appearing underneath one by @Gorgiegreatness who is unquestionably the thickest poster in the history of P&B. Sorry.
  2. You've landed a haul of folk who think you've had a life-changing head injury. Uh, well done [emoji23]
  3. Hope the dug didn't catch anything too serious [emoji853]
  4. TV coverage, streams etc. I wasn't aware that one wasn't allowed to form an opinion on such things unless physically present at a football match. My apologies. Perhaps we aren't actually 11th, with a binfire of a defence and a hopelessly out of his depth Manager after all. Phew, that was close.
  5. I haven't been to a game in fucking ages, no. I had hoped to get to a few games with my old man but that didn't happen and tbh it's not high on my list of priorities at the moment. What that has to do with Legzdins being better than Flapjack, but inferior to Bain, I have no idea.
  6. I know Jack Hamilton was painful but christ. Bain was better than Legzdins, easily.
  7. You getting into a total nick over this is pretty much the least surprising thing on P&B ever.
  8. Someone actually posted that on a Tayside Police Facebook page missing persons appeal, which probably broke the internet. Another one got extremely awkward when the missing person actually posted on the thread which fair angered a few Facebook Maws [emoji23]
  9. Found another of your movie scripts imo [emoji23]
  10. Thing is McPake wasn't exactly a cerebral player. We're not exactly talking about Franco Baresi here [emoji23] He was a blood and thunder central defender who wouldn't generally be troubling the scorers on Mastermind. He's not any brighter now so it's hardly a shock he's failed to identify or address our defensive issues.
  11. I doubt we're signing [mention=17690]red23[/mention] tbh
  12. Seriously? [emoji23] I just find this whole season mental. We're to now be relying on 3 players in their 30s (one or whom is embarrassingly unfit) to dig us out of a hole, the only teams around us in the table have already given us a couple of absolute rinsings and our idiot manager has failed to identify and sign a single defender in the first 25 fucking days of a transfer window. Fucking wild.
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