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  1. I particularly enjoyed the bit where Van Dijk appears to have been killed or at least permanently incapacitated: "Wijnaldum said: “We are still devastated and I think this was different from normal. The way it happened was really hard for us. Everyone still has a really bad feeling about it. When we were speaking with the players after Saturday none of the players had slept because of what happened with Virgil and, as I said, the way it happened. It is a really hard one to take and a hard one for the team." I think these c***s are actually worse than Celtic in the self pity/paranoia stakes. Fucking hell 😂
  2. The punctuation here is just dreadful. Have you considered supporting Rangers?
  3. I see Liverpool fans have returned to their default position of England's version of Celtic fans after last season's fluke. You love to see it.
  4. In a sub forum which contains thick c***s like the wee ***, a raging alcoholic and what is apparently the ever-tragic Tarmo's latest alias, you've somehow managed to be thicker and more ignorant than those three welts combined. Incredible levels of mintering on show [emoji23]
  5. Superb. That welt will never live down his 50 Worst Posters atrocity [emoji23]
  6. In all fairness this Merkincher character is clearly as thick as f**k.
  7. Fabulous. So is he, or is he not a billionaire? Does, or does Scotland NOT have a specific oil fund (a la Norway)? Two fairly easy questions for you there.
  8. Ah. "You Yes Yet" appear to be a campaign group in their own right, but i don't follow them - their stuff is often shared by various other FB Groups, Yes Scotland etc etc. I'm assuming they're not an "official" group, probably just a bunch of campaigners setting up Social Media accounts.
  9. Link Sunday times rich list i'd imagine. BBC link to it above.
  10. If this terrorist nutter wanted to inflict pain and suffering on a teacher, perhaps he should have forced the poor c**t to read the entire COVID-19 thread.
  11. Isn't this the same Council that wouldn't take action against one of it's members being a bit rapey? ScotGov reversing that would be absolute banter.
  12. What a fucking finish. Absolute #scenes
  13. Hearts fans still absolutely raging despite pumping us 6-2 [emoji23] They literally couldn't be any more Rangers if they tried. Fantastic stuff.
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