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  1. That Brexit chap is a shoe in....easy money ^^^ The_Kincardine found
  2. I'd probably watch it tbf. I genuinely think Neil wants to destroy him. ETA: Going on is a no-brainer for Johnson. He could take a shit in the BBC studio live on camera and his base will still vote for him. If he doesn't he looks like the complete coward he is.
  3. I have a nagging feeling she'll slither in by less than a 1000 votes. She's a complete cretin and hopefully her comments about Healthcare in Angus cost her dearly. She also has another hustings coming up in Kirriemuir where she will most likely make a total c**t of herself. The SNP candidate seems a good guy and has done shitloads of canvassing. Hair has done little other than pal about with farmers and drag Theresa May round the posher parts of a couple of Angus towns.
  4. While the BBC would doubtless prefer Neil to go easy, I don't think Neil's ego would allow it. He's been built up into the interviewer politicians need to fear, I think he'd eviscerate Johnson, and thoroughly enjoy doing so.
  5. I heard about the Healthcare comment. I have quite a few family and friends in the NHS. I'll be sure to let them know what Kirstene thinks of them.
  6. Likewise. I thoroughly enjoyed his merciless (if often OTT) takedowns of England's test performances.
  7. I think the boundary is Monifieth
  8. Unless Marr completely soft-soaps him there's a significant possibility that Johnson will make a total arse of it. Unfortunately this will mean there's absolutely no chance of him facing Andrew Neil. I'm still hoping for a repeat of 2017 (in England anyway) where May's utter cowardice and refusal to interview or debate backfired massively. However this time round I fear the Brexiters would vote for Johnson regardless of his conduct. Their hatred of Johnny Foreigner trumps absolutely anything else.
  9. I'm actually tempted to stick Arbroath on at -1 next week. Unless something drastically changes (hopefully the fucking manager), a baltic and doubtless windy as f**k Gayfield will see us utterly shite it. Also, I trust we are all fully aware that Nelms will sit on his hands as usual, watch us stumble through December and the January window, before finally emptying McPake sometime in March when the baw's totally burst and we're in 6th place. Nelms is the central factor in our travails in the last 2-3 years. He's made a series of woeful appointments and failed to act quickly enough to remedy any of them. When McPake does eventually get his jotters, can Strachan not completely oversee the football side? I realise Nelms has to be involved but surely to f**k he can be left to deal with the commercial operation and leave the football business to someone who actually fucking knows something about it.
  10. Indeed. Unfortunately winning the play off will require some defending, goals and bottle. None of which seem evident, or will become evident under McPake.
  11. Nah. While McIntyre took some humpings last season, I can't even begin to imagine what Celtic, and indeed most other top league teams would do to that gutless, disorganised pish. McPake needs to go, and Nelms kept the f**k away from football decisions.
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