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  1. It's the same all over social media. Facebook outdoorsy pages are full of Bear Grylls wannabes lecturing everyone on safety. Get tae f**k.
  2. Gars-Bheinn and Loch Scavaig, shot from Elgol a few years back.
  3. Hand sanitiser is also an excellent method of discovering you have a paper cut.
  4. Was that off a DH Gate seller or elsewhere?
  5. I would back this, if for no other reason it would make reverse parking utterly sensational
  6. Ah PB, it's been a while. Because there are hardly any overtake opportunities, it was busy as f**k with oncoming vehicles in any case and overtaking the offending old c**t plus the five vehicles between me and him probably wouldn't have been likely to result in anything other than an unpleasant head-on collision. Also, did you used to play football in close proximity to a black hole?
  7. Probably knocked him back. McKenzie is another monumental creep in the Piers Morgan mould.
  8. Same up here. 8 cars stuck behind some dithering old arsehole chundering along at 25mph from Glenesk to Edzell. A living breathing demonstration of folk who should be resitting their tests as soon as they hit pension age.
  9. Definitely Lara - he reached the very top of his sport and sets numerous records which still stand. He was widely regarded as the best batsman in the world for a few years and even now would most folks' top fives of best ever cricketers.
  10. Why should they give the oxygen of publicity to these fucking nutjobs?
  11. If a mod could bin this trolling Loser4Life alias, that would be lovely. Cheers.
  12. Probably not. He and PB create a series of ridiculously obvious aliases and spam the place with utter pish for weeks, sometimes months on end.
  13. My DHGate shirt arrived the other day. Very impressive quality for 15 quid tbf I can confirm that ordering a size up is sensible. I'm usually Medium, went for the Large and it fits perfectly.
  14. Pretty sure I encountered a swarm of these arseholes at the top of a hill next to Loch Maree, bigger than midges anyway and tens of thousands of the fuckers swarming around the summit cairn. Fucked if I was hanging around long enough to research it [emoji23]
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