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  1. The Helen Lovejoy-ing on this thread is quite fucking mental. Two weeks ago, I'm sure the majority of us posters on here would probably have described as everything from a complete c**t to a sociopath. Him being ill doesn't suddenly revert him to being a harmless buffoon. I've spent years working with people on the absolute bones of their arses thanks to the Conservative Party's war of austerity on the poor. He's a well documented racist, thug, and a chancer. Someone posted earlier "What if it was Tommy Robinson?". Well besides having my fingers firmly crossed that does actually happen, Johnson is basically a version of TR that went to a posh school. I can only hope he vigorously shook hands with IDS at some point recently. It's not as if folk as actually going to wildly celebrate if he snuffs it, the vast majority of us just won't give a single, solitary f**k.
  2. Any chance a mod can fire this thick, tedious c**t directly into the fucking sun? Cheers.
  3. When i started out i really had no concept of gearing and thought big efforts in high gears were the way to go. Once you get used to gearing comfortably, you'll enjoy cycling a hell of a lot more.
  4. Aye I find Strava is quite good motivation to beat my own times for certain segments. In terms of cadence, on the flat, or gentler climbs i stick to generally accepted theory of 70-90rpm, however on anything beyond 4-5% I'll generally climb out of the saddle. I've been told repeatedly that it's not ideal and you get knackered quicker, but i'm kind of used to it now. Sitting spinning away in 34-28 or whatever just feels utterly boring and that i'm going nowhere, even though it probably is quite effective. In general, this lockdown has benefitted my cycling considerably. I've racked up about 216 miles between "permitted exercise" and Zwift. Working from home definitely makes it easier when you don't have to factor in getting showered and properly dressed for the office. The roads are obviously way quieter, and safer although my chain slipped off the big ring yesterday when I was coming down Redford hill at 43mph which was a minor shite-yourself moment.
  5. Trump-supporting 'murican religious nut snuffs it from Pneumonia, after contracting Covid-19 a few weeks after thinking it was all a load of hysteria and going to Mardi Gras (the New Orleans festival, not the shady-as-f**k Dundee nightclub of bygone days) Thick c**t
  6. It's the hope that kills you. Nah in all seriousness i know that's not happening. Main concern is getting money back for my accommodation. This will last until late summer at least.
  7. Whilst BoJo succumbing to this would definitely not be at all hilarious, I have to say i'm in two minds about it. One the one hand we might get a public holiday out of it, on the other the PM croaking will likely extend the lockdown and I'll not get my 2 weeks of hillwalking etc in May. Hmmm.
  8. That's incredible. Pleasingly 99.99% of folk dumb enough to take it will probably be his voters.
  9. Get it bought. I bought a load of outdoors stuff I probably won't need for months. Tbf Berghaus were doing a very time limited 50% off deal for key workers [emoji41]
  10. Lex has been a figure of ridicule for years [emoji23]
  11. Every single time Labour have elected a new leader, either in Scotland or UK wide, we've heard endlessly how this "spells disaster for the SNP". Every single one of them has been utterly bitch-slapped repeatedly until being replaced by another inept fucking no-mark. Starmer will be no different.
  12. You're getting yourself into quite the wee state these days Lovely 😂
  13. Folk now predictably shaming their own streets for not clapping enough tonight [emoji23]
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