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  1. Try reading it again you thick c**t [emoji23]
  2. I guess like many committed Christians, he was an enormous hypocrite. See also voting against helping the poorest in society repeatedly.
  3. Shouldn't folk learn the languages they actually want to?
  4. Anyone looking at his voting record two days ago would probably have correctly filed him away in the "typical Tory right wing c**t" box. He doesn't suddenly become a great guy because of yesterday. A horrible and undeserved way thing to happen of course, but I won't be shedding any tears or displaying any faux sympathy for a guy who consistently voted to keep the rich rich, the poor skint, was against tenants' rights, wanted a ban on abortion and was opposed to LGBT rights.
  5. What a fucking state to get yourself into [emoji23]
  6. How convenient. Do you live on the same street as Dawson Park Boy?
  7. Indeed, a fairly obvious reference to the car in front of me in that post
  8. As if you give a shiny shite about poor people. Away and play with your tin foil.
  9. I was probably dying to get home for my nat king, which ultimately didn't happen due to my childish nonsense with the Jetta driver Besides the 205 sounded nice cruising along at that speed (which is another woeful excuse). This is true, but I'd have been denied some terrific entertainment tbf
  10. Erm, on what level would the media on either side of the border worry about torpedoing a Yes vote in a future referendum? [emoji23]
  11. I think it's partly related to relegating your utterly tinpot outfit in hilarious fashion m8.
  12. This kind of stuff comes across as the utter narcissism of someone who knows she in untouchable. A total cuntress.
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