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  1. I've had this conversation with my Dad (amended no2 as Labour are completely irrelevant in Scotland). It's pointless. He moans about his pension, but votes for the party that are responsible for it. Apparently he's been opposed to the SNP since he wrote to Andrew Welsh to complain about his pension and didn't get a reply. You can't reason with that sort of blinkered viewpoint. Mum just votes Tory because Dad does. He has at least since his illness softened a bit and seems to realise that BoJo is a fucking clown, and doesn't call the FM Herr Sturgeon now, so i suppose that's sort of progress.
  2. LOL. She's fucking teflon. She'll just release a statement saying "I'm sorry if the public feel this is something to be upset about". The cuntress.
  3. I feel guilty not paying these c***s rent for headspace [emoji23]
  4. As good as having him back would be, we still need to address the goalkeeping nonsense. It's fucking January and we're still lumbered with a bombscare and a crock.
  5. Who could have seen that coming? Hopefully the last the political scene sees of this absolute fucking beta. Mare time fur pull-ups
  6. I'm guessing they'll be wanting seal clubbing brought back now 😂 Nae luck, cuntos.
  7. Jesus f**k. Is Pep still spamming the arse out of this thread [emoji23]
  8. In all honesty I don't believe that a few thousand impotent AR-15 owning momma's boys are going to be a serious physical threat to Harris. Most of them would mess their boxers if confronted by an actual BAME woman. If anything the bigger worry is the extent to which Trumpism has infected law enforcement, perhaps even the military. If that's happened to a large enough extent, democracy in the US is going to have a serious fucking problem. The fact that two of the Capital police have been suspended with another 15 being investigated for being involved in the riot is a massive fucking issue. The US already absolutely fetishises law enforcement and the military to a cringeworthy degree, I don't think some sort of military style coup is completely out of the question.
  9. I thought my original response to his boring contrarian pish contained enough obvious sarcasm tbh 😂
  10. The absolute state of the GOP just now is popcorn stuff. It's astonishing they even have Senators who fully subscribe to QAnon theory and the "stolen election" shite. Absolute nutters. A massive split in that party of nonces and psychopaths would be fabulous viewing. As regards to fatboy Trump, I think he's fucked. The non-lunatic wing of the GOP will be delighted to stop him running again in future. Also seeing that he's so angry at the second impeachment he's stopped paying Giuliani's legal fees 😂
  11. Aye we watched the first two episodes last night. Absolutely mental stuff
  12. How the f**k can functioning adults believe in that shite? It's fucking mental [emoji23]
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