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  1. It's going to be twee shortbread tin shite with castle in ridiculous places and bystanders in kilts. And probably wee terriers cutting about playing bagpipes. I've got the Favero Assioma which has been absolutely faultless over the last year. I got the set for £589 iirc.
  2. Fair fucks for trying to out-creep all your previous contributions with this effort.
  3. Jesus christ. You're actually creaming yourself because you think a rapist has crashed and burned the GRA reforms. Where do you stand on predatory males' parents plying girls with drink so they are vulnerable to a barely consensual shag later on btw?
  4. I quite liked her argument against unions being that the majority of folk on strike earn three times as much as her state pension. Hilarious because: They actually work for a living She votes for the very party that make decisions on her shite pension I thought Tory voters didn't want State Benefits to be anywhere near the levels of working wages Fuckin' moron.
  5. Have Queens signed up a few posters from the Juniors sub? Jesus fucking Christ.
  6. The absolute state of Fatrick these days. Holy f**k
  7. He actually looks noncier without the pathetic wee beard
  8. Dawson Park Bigot's try-hard levels are through the roof these days. Dearie me.
  9. That's an incredible statement I genuinely can't believe he's survived the results since the World Cup break. They're quite something. Abject 0-1 surrender to Celtic Hilarious bed-shitting against Rangers. 2-1 up (at which point I stuck a fiver on Rangers), to shite themselves and lose 3-2 An absolute drubbing against St Mirren Losing to fucking Kilmarnock A fairly uninspiring home win vs Saints Losing in marginally less hilariously shit fashion to Rangers An absolute walloping at Hearts Knocked out of the cup by a club who couldn't even get into the Lowland League last season Holy actual f**k.
  10. He's up there with the best wingers we've ever had. He tore the dabs to shreds a few times in both Jocky's last season and the Bonettis first.
  11. He was suspended that often it didn't matter. A completely infuriating player. I remember one particular cup tie at Dens, we were all over them for the first 35 minute. De Marchi looked completely imperious then some Hearts player fouled him so he tried to sly kick him back right in front of the ref. Straight red, we folded, Hearts won. An almost perfect summary of the Bonnett era in one game
  12. Aye that was pretty shite stuff from the Marrs. Pat was a fine player for us, and De Marchi an absolutely superb defender when he wasn't being suspended.
  13. I went down something of a TTF/Q-Tex rabbit hole on youTube at the weekend and I can now happily contribute modern gig attendees to this thread. Compare TTF at the Metro in Saltcoats in the 90s (packed to the rafters, everyone clearly off their tits on various class As and having a brilliant time) to TTF at the 02 in 2016 (hundreds of absolute fannies just filming it on their phones). Absolutely fucking shite.
  14. A further entry into Top 10 "just some concerns" nutjobs comes from "Police Scotland Angels" who has/have submitted a quite remarkable 860 Freedom of Information requests to various public bodies since September 2022, the vast majority of which relate to LGBTQ+ issues.
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