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  1. "Woke Warriors" is poundshop Piers Morgan chat. Get it in the fucking bin immediately
  2. We appear to be at that awkward stage she doesn't realise she just the daft house jock about to be thrown under the bus by far smarter political operators than her. Which is excellent btw. When she does eventually get run over by said bus, I'm fully expecting some magnificent Tweets from Charlie Mulgrew.
  3. Belgium are utter garbage and will be fucked out of the knockouts by the first decent team they face.
  4. I don't think Trump can win in 2024 tbh. His only chance is if the Dems stick with Biden and he's even more of a gibbering shambles than he is now. Trump can only really command the support of the moonhowling wing of the Republican Party and assorted QAnon nutters. Moderate republicans aren't going to vote for him and will probably just stay at home. The Democrats seem to have started getting their younger supporters out to vote and should they continue to do so, that plus some republicans staying at home should finish Trump. We also have to factor in his tax returns showing up some seriously shady stuff, criminal investigations around the Capitol Riots and I think a sexual assault case not to mention that the Party still have to nominate him. The only way he wins that, imo is to bully them into it by threatening to take his supporters with him and run as independent, which would surely be enough to properly f**k the republicans in the next election.
  5. Think the boy was talking about Pro-Indy rallies, not your last family wedding m8.
  6. No to see our two idiot yoon trolls and one frothing racist mess predictably jizzing themselves all over this thread. I'll leave everyone to decide which is which I think we're just missing a meme from Spongeheid that looks like it was concocted by a family pet for the full house.
  7. Hilary Clinton accused of him of not paying taxes during one of their debates and he literally responded with "That makes me SMART" in front of an audience of millions.
  8. Fancied a name change. It's been a while I expect the single track road to Tobermory will be hell so I've given myself 3.5 hours to get up and down Ben More The forecast looks utter shite though, so plan B beckons
  9. If the Dutch somehow get to the last game needing a win and a GD boost it'll be an annihilation. Qatar are far worse than I expected them to be.
  10. Hamilton's car is a total dog at the moment. Which is a shame of course
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