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  1. There's an air of stagnation about that list. I'd like to see who Imrie is looking to bring in - permanently or on loan. Wouldn't be surprised if Reilly was one of them.
  2. The accusation of transphobia against anyone who has concerns about the GRA is a lazy & inaccurate smear. Quite why Nicola Sturgeon and her pals have bought into the scientifically illiterate Stonewall assertion “transwomen are women” is probably best debated elsewhere, but I think you’ll find that taking that to it’s logical conclusion would affect adversely most women’s football teams in due course. Many women are extremely concerned about the attack on their rights that this proposal involves. I have no connection with Alba btw. Currently not a member of any political party.
  3. I'm not sure about Strapp at centre back due to his lack of height. I think we lost a goal at Inverness during the Gus era when he couldn't get a decent header on a long kick out and they scored. Also might hinder the long throw tactic if he's not able to bomb up the wing - although most of the time his throws are wasted. Might go 4 at the back instead with Lithgow and Ledger at CB, and Strapp & Brandon at LB & RB. As long as we don't see Muirhead deputising for McEntee or anything daft like that.
  4. You'll be dancing in the streets of Locharbriggs on Friday evening...
  5. Hamilton has made a few mistakes - Tumilty's goal for Raith in the 2-2 draw for example looked like an error to me and last week against Queens he made a mess of a shot and then mucked up a kick out to set up the second goal. However he's still a decent keeper and he has saved us on a lot more occasions than McAdams ever did. On Saturday in the last minute he collected a corner kick under pressure where a lot of keepers wouldn't have held it. I'd maybe take Gaston over Hamilton, but there are no keepers in our division that I would say are better than Hamilton.
  6. A dreadful game of football. Hamilton are terrible - all they do is pass the ball from side to side across the back four. We were a shadow of our post-Xmas selves. Wilson was really, really poor. Did he bring the wrong boots, expecting to be playing on a muddy grass park? Wilson was pretty much the cause of the goal. I expect he will be dropped for the next game as Imrie doesn't tolerate players performing that badly. I'd say Hamilton are pretty safe now, and we're actually not that far away from safety due to our game in hand over Hamilton and Ayr. a win over Partick would be nice tomorrow night but I expect the game will be off.
  7. Should be three dots apparently. it's called an ellipsis. however if it occurs at the end of a complete grammatical sentence, it still needs a full stop as well, so that would be 4 dots in total. Every day's a school day....
  8. I wonder what correct score odds you could get for a 10-2 Morton win... ETA: Just checked on Bet365 and you can't get odds on a score higher than 6-2. however 5-0 or 5-1 is 150/1. Unlikely, but possible.
  9. When you consider that Mcpherson had Lewis Strapp and Reece Lyon on the bench rather than starting, you can see one reason why were were doing so badly. both players are now back in the team and playing outstandingly well most games. Not just that , but players like Blues and Muirhead, who were regarded as pretty poor, are now showing what they can do. The improvement in Blues in particular has been amazing. I think a lot of that is being used to do things that they can do rather than just running around aimlessly. The addition of a decent right back has also opened up a new avenue from which to launch attacks. Imrie has re-tuned the orchestra, and he's conducting his own symphony. As a bonus, the players and the fans aren't at loggerheads any more - They are putting on a show for us every week. Long may it continue.
  10. I was amazed how easy that was for Arbroath. They were by far the better team and although it was only 1-0 (and frankly it looked like a bad goalkeeping error for the goal), I never got the impression that Killie were likely to score. I said when Arbroath signed Derek Gaston that it would prove to be a terrific signing and so it has turned out. Solid and sure. Was a terrific keeper for us and you won't find many Morton supporters with a bad word to say about Derek. He had a fairly easy night last night but produced the saves when needed.
  11. Quite likely, although it's probably not too difficult to impress on him not to give away penalties from now on, rather than have us put under pressure by not having anyone with pace on the left of the centrebacks. Ledger has been generally solid if unspectacular in his time with us. I'd rather have him in the team than one or two of the alternatives.
  12. McEntee for Mclean and you're sorted. Although I'm not sure if you need a left footed player as left CB.
  13. You were. You went 2 up after 13 minutes. I think from the highlights you almost scored again within seconds of Queens kicking off after the second goal, but the ball came off the inside of the post.
  14. That was my own first thought too - although I don't know what Wilson's particular strengths are.
  15. I'm wondering where Wilson fits into our midfield. Is he going to replace Blues (who has improved a lot this season).
  16. The Lyon-Blues pairing seems to be working well, which surprised me slightly as I hadn't really rated Blues up until recently. We have Jacobs in reserve and he hasn't really been missed, but he's available to cover an injury, albeit he plays a different role. Lyon has been sitting deeper and more central recently and his drives upfield are giving us some creativity that was lacking under Gus. As for the wide player, Mcgrattan looked decent on Friday when he came on - that move that ended with Gozie's back heeler showed he is not afraid to take on opponents. Not the finished article yet, but he features in a song now so that's a start. Mind you if they ever bring back Quizball, I would leave him on the bench for that too... Things definitely looking up. A win in inverness on Saturday would be superb as it would show this is not just a short term lift. The way we played Raith off the park at times on Friday was uplifting - just need to cut out the daft defensive glitches now. That Hamilton error for the second goal was horrendous.
  17. Apart from the last three minutes of the first half, we were the better team. Second half we were unlucky just to get the one goal. Clear penalty when Benedictus handled. We just need to keep up that level of performance every week, especially against the other teams in the bottom half of the table. What a difference Imrie has made already.
  18. f**k off with that shite. Not many people die from a cold. The 500 limit was a lazy piece of broad brush restriction that should never have been applied to clubs in the championship - I assume the reason behind it was to avoid people being crammed into stands at larger grounds, particularly all seated ones. At the likes of Cappielow, a 2000 crowd spread out round the ground would provide spacing in excess of social distancing norms, whereas the loss of income from a 500 limit forced clubs to save money by cramming everyone into the old stand at a much closer spacing. I doubt any officials even considered the lower divisions - they were solely interested in the top division. The angle that they wanted to stop people travelling in buses was strange as people are allowed to travel on buses anyway, although before Xmas, I saw a video of Hibs fans travelling to Glasgow for the league cup final, and practically none of them were wearing masks - seems personal responsibility goes out the window in some situations.
  19. Aye, but you can do that without actually taking a test, or even if you test positive. Anyone could just say they had a negative result. All you need is the serial number off a test.
  20. Whoever they are, their derisory offer of repainting the crush barriers and putting in proper hand dryers in the toilets, in exchange for a majority share in the football club and ownership of Cappielow, has been put in the bin, and rightly so. No idea who the chancers involved are but having achieved fan ownership, we're hardly going to throw it away. Investment in Morton is always welcome but maintaining a majority stake owned by the supporters is more important, to prevent the possibility of "Hugh Scott Returns - Nightmare on Sinclair Street" going on general release.
  21. That team pretty much picks itself, for any sensible person at least. Gus would have had Muirhead and Blues in there and Lithgow at CB in place of Ledger. Reilly might be worth bringing on to play the "ex-player scores against former team" joker.
  22. Perfect conditions for football would be if we had a minimum of 11 good players. We really don't, and that's before you take into account that several of the decent ones will likely be on the bench. I wonder if seeing it's Christmas, the management team will select Easdale to start...
  23. The reason our back line has been poor recently is that Lithgow is playing (I'll eschew the obvious joke), that McEntee is currently missing for some reason (minor injury I assume), that Strapp is being played at centre back despite being rather vertically challenged, and that Ledger seems to have been dropped to the bench in favour of Hynes, who is not good enough to perform that role regularly at this level. If we had Ledger and McEntee at CB and Strapp at LB, that would be an improvement. Maybe Jacobs at RB although his true role is as a defensive midfielder tackling people and threading a pinpoint accurate pass through to - oh, hang on, that's Busquet I'm thinking of - anyway, Jacobs, passing the ball to the opposition or hoofing it aimlessly out the field of play. A half decent manager could probably sort this team out just by picking the right players and putting them in the right formation. We are currently less than the sum of our parts, and having the likes of Muirhead and Blues in there doesn't really help (much as they have both on rare occasions shown flashes of ability). I'm guessing another draw, 0-0 or 1-1.
  24. Clearly Arbroath actually have a decent team, given they are sitting in third place. We have about half a dozen decent players, not all of whom will be on the pitch. Lithgow has been appalling recently - I think three of the goals on Saturday were his fault - and our defence needs rearranged slightly - Ledger & Mcentee at CB if both fit, Strapp at LB. No idea about RB as Hynes has been pretty poor. Lyon must start as he is about the only midfielder who is willing to burst through the middle and try to create something. No idea what the result will be but we need to play better than that shitshow on Saturday if we're to get even a point.
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