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  1. Will your fans be wearing the Klu Klux Klan outfits for this game? Might save you having to wear masks...
  2. We're not down yet. Win on Friday and we definitely stay up. Even a draw might mean we stay up. Even if we end up in the play offs, we are capable of winning them. The persistent problem with Morton this season has been team selection - we all pretty much know the best eleven players to make up our starting line-up, but the various managers we have had persist with leaving at least 2 of our best options on the bench or even out the squad. Get Lyon and Colville on in midfield, Jacobs to be the ball winner and probably McGinn to make up the midfield 4, Nesbitt and Oliver up front. Ledger, Fjortoft , Mclean and Strapp as the back 4. No McGinty. Muirhead a desperation option if they want a bit more muscle up front. The front 2 are not really that good, but probably the best we have, with an option of using McGuffie as a sub as at least he can shoot and get the ball on target. Our squad is unbalanced but at least we can make the best of what we have.
  3. I reckon about 99.9% of Morton supporters would pick that line up. Mainly because it's as clear as day that it is the best we have.
  4. That would only work if Ayr lost their games by a decent margin so that we made up the deficit in goal difference. More likely we'll losr to Alloa then beat Arbroath, or draw both games to get through by a single point. I hope we get a 6-0 win against Alloa but as that would involve us scoring more goals in a game than we normally score in about 6 games, it's not very likely.
  5. We really should have taken three points from that. Hearts hardly ever looked like scoring, and we had a number of chances that a decent striker would have taken - Orsi unlucky in the first minute but he seemed to contort himself to get a shot in with his right foot rather than using his left. He should have been hooked earlier and wtf was Mcpherson thinking about bringing on Easdale (who has a very weird running style btw)? I would have thought Muirhead was the obvious choice or even McGuffie, who knows how to shoot. The bottom end of the division is now quite complex. Even Queen of the South could still be in the playoffs if they lose their last 2 games, which is not impossible as Ayr will be fighting to get out of trouble and Inverness are still after a promotion play off slot. We need to get a point more than Ayr in the next 2 games unless they take a couple of heavy defeats to swing the goal difference, so a win for Queens against Ayr would suit us. I actually think we have looked much better in the last two games, although still lacking a goal threat, but our midfielders should be able to push forwards more against Alloa and Arbroath. Lyon has been playing well and he has made us more solid.
  6. Let's see if that comment comes back to bite you on the arse on Saturday. We do appear to be a lot better since the new manager arrived. Mainly because Blues and Omar aren't really getting a look in any more but also tactical changes. Still not the strongest up front but I think we are now more likely to move away from the bottom two teams.
  7. Can't predict this one. Which is maybe because there are so many teams in this division that are pretty much the same standard, illustrated by how congested it is around the 20-27 point area. Our weakness is our lack of any decent strikers. Queens will no doubt be relieved that Orsi will probably not be in the starting line up.
  8. Agree with most of that, but I think Colville is a decent player - he has a sort of slow-motion running style but he has good feet and a ferocious shot. I'd far rather see him taking direct free kicks than Muirhead. I don't think we've seen the best of him and he maybe needs to be a bit more assertive, but there's definitely a player there. I'd rate him higher than Salkeld for example, but maybe he gets dragged down somewhat by the low standard of our league.
  9. Morton's season depends on the team Hopkin selects - if he is going to leave the likes of Nesbitt and McPake out the starting line up, we will struggle for goals as we're not creating many clear chances. At least Lyon and Colville seem to be getting picked now, which is better than some of the dross we have had on the park up until recently. Those 2 and Jacobs need to be started every week. Colville seems to be a bit under the radar but he's got good feet and a ferocious shot - that free kick on Saturday was a cracking effort.
  10. Apart from that free kick from Colville (deserved a goal), there was absolutely nothing worth watching. Worst game I've ever seen during my 57 years watching Morton (bit of hyperbole there maybe but you get my drift).
  11. My mistake - I was thinking he scored against Alloa but I'm maybe mixing him up with Salkeld.
  12. I've just realised that blues is our top league goalscorer (with 2). Good grief, that's embarrassing. Especially when Lyon and Colville have had practically no game time this season.
  13. Someone mentioned Tam O'Ware further up the thread. Did I read that he's been released by Partick? If so, that "big" move didn't exactly work out for him, did it? Where next, Albion Rovers?
  14. I passed him on the cyclepath yesterday while out for a walk. Looked more like a green hair dye to me - a sort of pale mint green colour.
  15. How can you play games when the players aren't allowed close enough to each other to put in a tackle? Are squads expected to be tested regularly for CV19 and to live in isolation? What happens when the inevitable CV19 outbreak occurs amongst players? I can't see football at our level happening until at lest August 2021. It doesn't stack up either financially or in terms of basic health and safety for the players, to whom the clubs and the league have a duty of care. Any of you that have had CV19 other than a very minor case will know that it absolutely wipes you out physically for a long time (or in extreme cases wipes you out permanently). No responsible club could ask players to sign up to that.
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