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  1. What utter nonsense. There is one tune that is the same (but with different words) as a Rangers ditty, but "full Rangers songbook"? Get tae f**k, you pinstripe-suited chartered accountant. Is there not a rugger game you should be at tonight?
  2. That game was appalling for quality of football. Not as bad as the referee though. I couldn't really see what happened with Jai but by all accounts it was nothing to merit a straight red. As for Baird's red, it looked just like a tackle, something we seemed reluctant to put in all game, but maybe was a foul. Certainly was a surprise to see a red card. The Ayr guy was I think 2 yellows so maybe not as contentious. I reckon Napier flashed that red card because he knows Jai is a physical player and Napier was just looking for a way to make himself the centre of attention. shocking performance all round and he should be demoted to the juniors immediately. Best bit of the night was Mcginty's penalty being saved. GIRFUY you lanky beanpole. Can't wait to see our team for the next round. We have almost run out of centrebacks now i think - maybe Imrie will reprise the Strapp at CB strategy...
  3. Sorry, that last bit should say turn LEFT at Sinclair Street. - i.e . the next set of lights just a short distance from the marina road.
  4. The road down to the marina - if approaching from the east, turn right at the traffic lights just before Cappielow and you can park on the road or the area near the roundabout at the end of the road. If you turn right at Sinclair Street instead you can park in the official car park - think it's £3.
  5. Alex King has been playing well when starting at LB. think we'd be better with Strapp with King pushed forward a bit, but it's good that we have genuine competition for places. King looks like a player.
  6. Away fans should get the end of the Cowshed. Makes for a better atmosphere, gives them a roof over their heads which the WDE doesn't, and for those who need to sit, that would leave more room in the main stand, probably enough to let everyone put their feet over on to the seat in front. I fail to see what additional costs would be incurred with that arrangement, and the cost would probably be more than covered by making the match experience more attractive to away fans. How many £22s does it take to pay for 1 more steward if that is even needed?
  7. I'll be interested to see if you can still use the season ticket code to access the live stream on a Saturday. At the time I bought my season ticket, it was clear that you would be able to use it to stream live if you were outside the UK and Ireland. If that has changed, I won't be terribly pleased. It's ridiculous that the SFA, SPFL or whoever are hell bent of making it difficult to watch championship football online - it generates additional income as well as allowing people who can't reasonably attend in person (whether in Chicago, Colombia or Carwood Street) see their team. I get it that the top tier games are subject to a Sky contract, but that doesn't apply to the lower divisions. It's the 21st century ffs.
  8. Under the rules, it's a clear penalty. However in my opinion the rules are daft. I don't think for a minute that was deliberate handball, which is what used to be the criterion, but checking the results page, I see we won 1-0, so not going to campaign for a rule change this week. Pleasantly surprised that we seem to be evolving into a team that can win games. Just need a striker now and we're good to go.
  9. It's called the Wee Dublin End because there used to be a lot of cottages just to the west of the ground which were occupied by some of the fairly large Irish community that lived in Greenock. Nothing bigoted about it. Much like you have "Derry", which IIRC isn't actually anything to do with sectarianism either. The view from the WDE is actually pretty good although a roof would be nice. In bygone days when you could move about within the ground, sometimes used to stand there if we were attacking that end. I can't remember when they put in the original bench seating but I think it must have been in the 1980s.
  10. Can't disagree with that. If players are good enough, they should be in the team whether they're part time or full time. A hybrid model would probably be a good compromise although it might make training more complicated, but if players are full time they should be able to train in the evenings 2 night as week and they'd have the rest of those day for extra training if they wanted to really go for it. We can't really afford to pay sufficiently high wages to attract a higher standard of full time player. I'm not sure how much difference it makes having our current players on a full time basis anyway. if we ever reach the top division or if we get to a point where we're near the top of the championship every season, there might be a case for completely full time football, but even then it eliminates some decent players who have other jobs. would anyone with a good day job want to give it up to play football for £300 a week? I doubt it.
  11. Aye, I'd half forgotten about that. Actually on reflection it's almost as if they are leasing shares as they need to keep paying or, if I understand it properly, do they not see their shareholding diluted? It seems a fairly convoluted scheme. i need to go back and read through what actually happens and how they exit if they decide to. If everyone could be persuaded to increase their monthly contribution, that could go a long way to improving the viability of the fan ownership model, but people can't afford to throw a lot more at it. If they did, and we performed better as a result, it would probably increase the MCT membership as success breeds success. We need to reach that tipping point.
  12. The club has to be run on a break-even basis from now on. Otherwise the only way to balance the books would be via external investment, which I wouldn't rule out entirely but it has to be above board and transparent - why on earth would anyone want to remain anonymous in these circumstances? - and it would have to be done in such a way that the MCT shareholding was above 50% as a minimum. however bear in mind that external investment would in essence be a lump sum that, if spent, was then gone, so not something you could repeat year after year. As far as loans are concerned, the only way that would make any sense at all is if it were for the purposes of increasing income to the point where the amount of the loan could be paid off through the profits from whatever investment was deemed appropriate. Someone suggested the club should buy the Norseman and something like that might make sense (if it was razed to the ground and a decent premises put in its place) if it were deemed to be capable of making a profit for the club. A bit of thinking outside the box is needed to develop alternative income streams that can subsidise the team budget. I see little point in the idea of selling the club to some outside party who may not even be a supporter of the club. We haven't come this fat just to give up.
  13. For a team that was sub-optimal due to injuries and suspensions, we seem to have done OK against Falkirk and also against Carlisle United who had previously run up quite a few goals in their pre-season games. Some of these young players look to have a lot of potential. Our game at Hibs next week might be a good test to benchmark where we actually are (I understand they had a weakened team out against Falkirk last night), but it doesn't look to me as if we will necessarily be rooted at the bottom of the division. We need more firepower up front and a creative midfielder would help too, but at this early stage of the season there may be some grounds for optimism at least.
  14. Yes, my mistake. I'm just making sure that when he wins his first international cap, if there's any dispute about his provenance, the Mc will prove he's Scottish.
  15. Don't think that Morton team was anywhere near our first team starting line up. We wouldn't have Easdale in any serious starting line up. It did cross my mind that after the success of Garrity at Annan, maybe Imrie was looking to offload Easdale to Annan on loan. Would actually be the best thing for him as he's not going to progress beyond occasional short sub appearances at Cappielow. He needs to go somewhere to get game time and imho that means dropping a level or two.
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