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  1. but you tryed to prove to me earlier if you look up in an earlier post that he refused time off .... read up ^^^ and wwe were rumoured to be ready to offer Kurt a new contract as soon as poss.
  2. Sorry but i aint heard anything about Angle not wanting time off, what ive heard is a complete switch from that, in that he needed time off and he was trying to get his appearences to a minimum.
  3. I'll give you that John Cena was always up there, as was Kurt Angle. Both of them were fighting at the top most weeks for top spot in the buisness. So it was practically they 2 for a while, on ability it was Kurt Angle who was top of the tree in the WWE. But for being a good guy and all the littles kiddies loving him, Cena was also up there.
  4. Nah trust me he was his biggest money maker for a point nearer the end of his WWE career, since am knowledgeable i just corrected you. getting a bit touchy are we, didnt think this was much of a topic in need of abuse
  5. I never said being a great wrestler really matters, infact i said he will always be around the number 1 contendership, i only stated that i cant watch a Batista match really as i dont like them that much ...... not that hard to understand to be honest. And i agree that Jericho,Bourne and Morrison are good entertainers also, Mysterio is going downhill and his matches seem to be very repetative and Undertaker also is a good entertainer but nowhere near as entertaining as Shawn Michaels. Randy Orton is the next HUGE thing even though he is big at the moment, hes only gonna get better.
  6. Eh ?! think you need to watch some of Angles interviews. Vince was willing to release Kurt Angle without pay and wanted to see him return after 6 months of rest, not knowing that Angle already wanted to go to TNA under better personal terms. Angle was Vince's biggest money maker in the WWE, and Angle was pissed of the fact that Shawn Michaels was getting paid a part of his wages through the 4 years that he was injurned and Vince wasnt willing to give Angle time of with Pay. Angle has refused to never say never about the WWE again but is happier than hes ever been under TNA, better the fact that they are looking to give WWE a run for there money in the near future as ratings are picking up greatly since Angle went to TNA.
  7. Does anyone else hate watching Batista wrestle, as he cant ?! Yeah hes a beast of a man and that alone should put him around the number one contendership most of the time but his matches are total crap. Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton are the best Entertainers, Santino is class on the mic, and the WWE have to bring back Kurt Angle, as hes the best performer of all time along side Shawn Michaels.
  8. what ?!?! Pineapple Express is a hell of alot better that Zack and Miri
  9. Lakeview Terrace 6/10 Samuel L. Jackson is truely a class actor but the story was a wee bit dodgy and a wee bit slow. Decent watch tho. I dont recomend it, but then again i wouldnt say one not to watch.
  10. The wwe has gone vastly downhill ever since wcw went down the drain, after the takeover from the alliance and all that crap its seemed like the script writers dont need to write the best script possilbe every single week as they now dont have a competator for top spot. With 3 world title belts, it doesnt seem as important anymore to win one of them and titles are changeing hands whenever to whoever, when back then you practically had to be the best and to get beat by the best to win the only world title, not anymore, with people like CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, JBL etc etc having held a World Title. But one big mistake they made was makeing different wrestlers on smackdown and raw and bringing back ecw. When it was the same wrestlers on both smackdown and raw everyweek with great scripts and that one big world title, the wwe was a class act.
  11. 1.Favourite wrestler everybody ? 2.Most famous wrestler you have seen ? 1.Shawn Michaels 2.Bret Hart
  12. 1 . Lose Yourself 2 . Till I Collapse 3 . Without Me 4 . Sing For The Moment 5 . Shake That Ass Stan and Slim Shady just missed out cause ive heard them far too much but still great songs. Dont like Cleaning out my closet and Toy Soldiers!!
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