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  1. Anderson won't make it( out 7 weeks) Is that Dave at RB he won't make it either, if its Brad he won't be RB i dont think, more likely Joe S.
  2. Was just awake from a kip after. a shift when i posted,to be honest i thought i was on wap.Any way the guy said the train took ages and i highlited my pal slf as he works on the railway, sorry for confussion
  3. Bizarrely shoe horned. Into top rows and forbidden to move forward onto empty seats.A few moved to them second half as restricted view from Dons fans to our left.Stewards acted like dicks,taking 4 of them and police to eject one fan who stood his ground and refused to move.Then kept in for 15 mins after we lost.Ridiculous!
  4. Give it to Del,tomorrow please.Then bring on the curse:-)
  5. Are any Accies fans able to confirm prices?, looking to take my 7 year old Grandson and Hamilton Website says it's £10 This cant be right for a 7 yr old can it?
  6. I feel your pain mate.Johnston seems to have your Club in a right pickle just now.Hope it gets sorted Scotland needs a strong Killie
  7. Wasn't at game as i was on holiday and suspect others were too.Would like to see this in comparison to say Tyne Casle and Tannadice as we take healthy supports to these grounds
  8. Some Links to us for information -http://www.clubwebsite.co.uk/ormondsaintssupporterssocialclub/224104/Home


  9. Run out of characters in last message.Any way would be very interested in Home/Away friendlies if you like, but as i said not in a League.

    If you want to take this further i can be contacted on [email protected] and Mobile 07743374078, not on hear very much(although a lot more latley) but guess you could message me here too and i would get it sooner or later


  10. Hi Mate

    My name is Gav Stewart i run a Perth Based St.Johnstone Supporters team called Ormond Saints.While we would not be up for a League as such we are a Social team that likes the Pub after and like to find teams to host us/Come back to our pub.We can offer some of the best hospitality in supporters football at our Sponsors pub, coincidentally called Ormonds Bar.

  11. You are welcome at the Saints Club in Barossa Street mate, let me know if you are interested and numbers


  12. 50 year old St.Johnstone fan. I have lived in Perth most of my life except for a short spell from 1975 to 1981 when i was inthe army

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