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  1. I have my doubts if we will have a season where we are able to sell season tickets This virus is going to continue into the summer and obviously depending how it works with the vaccination roll out But I think the best we can expect is a Ltd number of fans being allowed into games well into next season and certainly not full capacity So would it be worth selling season tickets I hope I'm wrong and things are back to normal by then,I just can't see it.
  2. Why surley? Where is that thought coming from I would seriously doubt it. CD will be looking to build round him i imagine and Saints in driving seat as on long term contract So any move would mean big Money and I don't think he's ready for that yet.
  3. I don't think CD has ever said any new signing would go straight into X1 ,only the squad. That's how I read it anyway.
  4. Imagine listening to RG rambling on about xg or whatever for 90 minutes!zzzzzzzzz
  5. I don't buy into this xg shite its real life not computer game If County win more games than say Motherwell they will be OK Just as Saints will be if we continue unbeaten with some wins thrown in .Hopefully starting with Hibs then Aberdeen I've no idea why you would state why Motherwell will be safe For me the bottom team will be Hamilton with Kilmarnock and Motherwell fighting out 11th place Saints and County somewhere above and Saints Hopefully top 6 All that based on a belief in the Team i support though and the management team and,nothing else Certainly no xg or whatever nonsense.
  6. I'm one of the top six chatters!Cup Final and top 6!!Believe!!
  7. I can't see him making many changes especially front 2 Might change slightly but not much Probably needs to change right wing back and bring McCann back into middle of the park I would like to see Clark Mcart Kerr Gordon Rooney rwb Tanser lwb Craig McCann Wotherspoon Kane Melhemed Harsh on Booth and Davidson perhaps and CD Might prefer Davidson for battling qualities and height. I think Tanser is better than Booth And rwb has to be addressed Will CD risk Craig?as some seem to think he can't manage to games on the bounce close together Personaly I don't buy onto that as I'm sure he will want to play,same goes with Melhemed We will see.
  8. The full interview was on the news somewhere at the start of the week It mainly featured Brian Rice at Hamilton He was saying how tough it was going to be with lockdown as players were not committed to coming to Scotland due to lockdown and being away from family for too long He said he had 2 players coming but they had backed off due to above Callum featured at the end echoing this and said a few sentences on his stance which part of was being able to see players with fewer games and no travel and relying on video clips We all know what that was hinting at
  9. Tanser MOH Hendry and one other player reported to be self isolated at home will miss this game
  10. Hate Millwall My prediction Will sit on the bench and will come on occasionally,make no starts and be shuttled out on loan to some League one no marks next season Good luck Danny you have been brilliant f**k Millwall!
  11. Can't see Conway not starting. Looks to be one of the first choices of manager. And playing well!
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