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  1. my opinion is if either of Rooney McCart or any of the other out of contract players are offered 3 year deals ala Gordon they will bite Saints hand off .unless its much bigger offers elsewhere. Liam Craig or MOH should be in there ears with the grass isn't always greener on the other side as well!
  2. Don't bet on it Strong rumours in summer that Hendry had to go it so we could bring a more experienced 'front man'in.I suspect this is still the case!Time will tell.
  3. Bryson injured Davidson injured Gordon Injured Brown Injured McPherson injured. Don't know if it's a crisis but any one of those walk into our first X1 so it's certainly concerning.
  4. I can't remember the exact details of the reply when this sort of thing was questioned at the season ticket holders forum before lockdown But roughly speaking it was that the Club would never make to much of a fuss when any of the OF damage seats etc The bill would be sent to them and nothing much else because the OF could make life difficult for Saints and we wouldn't see the likes of O'Halloran or Middleton type loans and that type of stuff.
  5. I don't think he will play Muller CM nor do I see CD going with back 4 instead of his tried and trusted System I can see back 3 of Rooney Muller and Mcart with slight possibility of Dennonker instead of Rooney Some will say to young players but they have to show they are up to it We will see though I could be miles out
  6. Thank feck we have a manager to sort this save you sleepless nights trying to work it out
  7. I don't think the draw would be the same if we were in it as different pots
  8. just back from Solihull near Birmingham cheapest pint was £4.90
  9. they don't play in a country where red white and blue is viewed as it is in Scotland do they?
  10. I could be Miles of track here but I don't think Saints will be developing the likes of Sinclair and Wills and I'm sure there is another one who's name escapes me one of those will take over in goal with perhaps and old jobber to cover otherwise what's the point in developing players especially when keeper development seems to be strong
  11. some guy on twitter says Middleton and another Rangers loan
  12. Probably George Boyd but he's 35 and would he come up here
  13. Pretty sure he is talking shite as I've been told MOH is staying at Saints Slight negotiations needed on contract and wages but my contact is a journalist and usually spot on when it comes to Saints and reckons it will be tied up soon.
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