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  1. 1 hour ago, The Saintee said:

    Absolutely delusional.

    The fans have been great in general. The Kelty fall out has been backed up with some solid attendances. Particularly away.

    Maybe he picked up on the boos for his golden boy.

    Do you want him to come out and say"We are shite and getting relegated"or keep the players on side and try to get a bit of a run in last 3 games to go into play offs  

  2. 1 hour ago, RandomGuy. said:

    @Valentino Bolognese



    10yr striker average: 0.32 - Hendry 19/20: 0.5 - Hendry 21/22: 0.27


    10yr striker average: 0.3 - Hendry 19/20: 0.88 - Hendry 21/22: 0.51

    xG performance

    10yr striker average: 94.59% - Hendry 19/20: 176% - Hendry 21/22: 188.9%

    Shots on target

    10yr striker average: 0.87 - Hendry 19/20: 1.51 - Hendry 21/22: 0.94

    % of shots on target that end in a goal

    10yr striker average: 36.45% - Hendry 19/20: 58.17% - Hendry 21/22: 54.2%


    So aye, I don't think we can expect him to keep this up unless we dramatically increase the "quality" of chances he gets, expecing him to score a header every week isn't good enough. Hes good but hes clearly not the best striker the league has seen in 10 years which is where his figures are placing him.




  3. 5 hours ago, tree house tam said:

    You've been around football long enough to know, or at least you should know, how and why muscle injuries happen. The odd one could be unlucky, what we have at Saints is that most of the first team have been out at various times with pulls and tears, that's not unlucky.

    But hardly any injuries last Season. has something changed?

  4. 4 hours ago, mizfit said:

    If we’re sticking 3-5-2 then I’d like to see us line up like:


    Cleary McCart, Mahon

    Brown, Hallberg, Butterfield, Aldi McCann, Booth

    Hendry, Kane

    Not really any other choice up front with Ciftci out unless we see a surprise signing this afternoon. Although I can see Hallberg benched and Crawford starting.

    0-0 or 1-0 either side.

    Edit. Realised Gordon is suspended. McCart it is.

    he's not. It's Livingston game

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