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  1. Why do some people right players off at 30 ? Genuine question as its relatively young now
  2. Clark Cleary Gordon McCart/Deas? Rooney Butterfield/Bryson Newman /Hallberg? Gallagher Crawford/Gilmour Chiffti Kane Middleton..close to starting X1 v Hearts Couple of slots not certain and maybe new faces Subs among Brown May Davidson MOH E2 Booth
  3. If the player himself wants to come to us ,and for that kind of cash I suspect it will happen but probably go to last night of window. I see he was born in Perth as well.
  4. Isn't it braw to spunk our Berry money!4 ,or 5 5 more to come I hear!
  5. I read something on twitter about us having to pay just under£400,000 to get him.
  6. Enough about your planned love life Tam. Do you think we will sign any players?
  7. I have been told by reliable source that he had already signed a 2 and half year deal to be announced In January
  8. we will win,don't we always win against the only team we win against in recent games probably 2.0 Kane and Viv Clark Brown Lars Gordon McCart Booth Craig Davidson MOH Kane Viv
  9. how does a couple of pints indicate a extension for a player?
  10. he's a Winger so not goal scorer as such. more about providing goals
  11. At least 2 of them could have had really successful career with Saints but stung by bad injuries
  12. I thought he was a big useless donkey!Will score less goals than Kane
  13. Points.CD clearly doesn't trust him just now and if rumours going around fans he's unsettled and not showing it in training.
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