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  1. Why?They probably pals and they are ex team mates. don't see the problem
  2. That's me that put that up.we had 18 booked. bus costs £420 Not difficult to work out why Motherwell is never a popular away day though but we thought as it was first away game, we had a full bus to Dumfries just goes to show the appetite for Motherwell away.
  3. For me and its probably an age thing but I prefer to sit and read the paper on my break at work, not really supposed to have phone out of locker during working hours but I usually find a way of getting on my phone too But for me I just enjoy reading the paper on my break I'm an odd bread when it comes to that start reading the paper backwards, looking for Saints stuff first ,very rarely get past scanned the rest of the paper for Perth news before I go back to work I'm a dinosaur though and not keen and not great at on line stuff,I survive and probably better that some 60+Year olds..don't even get me started on self service tills in Supermarkets though lol I hate them !
  4. What annoys me most and its a very small point I buy the actual paper every day but its annoying and a bit frustrating when something you will read the next day pops up on line and you just want to see what it says I'm nor buying the paper and subscribing online
  5. If the personal stuff on other media outlets is true and I'm not doubting you, and people are naming you then that is disgraceful behacakkviour We have had our differences and I know I've called you statto etc but I always feel that you're one of the good guys Don't let the bast.. get you down unless your grump is with me obviously
  6. I said he was offered a loan and didn't want to play football just now, you really do know how to twist things to suit your narrative
  7. You could start a row in an empty barn. It was slightly different but not to the extent for you continue your narrative and pleading for reasons a player has been released for family reasons and can't accept that sometimes football isn't important So what if he plays In January when and if his life Is different by then
  8. As I've commented else where that is very disrespectful in circumstances
  9. I have heard that series family reasons which I commented on about and should be respected %100 I heard a loan deal was offered but he doesn't want to play football while this is going on personally need to draw a line under this because no one knows what issues are and sometimes football isn't important.
  10. Folk need to hold back on comments about players leaving until truth comes out .I have heard though that he is going back to Ireland because of family reasons and a loan Is being sorted for 6 months until things get better at home I have no idea what family issues are but suggest it's not my business or anyone else when it Is definitely nothing to do with Football whatsoever
  11. Livingston 0-4 Rangers Heart of Midlothian 3-1 Ross County Kilmarnock 2-1 Dundee United St Johnstone 1-0 Hibernian St Mirren 1-1 Motherwell Celtic 2-1Aberdeen L
  12. In town Ormonds in the High St Allows children and has multiple TV Barossa Saints in Barossa St Allows children and has a TV which isn't guaranteed to have football on .cheap pint at £3.25 also has a bus to Mcdiarmid at £5 not much near the ground that hasn't been mentioned.
  13. Agents in general are a pain in the arse and looking for fees JMac in particular one of the worst
  14. How so?°Story doing the rounds last night that he told family that there was no chance he would play against St.johnstone and despite rumours of a £3.750pw 3 year deal from Utd he turned it down flat Stoke have pulled out of any move with slight interest from Derby but they are a bit of a basket case just now and finally strong stories about him resigning a 3 year contract worth 3k a week with Saints none of thar officially confirmed anywhere but I heard it several times yesterday between game and a night our.Could all be shite but we will probably know tomorrow
  15. Heard that yesterday and some saying its Zander resigning. Time will tell
  16. I think about 5 or 6 from that starting 11 will play in League Cup probably less in League Parish was ok today with little to do,would I start him ?no chance Considine was ok but slow,but posititionly good,would I start him?Not if Liam is fit but not a complete nightmare if he did Gilmour, sorry no where good enough Max .Superb. Halberg definitely starts if fit great free kick Crawford did fine
  17. He didn't want to go to them apparently matter the deal ,was a non starter
  18. Apparently there's a 3 year deal on the table from Saints highest ever paid player if he signs
  19. over my head never heard that expression for boring
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