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  1. Denham and Ballantyne would be my guess. I know for a fact that Alex Ferguson is highly rated by coaching staff
  2. Callum is a clever cookie He will not be so kind behind closed doors Ripping into players on public does nothing
  3. Ach !It's not just Zander Some folk just like a scape goat We will not get much better than Zander Home grown,loyal Makes a few mistakes but who doesn't PS The PA had him as one of 3 key men along with Gordon and McCart
  4. Can you post for us oldies that don't do Instagram?
  5. Some Saints fans just love to boot some players in the nuts Always seem to pick on a scape goat.
  6. Yes,I particularly enjoyed his penalty save to keep us in the lead. You?
  7. I seriously can't believe what I'm reading Wanting rid of Zander is crazy and a case of be careful what you wish for Someone to back Zander up is fair enough but wanting him replaced reeks of spoiled brats We need to strengthen in other areas and re-signings.
  8. Aye he was. How he got away from the Dunkeld Road supporters club without requiring an ambulance is a complete mystery. Ah!The season we had a huge marquee outside Rhodes bragging about his watch I thought (George McIntyre)I think it was, Thought he was going to hammer him Details a bit blurry!
  9. Who was your No 40 yesterday Only saw highlights obviously but he looked awful.
  10. Ross Sinclair has a fairly serious injury
  11. My predictions for 20/21 season in mug form(Done on Facebook at start of season edit to say its a mug collection I put in order but no idea how to post pictures here) 1 Celtic *Will win the league by some distance 2*Rangers .Will be a lot closer, but not close enough and this will seal Gerards fate before season ends 3 Hibs*Good manager and good signings will run Rangers close 4 Aberdeen *I just think it's the end for Del and co,won't survive the season as 4th will not be good enough for the dandies. 5 St. Johnstone* Slighty bias opinion but so...its my team and my predictions πŸ˜ƒ Saints will be fine and to be honest you could put a piece of paper between us and teams below. 6 Motherwell*Decent manager, will be fine season and see above . 7Kilmarnock *Rookie manager, should be anywhere between 5th and 9th definitely never in any danger of relegation spots 8th St.Mirren*Have recruited well and if they maintain last season's home record will be competing with above teams and again that fine line between 5th and 10th 9th Dundee Utd *Think they will be fine,just!Big season for Shankland,if he stays and manages the step up again,and Scores the goals. If he doesn't or gets transferred they could be in trouble. 10th Ross County *I just have a gut feeling it will be a tough season for the Staggies. 11th Hamilton Accies*Established fighters,this could just be the season where it may go against them.Having said that I wouldn't bet against them in a play off place 12th Livingston *No mug..ah but they will be.Time to run out for this plastic franchiseπŸ˜‰πŸ˜„ Please don't be offended by those predictions as I see it , they are only predictions by me and what do I know ?πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰
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