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  1. we will win,don't we always win against the only team we win against in recent games probably 2.0 Kane and Viv Clark Brown Lars Gordon McCart Booth Craig Davidson MOH Kane Viv
  2. how does a couple of pints indicate a extension for a player?
  3. he's a Winger so not goal scorer as such. more about providing goals
  4. At least 2 of them could have had really successful career with Saints but stung by bad injuries
  5. I thought he was a big useless donkey!Will score less goals than Kane
  6. Points.CD clearly doesn't trust him just now and if rumours going around fans he's unsettled and not showing it in training.
  7. for the umpteenth game in my opinion he couldn't because we had 2 enforced subs. I suppose he could have came on instead of Middleton. risky though and CD trusts him more and not sure it makes any difference on a positive point of things
  8. I heard tonight that he is out injured again for few weeks
  9. I don't think this will be far off the 11.Feeling the way the manager has spoken during the week that Brown and Bryson will play, despite some views I don't think he will drop Ambrose for one of the loans and the front 3 looks like what CD will go with if MOH is fit
  10. can't read this unless I pay.Anyone able to tell what it says
  11. you keep saying this. Where does that come from see above comments if he is offered 3 years he will bite Saints hand off IMO unless you think you know otherwise
  12. my opinion is if either of Rooney McCart or any of the other out of contract players are offered 3 year deals ala Gordon they will bite Saints hand off .unless its much bigger offers elsewhere. Liam Craig or MOH should be in there ears with the grass isn't always greener on the other side as well!
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