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  1. Thornton never play Barcelona but I know who messi is! You must be the only person is the east of Scotland who doesn’t know the best player in the east, you must live in a cave.
  2. That’s because Garry Thomson is the messiah and can do wat he wants , it’s actually pathetic you don’t know who it is .
  3. Is no one wondering why ? Let’s get the truth put on the table . And will it happen ?
  4. The Auchmuty article was 2015 and courier 2017 since 2017 two years ago sadly Davie is not with us. The next thing will be a demolition order.
  5. Your puting up articles 4 years ago pal, and if you new yer stuff you would know the guy that was driving this Davie Nelson (in the picture) has passed away rip Davie but your a muppet.
  6. Any news on Glenrothes juniors dilapidation order from the Fife council ?
  7. I believe a builder met with the club and made several promises that never materialised I’m afraid, but I’m told by a good source that these things will go ahead.
  8. I don’t know who told you that wrong information since Thornton lease the park they already have planning permission for a fence and floodlights [emoji12], if you want to know anything just ask first before spreading wrongful rumours.
  9. There ain’t much travelling in that league and with only 10 teams in it, if it’s good enough for the seniors [emoji12]
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