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  1. I think it’s a big two weeks for the teams trying for the top 7
  2. You do need planning permission it’s a building warrant you don’t need upto 2metres
  3. Do hillfield swifts have a fence and wat about Peebles ?
  4. I think Thornton recruitment has been very good this year plus 3 u19’s have stepped up and looking the part. All good news I believe.
  5. Tranent 3-4 Thornton HIbs Hibs went 1 down then went 1-4 up , another hat trick from Garry Thomson , Camelon and Tranent defenders will be having nightmares. Tranent very good side. Another good result for the hibs [emoji460]️
  6. Yes an official application was made by Livingston after the deadline date.
  7. It’s good that the correct procedure to notify the council was done then, I’m sure it isn’t Thornton’s fault if it’s not on the system and why would the council write back permission not required when the new application is different to the first one that would be silly on the councils part. [emoji12]
  8. But if the work from the application has been started like say the containers have been delivered and on site the planning application can last 100 years and still be completed as long as you start the work. Basically if you apply for planning for an extension to your house and only put the founds in the rest of the extension can wait for forever but the planning won’t lapse because the work has been started.
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