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  1. Pushing An Elephant Up the Stairs

    I absolutely categorically deny that I am an alias of this PB 4.2 character if that is what you are implying. Michael xxx
  2. What is the most outlandish thing you have pushed up some stairs?
  3. Losing my religion

    I wish you would lose your virginity ya fat Jambo troglodyte. No.
  4. Losing my religion

    Humanity is a pluke on the arse of history.
  5. Losing my religion

    Of course. I wrote the song.
  6. Losing my religion

    Are you religious? Have you ever been religious? Did you lose your religion?
  7. Operation Christmas Child

    I have sent 800 boxes
  8. Have you ever set a World Record?

    My friend Gerry who is a fireman has a pacemaker.
  9. Have you ever set a World Record?

    I wasn't allowed to eat the diced onion. Guinness seized it all as "evidence". I bet they had a great time with it.
  10. Have you ever set a World Record?

    7591. I had terrible cramp afterwards though.
  11. I broke the record for the most onions diced in five minutes which was 3743. How about you?
  12. The DUP to stand candidates in Scotland

    Why are you looking at such strange things? You are a very weird person.
  13. https://www.samaritans-purse.org.uk/what-we-do/operation-christmas-child/ Do something wonderful this Christmas and fire a few shoeboxes full of goodies to Africa. Michael xxx
  14. The DUP to stand candidates in Scotland

    Do you people not know how to use search engines? Do you know how to use search engines?