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  1. I think there's just 1 (or maybe 2) mistakes in the fixtures list now: Conference C Kilsyth down to play twice on 7th November (Dalry at home, Lanark away). Think Kilsyth v Dalry should be 31st October. Glasgow Perthshire v Lanark on 21st November - did Lanark (or Ashfield) withdraw from the South Region Challenge Cup? Their 2nd round match was due on 21st November.
  2. Wonder why Benburb withdrew - they're playing in the WoSFL.
  3. In the WoSFL fixture release, several teams have been given games on 21st November (date of 2nd round of South Region Challenge Cup), implying others have withdrawn. Wishaw (Cumnock withdrew) Glasgow Perthshire (Petershill withdrew) Neilston (Glenafton Athletic withdrew) So that leaves 8 of the 13 clubs withdrawing from the WoSFL: Any idea if any of these plan to play? Cambuslang Rangers v Girvan (if both teams withdraw, it means one lucky team from Round 2 will get a bye into the last 32) Edinburgh United v Arthurlie Kelty Hearts v Auchinleck Talbot Luncarty v Whitletts Victoria Saltcoats Victoria v Lochore Welfare Shettleston v Shotts Bon Accord Ardrossan Winton Rovers v University of Stirling Also, strangely, Lanark United have been given a fixture in the WoSFL on 21st November, the same day they are meant to play Ashfield in the South Region Challenge Cup.
  4. What might make a bit of sense is to play each other just once in the league - that's what the Highland League is doing. Or if that's not enough, play each other once and then split league and play another 5 games or so. Would be easier to fit in 11 or 16 games than 22.
  5. It's amazing that a match played just 2 years ago has already vanished from the records. LEAFA had results on its website, but it seems to delete them at the end of each season.
  6. Hi, Trying to piece together results for all Scottish Cup and District Cup matches for the last 4 seasons as the basis for my upcoming Scottish amateur club ranking. As luck would have it, there's one result I can't find anywhere. SAFA website has many match results missing for the day in question, including this match. 20th October 2018 - Blackridge Vale of Craig v Craigshill Thistle. It seems Craigshill won, as they appeared in the next round of the cup. Blackridge mentioned match on Twitter, but no result afterwards.
  7. Away and gtf with that "Wee Nicola Thatcher" pish. She's not singling out football fans, ffs. Get a grip. And she's not acting alone. She's acting as part of a democratically elected government, you fud. The overarching reason is trying to avoid people travelling, congregating in one place when it's not essential. Amateur/non-league football is not essential. The end.
  8. Whitehills seems to have changed their badge:
  9. Regarding Stranraer, their Development (U20) team played in the SPFL Development Leagues for a few years, as did QoS. QoS continued into the reserve league replacements, but Stranraer didn't. Stranraer is just about big enough to have 2 senior teams. There are other teams in Scotland that don't have reserve teams, as such (Montrose, Arbroath, etc.), but seem to manage fine. Rangers, Aberdeen, Hibernian, etc. also don't have a league for their reserves to play in, as they withdrew from it. Is it essential that Stranraer has a league for their reserves to play in? Nairn's reserve team is essentially the U-20 team (which has played in the North of Scotland Development League for the last 5 seasons). So they already had a league to play in.
  10. I'd like to see reserve teams removed from senior leagues, if possible. There are reserve leagues already, and Lowland League clubs play in them - East Kilbride, BSC Glasgow, for example. I'm sure Stranraer, Caledonian Braves and University of Stirling could put their reserve teams into these leagues. Hopefully, we don't see any reserve teams starting up in the WoS League when it begins to take shape.
  11. Bonnyton were always the most likely, as they were already an outlier, located in WoS territory. It will indeed be interesting if Dalbeattie and/or Gretna try to get into the WoSFL. Is there no "geographical determiner" at the moment for teams relegated from Tier 5 which dictates which league they have to go to? One would think they might opt for the SoS, as it would be easier to get back out of and regain their LL place. Caledonian Braves also interesting - if they get relegated, they are in "WoS territory", but came from the SoS originally.
  12. I know - I wasn't advocating mixing the SoS with Ayrshire teams - they'd be separate leagues at Tier 8. That way the South teams could play among themselves as they do now, but also be in the correct place in the pecking order. If Threave want to go up, they can surely travel to Glasgow, Lanarkshire, etc. If they were to go up from Tier 6 now, they'd have to travel further than that.
  13. In friendly matches, Drumchapel United have won 1-0 at WoS Premier side Benburb, while St. Cadoc's drew 2-2 at WoS Premier side Rossvale, and won 4-0 at St. Anthony's.
  14. The main problem with the SoS, apart from the low level of football being played in comparison with other leagues at the same level, is the dearth of teams - 12 teams and nobody coming in from below. And if a Sunday amateur team wants to come in, they automatically find themselves just 2 promotions away from the SPFL. But as you pointed out, the SoS isn't the main problem: although it is certainly one of them. Among the other problems are the amount of time it will take the decent clubs to find their level due to the small number of promotion places to the Lowland League and beyond. In any case, the tables are not static, as you say, but even after teams have found their level, in the current structure you'd still have a vastly weaker SoS League at Tier 6 compared to the EoS and WoS equivalents. I don't see any problems with putting the SoS within the WoS structure. If Border teams can travel to Fife and Perthshire, then there isn't an issue. If an SoS team gets promoted to the LL, they will have much more travelling to do anyway. There's no travel issue until an SoS team accepts promotion anyway. And they'd have travel issues no matter what league they were promoted into. Putting the SoS in the WoS also doesn't take away a promotion opportunity - if the SoS team refused promotion, an extra team would be promoted from the other feeder league. Example: WoS North feeder 1. Rutherglen 2. Petershill 3. Shettleston WoS South feeder 1. Threave 2, Abbey Vale 3. Mid Annandale Threave refuses promotion, Petershill is promoted instead. Or if there were 3 feeders (Central, Ayrshire, SoS), there would be a play-off between the Central and Ayrshire runners-up to take the place vacated by the SoS team not accepting promotion.
  15. Ach, in the name o the wee man. Nae point trying to explain anything. Suffice to say, your first statement is false. My point stands - SoS League should not be at tier 6 in any serious attempt to create a balanced pyramid. So, to reiterate: It's a problem if you think there should be a balanced pyramid. It's not a problem if you don't think there should be a balanced pyramid. You are in the latter group, and so don't see it as a problem. I am in the former group and see it as a problem. There's nothing more to be said about it.
  16. Nothing is a problem compared with global inequality or the fate of this planet. If you want to see a decent and balanced pyramid structure, it is a problem. If you don't want to see that, then it isn't a problem. Simple.
  17. The WoS League is already a fairly level playing field, and has been for years as the juniors, split into 4 divisions. The problem is that it's on the same level (Tier 6) as a league that would do well to beat Tier 9 teams. It's the equivalent, in England, of putting the Essex County League at the same level as the Conference South, and giving teams in both an equal chance of promotion to Tier 5. It will take more than 2 or 3 years - the WoS League is a Tier 5 league in terms of playing strength, and probably better than the Highland and Lowland leagues if you take average playing strength across the league into account. With only (possibly 1) club going up per year, depending on licensing requirements, it could be a full 10-15 years before the top clubs in the West reach their level.
  18. Southwest (D&G) is part of West, just as Southeast (Borders) is part of East. There isn't any need for a Tier 6 league in the SW, except for ancient history. Their level of football doesn't merit it, and there are ample results to show this. It will probably continue though. At the end of the day, it doesn't make any difference, as it's very unlikely any team will ever get promoted unless they improve drastically. I can't see Threave or Abbey Vale beating the likes of Auchinleck or Hill of Beath in play offs.
  19. Cheers for the "anorak" jibe, ya jobby. Get oot the thread if you want to ignore the person who started it, ya complete eejit! The sheer ignorance of people never ceases to amaze me...
  20. Yeah - changed the title. Easy to forget what year it is at the moment... I'm not sure 2020-21 will even get completed to be honest.
  21. The alternative would be to have splits at each level (so 2 leagues at Level 7 like the EoS is doing). That way 2 league wins could see you in the LL. The West could easily have a split at Tier 7, with 2 leagues, and then 2 leagues at Tier 8. 4 up 4 down between Tier 6 and Tier 7 would mean the Top 2 of each Tier 7 league could go up each year and would keep it all competitive. That way, nobody is more than 3 steps away from the Lowland League. The West used to have a split between Central and Ayrshire anyway below Level 2 - so it's not a new idea. South of Scotland League should really be in with the West as a regional division at Tier 8. If any club wants to go higher up, they can play in West Tier 7 (Where their travel would be less than if they went up to the LL).
  22. I've changed the rankings slightly again after a few tests: STAYING THE SAME: 1: Weighting for league (2) and cup (1). - Am testing to see whether this is needed. Cup ties are taken seriously by many teams. 2: Weighting for tier (1 down to 9). Essentially this means the points available for matches further down is less. NEW: 3: Possibility of losing points when winning, or gaining points while losing. I felt point 3 was necessary - it prevents teams from rising up the rankings despite playing poorly (for example, a series of 1-0 wins by a table topping side against teams at the bottom of the league doesn't show that the gap between them is widening - if anything it shows the gap is reducing - so this should be reflected in the rankings. If Celtic only win 1-0 against Fort William, for example, they should really lose points and Fort William should be rewarded.
  23. Given that the Premier league is doing a 7 out, 3 in to reduce itself to 16 teams, where does that leave the other 51 teams? 3 more tiers of 17 teams? Split Tier 8 into 2? I think the East of Scotland clubs have it a bit easier to progress through the pyramid as they only go down to Tier 7 at the moment - some clubs in the WoS could find themselves at Tier 9, even though they are probably better than some of the East teams at Tier 7 (and South teams at Tier 6).
  24. Blairgowrie 0-2 Dundee United Sports Club (Dundee Saturday Morning Amateur League).
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