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  1. I suppose that could be used as an argument, but I don't think merging the 2 bottom divisions would create too many bloodcurdling scores - not many more than the Superleague does anyway.
  2. This is back up and running for the new season - with all new clubs added, clubs in abeyance moved to inactive section, new pyramid leagues added. All U20 leagues now added as well http://scotscores.theroonba.com/clubrank/clubrank.html There's also a women's ranking. Teams that won promotion last season generally start off in mid-table this season, with a few exceptions like Kelty starting off as favourites for League 2. I don't think they'll be far off winning League 2. League strengths are shown in the individual league rankings, along with the variability in the strengths of the teams within that league. WoS coming out as best league below SPFL, followed by EoS, Lowland, Highland. North Caledonian by far the weakest Tier 6 league.
  3. Yes, was aware of that - but now that they've done away with regionalisation, is there any need to keep two small leagues? I can understand having small leagues to cater for a regionalised first division, but travel is apparently not an issue for any of the clubs now. The Tayside League had never been more than 12 teams, I think, but then they've progressively expanded to the present day 19 teams rather than have two small leagues.
  4. You've also got Lowson United (Forfar United) - the whole Forfar Albion squad was replaced en masse by the squad of the amateur team for the 2020/21 season that never was (hence why you got Forfar United winning 5-2 at Carnoustie, which would never have happened had it been "the real Forfar Albion').
  5. I would have thought 2 divisions would be enough for 31-33 teams. Top division of 16, 2nd Division of 17. Maximum 32-game league season should be manageable for most clubs. Below 10 teams, "leagues" start to look more like "groups".
  6. Not sure it's been mentioned in this forum, but I did see "St. James AFC" mentioned and the superfluous "Dundee". In this case, the club's name is indeed "Dundee St. James" and it's not St. James AFC - who remain in the Midlands Amateur League. Dundee St. James is the new name for Fintry AFC (who were previously Douglas Athletic until 2019-20). So there are now separate 2 St. James clubs in Dundee - one senior/junior (with the Dundee moniker) and one amateur (without Dundee).
  7. I think there's just 1 (or maybe 2) mistakes in the fixtures list now: Conference C Kilsyth down to play twice on 7th November (Dalry at home, Lanark away). Think Kilsyth v Dalry should be 31st October. Glasgow Perthshire v Lanark on 21st November - did Lanark (or Ashfield) withdraw from the South Region Challenge Cup? Their 2nd round match was due on 21st November.
  8. Wonder why Benburb withdrew - they're playing in the WoSFL.
  9. In the WoSFL fixture release, several teams have been given games on 21st November (date of 2nd round of South Region Challenge Cup), implying others have withdrawn. Wishaw (Cumnock withdrew) Glasgow Perthshire (Petershill withdrew) Neilston (Glenafton Athletic withdrew) So that leaves 8 of the 13 clubs withdrawing from the WoSFL: Any idea if any of these plan to play? Cambuslang Rangers v Girvan (if both teams withdraw, it means one lucky team from Round 2 will get a bye into the last 32) Edinburgh United v Arthurlie Kelty Hearts v Auchinleck Talbot Luncarty v Whitletts Victoria Saltcoats Victoria v Lochore Welfare Shettleston v Shotts Bon Accord Ardrossan Winton Rovers v University of Stirling Also, strangely, Lanark United have been given a fixture in the WoSFL on 21st November, the same day they are meant to play Ashfield in the South Region Challenge Cup.
  10. What might make a bit of sense is to play each other just once in the league - that's what the Highland League is doing. Or if that's not enough, play each other once and then split league and play another 5 games or so. Would be easier to fit in 11 or 16 games than 22.
  11. It's amazing that a match played just 2 years ago has already vanished from the records. LEAFA had results on its website, but it seems to delete them at the end of each season.
  12. Hi, Trying to piece together results for all Scottish Cup and District Cup matches for the last 4 seasons as the basis for my upcoming Scottish amateur club ranking. As luck would have it, there's one result I can't find anywhere. SAFA website has many match results missing for the day in question, including this match. 20th October 2018 - Blackridge Vale of Craig v Craigshill Thistle. It seems Craigshill won, as they appeared in the next round of the cup. Blackridge mentioned match on Twitter, but no result afterwards.
  13. Away and gtf with that "Wee Nicola Thatcher" pish. She's not singling out football fans, ffs. Get a grip. And she's not acting alone. She's acting as part of a democratically elected government, you fud. The overarching reason is trying to avoid people travelling, congregating in one place when it's not essential. Amateur/non-league football is not essential. The end.
  14. Whitehills seems to have changed their badge:
  15. Regarding Stranraer, their Development (U20) team played in the SPFL Development Leagues for a few years, as did QoS. QoS continued into the reserve league replacements, but Stranraer didn't. Stranraer is just about big enough to have 2 senior teams. There are other teams in Scotland that don't have reserve teams, as such (Montrose, Arbroath, etc.), but seem to manage fine. Rangers, Aberdeen, Hibernian, etc. also don't have a league for their reserves to play in, as they withdrew from it. Is it essential that Stranraer has a league for their reserves to play in? Nairn's reserve team is essentially the U-20 team (which has played in the North of Scotland Development League for the last 5 seasons). So they already had a league to play in.
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