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  1. All the best for Derek Lyle. Maybe see him in a Dumbarton strip next season. At least yesterday cheered me up enough to make me plan to renew the season ticket. I just hope our home form is more like yesterday’s. Lyndon Dykes is running into form, Mercer had a great game by being proactive and making things happen. Showed aggression. Loved it when he got booked! Midfield was ours for once, especially in the first half. Impressed with the team’s work rate and attitude, so I’ll also give the management team credit for that too.
  2. Really glad for you that you made your visit for that home game. The sun even shone like an Ozzie winter! All the best.
  3. Queens v Dundee United

    A win....a convincing win.....at Palmerston.... amazing! Was really impressed with the work rate of the team. Any thought that I had that Queens would just go through the motions was blown away I. The opening quarter. Glad that the home fans’ season ended on a high after enduring some poor fare for months. Onwards and upwards!
  4. Queens v Inverness

    The camera doesn’t lie.
  5. Queens v Inverness

    Yes, of course, thank heaven for Brechin and two wins at Palmerston.
  6. We have possibly the most talented player in the league. The poor guy must wonder what he has ended up in. I have lost count of the times I have been at Palmerston to see him as the sole target man , shoved out towards the wing and expected to chase around after lump balls from the back four or hopeful forward passes from an under-powered midfield. He must be having serious second thoughts about next season.
  7. Queens v Inverness

    28th October 2017 - we beat Falkirk at Palmerston................................Forgotten what that felt like.
  8. Queens v Inverness

    I was going to post but you have said it all. I would love the manager to explain what the first half was about in team selection, shape and tactics. An utter mess. And for the umpteenth time at Palmerston. When did we last win at home?
  9. Queens v Inverness

    What I heard - fwiw - was that Queens were prepared to call the game off but the SFA were not. We are a good bet for points for visitors this season. We are conceding over 1.5 goals a game. So I’ll go for QoS 1 ICT 1.5.
  10. Dunfermline v Queens

    Their first and third.
  11. Dunfermline v Queens

    At least twice Thomson over pinged a forward pass miles beyond the intended player and threw his arms out as if to blame the player for his poor pass. But, as I said he was one of our better players. Dykes played one of the passes of the afternoon in the second half to put Thomson through one on one with Robinson. I am not his biggest fan but fair dos.
  12. Dunfermline v Queens

    We saw performances like today's for a couple of seasons. Nothing the guy does surprises us, including the brilliant saves, I must add.
  13. Dunfermline v Queens

    Firstly, well done Pars. Nicky Clark took his goals well, especially the third - a good header from a cracking first time volleyed cross. We were not good enough in all three departments to deserve anything from the game. Queens always look like conceding goals. No prizes for guessing which wing Pars targeted. One of the smallest guys on the park scored two headers against our defence. Our midfield were able to win the ball and were often gifted the ball by the Pars but Jacobs and Rankin struggle to construct any forward momentum. Thomson had some good moments at times but at others he punted it to nobody in particular. I thought Dykes did some good work, as did Thomas - but he tried too hard at times - Todd earned pass marks, holding the ball and making forward runs. Over the piece though, we don't look as if we are strong enough to make the play-offs. Not consistent, with below par home form. if we don't beat Falkirk on Tuesday, I would think that's season over.
  14. TNS v Dumbarton

    We should have put these Welsh guys out but I am glad you did the job. Wish youz all the best for the final. Hope you enjoy it and win the thing.