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  1. Hi, Jags fans. Just wanted to say that personally I thought the insistence on relegation was grossly unfair. I hope the fact that Thistle has decided not to go down the "pay lawyers loadsamoney" route, means your club expects to be spared the drop by reconstruction. I sincerely hope that is what happens. Likewise Stranraer and Brechin. As an aside, I would dearly love to see the end of four times a season league fixtures but I ain't holding my breath. All the best.
  2. Not fair to give the defence pelters given how makeshift it was through injuries and lack of international clearance in Ledger’s case. Non corner sees players moaning at ref while Pars play it short and the guy has the freedom of the shire to pick a cross. Symptomatic of how makeshift it all was. Why didn’t Semple play? I felt sorry for the young Motherwell lad with no experienced player alongside to help him out. He did well considering. Very disappointed to see the excellent Iain Wilson being played in defence. Up front - why play Jack Hamilton wide and give the Pars central defenders an easier time of it? Our injury list better clear up soon and the new signings hit the ground running or we are doomed.
  3. Agree totally. Once our goal scoring momentum dissipated, I thought Alloa’s attitude and tactics were first class in not sitting in but looking to counter. Their substitutions also helped their cause. Immensely disappointing for us to get back level after such a shit first half but I wasn’t surprised when Alloa scored at the end. Alloa found it pretty easy to get behind our defence and unlike our crosses Iinto the box, theirs produced results.
  4. I think he forgot to tell Dobbs that, given the amount of time out wide and outside the box. Also given his heading ability, how does that square with the crosses put into the box in the first half? Shambolic.
  5. Eh? Sorry. Who’s the centre forward there? Don’t say Oliver ffs.
  6. Just reporting what someone who works at Palmy saw when Semple arrived today.
  7. I was told Semple limped into Palmerston today. Maybe he was carrying a knock. Like you I was surprised the young boy was pitched into this game cold. If Semple was fit, then it’s criminal on AJ’s part, along with not starting the game with a centre forward. As it was the lad nearly had a hat trick in the second 45. Imagine what he might have done with the crosses into the box to the midgets in the first half.
  8. Scored two incisive goals. Played some decent stuff against a woeful QoS side. I have already credited them with having the balls to go for another goal after losing two in quick time. They went for it and I wasn’t surprised they scored a third. I think anybody would be delighted with that if their team did the same, especially away from home. I would add how Alloa played didn’t surprise me and Peter Grant sent the team out with a clear game plan ( Brownlie’s gift apart). I didn’t see any QoS game plan in the first 45.
  9. I am used to watching lacklustre QoS performances but that first half goes straight into the top 10. The manager is getting it as well as the players. What was the plan? Why were we playing without a centre forward? What’s the point of above head height crosses for midgets in the box? The good points - Brownlie made the inexperienced Motherwell lad an instant star. Hamilton put the big Alloa guys at the back under some pressure at 0-2. Dobbie’s goal was a piece of class. At 2-2 and having conceded two quick goals I was impressed that Alloa started to press for a winning goal rather than sit back and defend. Fair play to them. No surprise that a side who escaped automatic relegation by goal difference last season should be struggling this time round. I am definitely looking down at play-offs, not up.
  10. Grand result. Open all mikes came from Somerset which was great. At least Ayr is within touching distance of Glasgow for the BBC. Coverage of the Championship has been shite recently, especially for fans getting back to their cars around 5pm. Shove theSPL somewhere else every week. Having said that, I had to switch off for the last bit after the Ayr pen. Watching Queens defend their own box is bad enough watching from the Portland end ( eg. v Partick and Arbroath), waiting on updates on radio or phone 70 miles away is just excruciating. I can recommend switching off the radio and making date and ginger flapjacks instead. They take 15-20mins at 200C.
  11. Fair question. He is irreplaceable and the best forward I have seen playing for us in over 50yrs. We did OK after he left for Swansea and the hope would be we would do OK again. However, his goals kept us up last season and it speaks volumes for him and his love of the club that a) he returned and b) he lives in NW and commutes to train and play. A special player.
  12. What a tonic after last week’s dreadful no-show! Fantastic Dobbmeister.
  13. Well done Queens Park! You thoroughly deserved the win. Yes, we were absolutely dire but credit to the team who looked hungry, tackled and harried and scored two goals( almost three ) in the first half. As for QoS, that was one of the worst performances I have seen since we played Partick Thistle in the must win game at the end of last season. As we have Thistle as our next home game, I am not exactly full of the joys.
  14. Dobbie was indeed marked out of the game by Pars the week before. Two defenders, occasionally three, crowding him out. He was eventually booked for a poor defensive tackle 10 mins from the end. Job done. You are right. It’s suicide when the opposition stand back and admire a talented player. At the risk of opening a wound, that’s what happened when Ayr had their first visit last season. Shankland was tightly marked while Harkins was given five yards of space to ping passes around. I couldn’t believe it at the time. 4-0 by HT including a penalty save.
  15. Fair point but I take it you have seen the second of Alloa’s two goals in a minute spree v us recently. Straight from the coaching manual. Look up “How not to take a restart by fannying around near your goal.”
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