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  1. Blimey! He must smell something horrible.
  2. First half - was that the smallest QoS forward line since Lex Law played? 45 minutes of ball punted in the air and lost headers. Thought our centre halves should have done more to close the guy down and make it more difficult for him to take a shot for their goal. Pars were playing with a better shape, movement and passing than Queens. Even at that we could have equalised with the last corner when Brownlie smacked the bar with a header. Like others I wasn’t too impressed with the creativity in our midfield. Only when Connor Murray got the ball did I feel that something promising might happen. If only we had had Iain Wilson in midfield too , .... Second half the performance improved with Mercer and Holt pushing forward more and the ball being played on the deck occasionally. Good skill from Oliver for his goal and I thought we should have had a pen as well. Glad we got a point after that first half though. Hope the Pars Murray is ok and all the first aid was just a case of taking the necessary precautions.
  3. It ain’t over til it’s over, Rover(s). I’ve watched Queens lose 3 goals in 25 mins v Alloa, v Crusaders, and v ICT at Palmerston this season. With our defence the opposition always has a chance. Should be a nervy cracking game on Saturday. Would have thought there will be goals. I hope AJ keeps to his front foot policy and takes the game to Raith. His positivity has been a major plus for us in the last couple of games.
  4. Yes, that was refreshing. I had been thinking about AJ’s first game in charge v Ross Co at the end of the awful relegation season when, with the same players, he binned the dire negative stuff and set the team up to attack. A breath of fresh air. I liked GN too but last season it amazed me to see Dobbie in the role of a lone striker, sometimes even at Palmerston. Our home record was one of the poorest in the league. This season saw an improvement in that until the new year but after that it looked like we went backwards tactically. Playing Dykes out wide seemed to mean that he and Dobbie didn’t always link up as well as they needed to. Raith will be tough but at least there’s a bit more drive and confidence about the team.
  5. Sore one for Montrose today but credit to the travelling support. As a Queens fan I was applauding both teams at full time. Great team performance by QoS today and a huge improvement on Tuesday evening and Montrose for the amazing progress made in the last two seasons. We may well meet again next season despite today’s result. At least our doom and gloom has lifted a bit for the moment.
  6. The centre half presented Ross Campbell with the opportunity 5 yards out. Not Martin’s fault. The stopping of crosses was woeful and that’s down to desire and work rate imo. If midfielders can’t be arsed tracking back properly, then full backs are going to be hung out to dry. First goal is going to be crucial on Saturday. Can’t see much fight in this Queens team. They look like losers. Although Montrose and Queens were well matched on Tuesday night, it wasn’t difficult to pick the side who lacked confidence and energy.
  7. Well, I feared we wouldn't score. I know the Pars have suffered a bit of scoring blight as well. I thought it might be a crap 0-0, or 0-1. Nice to be proved wrong and see a Queens side getting stuck in. Wilson is a terrific player. if the team show that effort and application in the last two games, they may still go down but it won't be with a whimper (that was the almost pointless 3rd quarter). This is the spell for bottom teams to pull off results v teams with their eye on other prizes - holidays in today's game and play-offs in Ayr's games, I fear. Thistle having two games against them now isn't ideal. am trying hard not to bother about other teams and focus on our own but...
  8. Our defence will give you chances. You guys will score with a pen.....eventually. QoS nil is an absolute stick on.
  9. Most of last season we played with one striker - admittedly a class one. We had an abysmal home record but a more than decent away one. This season we have played with one striker, a class one, and he has hardly been injured, until now. Yesterday we played with no striker. We didn’t score despite creating more chances and 4 times the shots on target than the opposition (2). If I were a betting man, I would say we are f***ed.
  10. That goal direct from a corner on Saturday sums it up. We find new ways to concede. We played better going forward than last time v Alloa at their place and deserved something from the game but with our defence in its current state...
  11. If only the Falkirk defender had been fully briefed about Dykes’ scoring record, he wouldn’t have made such a clumsy challenge. Thanks for the pics. I was half way across the car park at the time....
  12. The big hailstorm accounted for the two linesmen. I passed their car stuck in a hedge on the wrong side of the road, just north of Parkgate, as I was driving to the game. Hope they were both OK.
  13. All this moaning about dodgy penalties- look, they even out over the course of added on time.
  14. Tbf to the manager, the injuries to Todd and Low have exposed how small our squad is. Maguire’s suspension and Fordyce’s injury and Brownlie being absent until February hasn’t helped stability at the back. Have to say that I agree with those who say that Doyle’s best position for us has been as a CB. He was immense at the start of the season and sounds like he put in a great shift today. Well done team!
  15. Shame the young guys at the back got into a complete fankle and caused the penalty. Macguire giving the pen away when Martin was still to be beaten was bad enough but making no attempt to play the ball and getting himself sent off cost us a point. United again looked good from middle to front in the first half and for small spells in the second but I thought we were excellent in the second. Liked the look of Wilson, reminded me of Kevin Holt. Pen apart Wilson’s desire to play the ball forward was very good. Before people dive in to criticise Martin, his save of an effort going into to the top right corner was class. When we had 11 on the park with 2 sitting midfielders, we struggled to get decent service to the front. Second half we did much better with 10. McGrath was useful too when he got on.
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