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  1. The referee had an issue with both teams wearing the same colour socks.
  2. Are you saying that no one at Kilwinning knows that Meadow would be wearing black socks?
  3. That’s 3 games in a row that the buffs have came to meadow park with black socks, knowing full well that’s our home colours. What’s going on there?
  4. Has Monti moved on? No mention that he’s signed for anyone else.
  5. Perhaps. I know McGinty always did well against you. Season we were relegated, you were promoted so missed playing each other. Before that, during Chris Strains days, buffs were bobbing around the district leagues so never played each other much. Our no.11 was Jamie Martin. Tremendous wee player.
  6. You won the last 4 or 5 games against us but before that, I can’t for the life of me remember ever losing to the buffs and I’ve been going to games for 15 years
  7. Where is the final of this cup usually played and how many years has it been going for? Im finding it hard to really care about this cup but that’d probably change if we win against the buffs today.
  8. No one wants to play or watch football on a Monday night.
  9. What does that say for the Strathclyde Demolition Cup?
  10. Game of two halves. Absolutely gutted to be going out after our first half performance. That said, after Talbot equalised there was only going to be one winner.
  11. Talbot comfortable winners in the end. It’ll take a good team to knock them out. official attendance of 1009
  12. Will have to wait and see but I doubt it. Talbots travelling support especially in cups always blows me away
  13. Absolute no chance that you have a friend.
  14. £8/£4 Entry A big crowd is anticipated so please arrive early and with exact change if you can. Both James Crescent and Wilson Avenue gates will be open. Away fans are advised to use the away terracing. £1 entry to the stand
  15. Am I right in saying only licensed clubs can be promoted from the league? Talbot, Clydebank, Darvel, Meadow, Cumnock. Anyone else?
  16. What a weird thing to be getting upset about.
  17. Thought so. Benburb advertised entry as £6 yesterday but was charged £8 at the gate.
  18. What’s the rule regarding entrance fees in this league? I thought clubs had to chose a price at the beginning of the season and stick to it or am i wrong?
  19. 1st round of the Scottish Cup next Saturday and our first outing in the cup in 8 years. Not the draw either clubs would’ve preferred but definitely tie of the round with a big crowd expected. How do we see this one going?
  20. Benburb 0-1 Meadow McLennan Pen awful game but will happily take the 3 points.
  21. Both clubs were offered £1.5k Neither clubs wanted to play on the Monday. Both suggested they were happy to play Friday night but that was never an option.
  22. That’s not what I asked. I asked what the record at your fortress was.
  23. Berwick v Gretna chosen as the TV game.
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