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  1. Vale of Clyde 2-1 Meadow deserved win for vale. We were utterly dreadful.
  2. Cumnock 1-0 Pollok Darvel 0-1 Largs
  3. Geordie quietly proving his doubters wrong.
  4. Think the squad naturally needed to be trimmed down after going out of both Scottish cups.
  5. After contact with James Latta and Colin Spence, the club have accepted their offer to resign. We would like to thank them for their hard work in both a Meadow shirt and as management team and wish them all the very best for the future. Irvine Meadow Committee
  6. He’s left you in a very strong position with a good committee. Maybe he just wants to spend more time with friends and family?
  7. You’d think you’d be away watching your own team. cheers for your £8 though
  8. We had a complaint lodged against us because we mis-spelt a name on our team sheet last season. I would expect Meadow to follow procedure, like I’d expect any club to do so if we had played Ramsay yesterday.
  9. They were called Irvine Meadow XI from the start and that never changed.
  10. A team called Irvine Celtic owned Meadow Park back in the 1890’s and it was common at the time for a club to run a second team out of the ground and name them after the ground so an Irvine Meadow XI was born. In 1897, Celtic went out of business as a club and Meadow who just had a successful season in the juvenile leagues took over the ground and turned junior.
  11. Good game today. Happy with our first half display but kinda fell away in the 2nd. Sons fans are top class, hope you do well this season [emoji106]
  12. Great game to kick off the season. Also noticed we’re away to you guys on Hogmanay. Still not convinced on the Eglinton Cup. Would rather we just played games competitively and played friendlies against teams we usually don’t play.
  13. It’s an absolute shambles and no one seems to really know. Apparently it’s now with the SFA I heard Cumbernauld released him before his contract ran out so Cumnock could snap him up… McGinty clearly knew we were interested. Boy wants to play for us but signed for Cumnock first so sounds like he’s stuck there.
  14. Not heard anything. I think we’re ok up front. Need a new midfielder and keeper but always room for improvement all over the pitch
  15. Heard Ramsay is away at the end of the season. He any good?
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