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  1. Didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed an opinion because the club I supported almost went out the game 10 years ago with their overspending.
  2. Not that simple EAC would’ve visited the ground to provide an official capacity for the SFA, something NAC haven’t done for us, citing COVID as the reason.
  3. I agree it’s fantastic and keeps everyone engaged. That way, fans are more likely to donate a bit of spare money to the cause. The power of a strong fan base can’t be underestimated in this current climate. The amount of money we have raised over social media fundraising, loans and donations in the last year is staggering.
  4. Floodlight works started today Audit from the SFA took place last week and there are a number of things needing looked at, as expected.
  5. Our licence application is in. Floodlights work to start in January. A hell of a lot of work to do before the audit but the club seems confident that they’ll gain the licence.
  6. Honestly why would anyone want to be a referee? imagine Chris going onto a football fans page and someone going to the effort of making a topic slating him 🙈
  7. Irvine Meadow are certainly pursuing the licence and have already got their application in.
  8. Aye, we’re really struggling 🤔
  9. Clydebank looking strong. They will fancy themselves for the title.
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