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  1. Just looking through twitter there. It looks like the stadiums empty.
  2. This forum would be a lot better if folk put their real name against their posts.
  3. Heard you’ve already tapped 2 of our players.
  4. Was a good game last night with a good travelling support. Thought we competed well and could’ve nicked an equaliser in stoppage time with the O’Donnell free kick but for a cracking save from the Beith goalie. Always love watching a game at meadow park under the lights.
  5. Feared the worst when Talbot went 2-1 up. It was wave after wave of Talbot attack and we couldn’t get a grip of the ball. Talbot keeper will be disappointed with his performance.
  6. 5 defeats to Talbot last season. feels nice to come away from playing them with a point.
  7. A few improvements at Meadow Park since the new year including Extra shelter and a camera tower at the Old Caley rd side. Refurbished social club under the stand. Expanded and refurbished toilets
  8. Beith are absolutely flying. What would happen if they were they win the league as they’re unlicensed? Would they be allowed in the LL?
  9. A good assessment of the game. Callum Graham let the club down with his actions and might’ve got at least a point if he didn’t get himself sent off. a decent crowd of 403 with hospitality sold out.
  10. Vale of Clyde 2-1 Meadow deserved win for vale. We were utterly dreadful.
  11. Cumnock 1-0 Pollok Darvel 0-1 Largs
  12. Geordie quietly proving his doubters wrong.
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