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  1. Only if the club can guarantee the players and fans can get to the car park/ train station without threat too.
  2. Mate, all they wanted to do was console the Glens players but those nasty meadow players were too busy cheering and one even done a get it up you sign 😱
  3. Only when rangers aren’t playing...
  4. You seem like a really bitter old man. My team never came into it. I started supporting meadow to get away from the Glasgow bigots. And Irvine is hardly the darkest recess of Ayrshire. Right in the coast in north Ayrshire. Would rather live here than in your Glasgow slums.
  5. You keep saying you’re not going to comment any more but yet here you are again.
  6. That’s not a crime. Especially after some of the abuse they were getting throught the game.
  7. Another video has been sent to the SJFA and shows exactly what happened.
  8. Yet you’ve not actually explained what crime the meadow players committed apart from celebrating with their goalie behind the goal, where you lot happened to have gathered [emoji23]
  9. It’s mental that you actually believe what you’re saying
  10. Don’t talk pish. Like any team, there is a large Celtic/Rangers contingent within the Pollok fan base. One look through twitter proves it.
  11. Aye cos that’s what you lot were intent on doing. 😂😂😂
  12. You’re actually embarrassing yourself here. The meadow players ran up to Paddy who was behind the goal. There was no reason for you lot to be lingering around the changing rooms.
  13. The whole thing was videoed mate and it clearly shows the Glens fans (one in particular) going for the meadow players before they all pile in. Also shows our physio scrambling for his own safety.
  14. The Irvine Herald understands that Meadow manager Brian McGinty and midfielder Ryan Carnwath were also jostled and kicked by a small group of fans as they tried to enter the adjoining social club long after the full time whistle. Clearly Ryan and Brian were at fault for that too [emoji23]
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