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  1. After match hospitality

    You do realise the committee are fans too?
  2. Scores 24/11

    Aye, awfy close that result. Only 3 goals in it [emoji849] 4 strikers out injured. Big problems up front.
  3. Scores 24/11

    Kilbirnie 2-1 Meadow
  4. Scores 24/11

    Kilbirnie 1-1 Meadow
  5. Scores 24/11

    Who are they playing?
  6. Junior football, what is the future?

    When we played Brora in the Scottish in 2009, they had more fans supporting them from outside the boundary fence than in the ground. Crowd given as 150 with 2 full medda supporters buses.
  7. Cracking draw. Auchinleck v Cumnock being the standout tie. Disappointed we have been drawn away to Beith. Doesn’t get much harder.
  8. Todays scores

    Meadow 2-1 Vale of Leven FT
  9. Cambuslang Rangers struggling?

    The game wouldn’t exist without them though. It’s essentially voluntary work for what they get paid and I know I wouldn’t like to do it.
  10. Cambuslang Rangers struggling?

    A bit of whattabboutery there as if Cambuslang are the only team hard done to. We, along with many other teams have been on the receiving end of some terrible decisions. We complain about it at the time, or for a few hours after but we get over it. Fair enough to Gemmil it doesn’t look like he done much so a very harsh booking. Still convinced the challenge merited a red card. And to the QP fan who said medda surrounded the ref before the red card. The video shows more Lang players round him than meadow players.
  11. Today's scores 3rd nov

    Aye the league leaders getting thrashed 3-0 was a surprise to nobody. You would honestly argue that water was dry.
  12. Cambuslang Rangers struggling?

    Not like you to stick your ugly beak in. Wife no talking to you tonight again?
  13. Cambuslang Rangers struggling?

    Looking forward to seeing Gerry’s highlights because obviously the Lang fans disagree with the Meadow fans. At the time, it looked like a red card to me. Studs up and over the ball.
  14. Cambuslang Rangers struggling?

    You were right in his face mate. Don’t know what you were saying but it appeared overtly aggressive. The referee wouldn’t send you off for nothing.
  15. Cambuslang Rangers struggling?

    Eh? I was right there when it happened so I’m not talking pish.