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  1. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    I suppose. I don’t know what came over me [emoji23]
  2. Tonight's Scores

    Superb battling performance with a number of first team regulars missing and a couple of U19’s filling in. Shaun Newman had a good couple of saves but Meadow kept at it and got a well earned point.
  3. Tonight's Scores

    Just not going for us tonight. Talbots work rate is immense. Not giving us a second on the ball.
  4. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    I honestly never thought I’d say this but I think we’ve just found a bigger nob head than Darvel Legend.
  5. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    Nobody laughed the first time with your Airdrie patter and no ones laughing the 10th time. Give it up.
  6. Todays score 13/4

    Fans don’t win games, you have the biggest home support in the juniors but haven’t won anything of note in years.
  7. Maybe time to give Largs some credit?

    Didn’t realise you were the Beith coach.
  8. Maybe time to give Largs some credit?

    You do realise your own team were playing yesterday? Strange choice to go to a game that doesn’t affect you.
  9. Maybe time to give Largs some credit?

    Doesn’t even rhyme.
  10. Maybe time to give Largs some credit?

    Largs were the better team. Hurlford were very poor. Continual lumps forward to no one. Two stone wall penalties. Like the comment I heard from a Ford fan to his pal on the way out “it’ll be a new experience for them and Talbot will take 6 off them”. For that patronising comment alone, get it right up them.
  11. Todays scores 6/4

    Hurlford 1-2 Largs
  12. Todays scores 6/4

    Hurlford 1-1 Largs
  13. Todays scores 6/4

    Hurlford 0-1 Largs
  14. Junior Day

    What the f**k is a stream of football?
  15. Some Result For Talbot 4-1

    I think it represents the gulf between Talbot and every other team more than just the east. They’re on course for the clean sweep this season and I can’t see any club challenging them.