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  1. Meadow v Ladeside

    Kirkwood reckons his team lost to the worst team he’s ever seen so I reckon it should be easy for you’s.
  2. Today's scores 13th

    Hasn’t Strain took the Buffs from the district league to nearly finishing top of the premier? Football fans have to take the rough with the smooth, they’ve no right to win every game.
  3. Today's scores 13th

    Troon 0-2 Meadow
  4. Today's scores 13th

    Troon 0-1 Meadow
  5. Kilsyth Rangers 2018/19

    Why do you think that bothers me? More to life than fitba.
  6. Kilsyth Rangers 2018/19

    We were in the same league as them last year you fucking moron. I was talking about the Scottish cup.
  7. Kilsyth Rangers 2018/19

    Nobody cares what you think, sadsack. Looking forward to the trip up. Think we were drawn up there 7/8 years ago in the Scottish.
  8. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    I’m surprised how poor the buffs were yesterday. Their fans probably showed up expecting an easy win and so did their players. Fleming is a class act, I love the guy and he’d walk into any junior team but he had a very quiet game yesterday and didn’t look at all fit.
  9. Medda v Buffs

    Was a decent game I though. Buffs had a lot of the ball but done nothing with it. Connelly could’ve had a hat trick but the one goal will do me. [emoji4]
  10. Todays scores 6/10

    Meadow 1-0 Kilwinning Should’ve been more comfortable. Missed a penalty with 10 minutes to fo
  11. West Fixtures

    Well done Kennie. Looking forward to the festive fixtures.
  12. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Ah so it’s only the ones that aren’t from the murder capital of Europe that can’t behave themselves. Gotcha
  13. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Weird how it’s against the law in Scotland to have a drink at a senior fitba game because two big city teams fans couldn’t behave themselves.
  14. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Kilwinning isn’t a village
  15. Todays scores 29/9/18

    St Ants 0-3 Meadow Witnessed my first Meadow win of the season and we deserved it. Connelly scored 2 goals in the second half, the second being a peach and we managed to see the game out comfortably but for a straight red card to makeshift CB Devlin.