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  1. Todays scores 23/2

    Meadow 1-0 Cumnock FT
  2. Todays scores 23/2

  3. Todays scores 23/2

    Meadow 1-0 Cumnock Carson
  4. Quarter Final Predictions

    Of course it’s devaluted. The east region teams have been a massive loss to the competition.
  5. Quarter Final Predictions

    Would be great to see a different name on the trophy this season but I just can’t see it. With the money they’ve made from recent cup runs, I can see Talbot going on to basically dominate everything for the next few years.
  6. Quarter Final Predictions

    Largs/Buffs draw with Buffs winning the replay. Troon/Lochee is a tough one as it’s tough to gauge how good Lochee are, Troon are poor though so I’ll go for Lochee to progress. Pollok/Talbot. Away win Hurlford/Clydebank. Can’t see by Hurlford for this one. as Shanner says, a strong QF lineup with the usual suspects but this competition just isn’t the same anymore without the likes of Bo’ness, Linlithgow etc. It’s basically become a competition to see who gets the honour of losing to Talbot at Rugby Park in May.
  7. Todays scores 16/2

    Meadow 3-0 Renfrew up to 2nd in the league with ten games in hand over Talbot. Can we hold out?
  8. Your local paper versus your club

    Done. Always found the 2 local Irvine papers give good coverage of Meadow, Vics and Buffs games/news.
  9. Irvine Meadow 2018/19

    Don’t think we can afford to take Renfrew for granted on Saturday. They’re always a tough challenge, they won 6 points against us last season and have already humped us 5-1 in the reverse fixture at new western park. Sadly cant make it this weekend anyway, the wife has booked a romantic weekend up north... wonder if Fort William are at home.
  10. Irvine Meadow 2018/19

    Another good win away to Rob Roy yesterday takes us up to 3rd in the league (joint 2nd on goal difference) Deserved the win and it could’ve finished more than 2-0 but the pitch was difficult to play on and the wind ruined it as a spectacle. Really like the look of Brendan Sharpe up front, if he goes back to Queens Park then fair play but I hope Brian is doing everything in his power to keep him for next season. A fit-again Boyd and McTernan with Sharpe and Jones, Connolly and Patterson as backup could see us become a force next season. Callum Gow well on the way to winning the POTY. The guy is a different class. Home to Renfrew next Saturday who we have an abysmal record against, will be a tough one.
  11. Tommy Sloan told the BBC he wants Talbot to play at that level. Fair play to him for going against the wishes of the fans.
  12. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    Christ what speed are you driving?
  13. Shouldn’t be losing at all. Talbot play at the pinnacle of Scottish football, according to some of their fans.
  14. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    I have always enjoyed my trips to Troon. Vics and Buffs aside, nice and local, cracking playing surface, a good bunch of fans and a welcoming committee.
  15. Bob Mortimer

    I’ve literally watched through the WILTY montages 3/4 times and every one is a gem. We do beg your pardon but we are in your garden.