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  1. scores 15/8/18

    I see the comment I quoted has now been deleted so it now looks like I’m arguing with no one. Sake!
  2. scores 15/8/18

    Don’t know why you’re upset that Meadow are a big team but the guy you’re trying to have an argument with isn’t even a Meadow fan.
  3. Whitlets vics

    I don’t understand why you think that’s a bad thing.
  4. Whitlets vics

    Well done tonight. Miles better team and deserve the lucrative home tie against talbot in the next round. ... still fuming about our performance though. Absolutely no fight in the team.
  5. scores 15/8/18

    Reading that made my head hurt.
  6. scores 15/8/18

    Make no mistake, Whitletts have been miles better but there’s absolutely no excuse for that performance tonight.
  7. scores 15/8/18

    Meadow 0-3 Whitletts Mcginty just subbed himself on. Clearly want to lose this game. Embarrassing
  8. scores 15/8/18

    Meadow 0-1 Whitletts Forsyth pen
  9. Auchinleck v Clydebank

    Too soon mate, too soon.
  10. West Region KO times

    Any need to postpone every game? The rush hour traffic between Irvine-Beith really isn’t that bad. Maybe if both clubs are happy to play then they should go ahead?
  11. Best junior player you’ve ever seen!

    Gareth Turner in his prime was brilliant to watch.
  12. Today’s scores

    Boyd got both of ours. Not sure about KRR.
  13. Today’s scores

    Definitely. Meadow support under no illusions that this will be a difficult season where a lot of patience will be required. Pleased that we have created chances in the last 2 games and scored 5 goals but we still lack a killer touch upfront. Missing McTernan big time and the 2 new young boys upfront will be hoping to pick up some form.
  14. Today’s scores

    Meadow 2-2 Rob Roy Horrible game to watch, very scrappy. A draw a fair result but always gutting to concede a last minute equaliser.
  15. Today’s scores

    Meadow 1-1 Rob Roy