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  1. You have to wonder, why make all that effort to get to the final to just suddenly not give a toss about it?
  2. Extremely unprofessional on their part if that’s true
  3. Well done Talbot. Was following Bonnyriggs excellent updates on Twitter. I assumed Wardrope would’ve been cup tied
  4. Going to be some size of prelim round next season
  5. Poor show from the organisers. Would’ve loved to have seen the game. Didn’t Talbot demolish Kelty when they were romping the LL?
  6. Threads like this is why barely anyone uses this forum anymore
  7. A good manager. Will do well there
  8. Should sort out a ground before chucking money at players
  9. I think he came on as a late sub, I wasn’t there
  10. Funnily enough, players have poor games. The 2 mentioned are McLennan and Willet. And they’ve already bought McGlaughlan and Ryzo off us this season. 2 players I’d have in our starting XI but struggled to get a game for us.
  11. Don’t know the ins and outs about Cumnock but players like playing for McGinty
  12. Next years manager? There’s been no talk of Spence and Latta leaving.
  13. Target was to stay up this season which they’ve done on a limited budget. Real test starts next season, won’t be easy with Cumnock coming in for some of our players.
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