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  1. We could maybe just call them football clubs.
  2. They can also charge their phones while getting changed.
  3. Shouldn’t they be spending their money on developing their own ground?
  4. Most fans would probably buy a season ticket. I do remember a lot of folk weren’t happy when it went to £6. An extra quid ffs [emoji23]
  5. They’re not from the west of Scotland. How difficult is it?
  6. That’s right mate. We average 2000+ per game.
  7. I’m an Irvine Meadow fan because I’m from Irvine. One of my best mates is a Buffs fan. There’s certainly a rivalry there but have never felt a hatred like a Cumnock/ Talbot or Beith/ Blasties rivalry. I started going to games in 2005 just after we had been relegated to the Ayrshire District League. I became a regular in 2009 when I didn’t have to work Saturdays. I was on the committee for a short period of time in 2017/18 but had to give it up due to lack of time. I still help out when I can. Can’t imagine supporting anyone else.
  8. Whoops. Had to change that since we’re not a junior team anymore. None of that carry on in the seniors [emoji4]
  9. The stand was built in the 60’s There used to be a flight of stairs from the balcony down into the clubhouse but that was bricked up because it was always getting broken into. The stand now needs substantial investment so it survives another 50 years. The sign, aye it’s been around for a few decades. I’m sure it used to be above the door in the old pavilion opposite the main stand.
  10. What was the club that fell ‘way behind’?
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