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  1. So the question has to be asked If the playing budget was as much as this, whether Scot Div 2 or Lowland league how come we've managed to get A butter fingered keeper A defence that leaks more than the hull of the Titanic A midfield that all seem to be wrapped in Harry Potter's cloak of Invisibility And a Strike force that couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo And were in the lower echelons of the Lowland league ??
  2. Nah we've just given up the will to live, the way the club is being run !!
  3. Can we not just field an illegible player and take a 3 - 0 loss, its better than anything we play for ??
  4. There's me thinking he was edusport academy through and through !! Silly me
  5. Gogsy, The self professed Billy Big Baws that still won't name his team!! school kicked out early??
  6. Awaiting the squad fairy to wave their magic wand and bless us with a bunch of players that carry us back to Div 2 Only 15 days to friendly
  7. You go Gogsy, Yes I'm a Berwick Supporter and I'm proud to show my Colours Not a big purple G and my team showing Other As for Billy Big Baws well as the avatar show mines bigger than thou's
  8. I quite agree but since 2006 ????? And has been quoted less than 5 weeks before we start again and currently we have enough players for a 5 a side Players are pretty much a necessity for the coming campaign. I never mentioned promotion, but as we are talking about another season a less embarrassing one than last season will do me
  9. Just a plea to A believer We were patient with the last 10 seasons or more, we were patient with Johnny Harvey. When is the time not to be patient. I feel we are where we are because we've been way to accepting in our situation and expecting better to come to us. Time now to rattle boxes, kick ass whatever it takes to get something done
  10. DL is 100% spot on and to be fair has put it more eloquently than I ever could
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