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  1. Exactly, Rob D4 Kearney talking about record scores You mean Rob Carlingford Co Louth Rob Kearney last seen lining out for Cooley Kickhams in the GAA
  2. I think definitions of success are relative. For Scotland/Ireland making the playoffs is the minimum level of expectation at the start of a qualifying campaign. The next measure is to qualify. Once at a tournament getting out of the group is important and momentum builds. I am 44 and I still remember the excitement of Euro 88 and Italia 90 like it was yesterday. Our run to the quarter final and on another day could of taken the Italians, memories that last a lifetime. Getting to the tournament is success but once there you have to make an impression. It was statistically harder to qualify for a 8 Team tournament, in 1988 25% of teams in qualifying made the tournament (8/32) or in 1922 (8/33) for 24% compared to 1996 34% (16/47) or 2020 44% (24/55). It's what you do at a tournament that people remember and Ireland have qualified for 3 World Cups and got out of the group each time and made a quarter final at one. We have been to 3 Euro's and got out of the group once. In 6 tournaments we progressed to the next stage 4 times.
  3. Well large numbers of Scots in Dublin already, I brought my 3 year old past 3 drunk grown men pissing in the train station and another puking his ring up at 1pm ! Although my young lad did want to know why the men wore dresses ... but its pride month I am not feeling confident about Ireland at all but we can't go any lower. Kenny is not up to the job, it saddens me as a Longford Town fan, he walks on water for bringing the worst club in Ireland to the Premier Division and getting to a cup final and playing in Europe. I think Scotland 2-1 tomorrow.
  4. All these mentions of population size remind me of some old poster on here ! The Dutch did f**k all till 1974 so are Scotland better than the Netherlands ? Its alright anytime Ireland are totally shite, I just go we are a GAA country and football is not the no1 spectator sport. indeed I am raging I have tickets to Croke Park on Saturday for the GAA and missing seeing my county play in the Championship but promised my wives nephew I would bring him to the Scotland game as a birthday treat. I will be watching the GAA on sky on the phone for the first 15/20 minutes of the nations cup game.
  5. Got to agree there with this. Ireland are a bit shite at the moment but a few decent underage players coming through and the U21’s have a chance to grab second place tonight to get to the playoffs. we will look totally different in 4/6 years but then again every small nation pins their hopes on some teenage starlet who turns out to be shite or gets injured. as for Satoshi’s drivel. What’s the point of playing the tournament if get to tournament and then say you got to the last 8/16/24/32. Give everyone a medal and send them home. Wales and Ireland have got through actual groups and at Italia 90 Ireland actually got to the last 8 by playing match’s and not just showing up ! Wales got to a euro semi findl. I now claim to have won the FAI junior cup as I played in round whatever with 8.192 teams left.
  6. Looking forward to this group from an Irish perspective. Hopefully 3 points to start in Armenia on Saturday but with Ireland you never know these days. I am going to the Ukraine and Scotland games so hopefully the WCQ qualifying takes an emotional and physical toll on both teams, if one them qualifies even better hopefully they enjoy a long session on the beer. We wont be afraid of Scotland or Ukraine at home and most likely both games will be a draw. The last game in Lodz v Ukraine I can see it being an Ukraine win in a stadium crammed full of Ukrainians who have fled to Poland. 5pts from 4 games will be an ok return for Ireland. It looks an even enough group and hopefully Armenia are there to make up the numbers and return to League C. Bazunu Egan Duffy Collins (Burnley) Coleman Hendrick Cullen Manning Ogbene Robinson Obafemi Is the Irish team you may see against Scotland We will happily swap a keeper for a midfielder lol Baz is Man City on loan at Portsmouth, Travers is Bournemouth No1 and Kelleher is Liverpool No 2 !!
  7. 2002 WC Portugal, , Ireland( 3rd Seed) , Holland, Estonia, Cyprus, Andorra - 2nd In Group beat Iran in WC Playoff 2004 EC Switzerland, Russia, Ireland (1st Seed), Albania, Georgia 2006 WC France, Switzerland, Israel, Ireland (2nd Seed), Cyprus, Faroe Islands 2008 EC Czech Republic, France, Ireland (4th Seed), Slovakia, Wales, Cyprus, San Marino 2010 WC Italy, Ireland (3rd Seed), Bulgaria, Cyprus, Montenegro, Georgia - 2nd in Group lost playoff to France 2012 EC Russia, Ireland (3rd Seed), Armenia, Slovakia, Macedonia, Andorra - 2nd in Group beat Estonia in playoff 2014 WC Germany, Sweden, Austria, Ireland (3rd Seed), Kazakhstan, Faroe Islands 2016 EC Germany, Poland, Ireland (2nd Seed), Scotland, Georgia, Gibraltar - 3rd in Group beat Bosnia in playoff 2018 WC Serbia, Ireland (4th Seed), Wales, Austria, Georgia, Moldova - 2nd in Group lost playoff to Denmark 2020 EC Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland (3rd Seed), Georgia, Gibraltar - Playoff via UNL lost to Slovakia
  8. All Ireland football and rugby matches on cooncil tele. Of course we are getting shafted, been bent right over yet again. They are on the protected sporting events list that the EU allows. In Ireland it includes ECQ,WCQ, EC&WC games involving Ireland, Rugby World Cup games involving Ireland, GAA finals, Olympics and the Nations Cup in showjumping ! IRFU lobby like crazy to avoid the 6 nations joining the list each time.
  9. Tonnes of tickets in the rest of the stadium 102/129 and 529/501 are closer to to the away end but there will be zero hassle anyway. The last qualifier I was in the lower west and it was full of Scottish fans. €20 tickets available still in parts of stadium
  10. You could see some very lopsided groups Qatar have to be one of the weakest pot 1 teams ever to play at the world cup. You could have a Qatar, Switzerland, Tunisia, Canada or Brazil, Germany, Senegal, Scotland England will get Switzerland, Iran, Canada You can't beat the fun of draw generator https://draw.inker.one/#/wc/gs
  11. If you were an unseeded side you would rather play Scotland or Wales compared to Italy and Portugal. Scotland would be praying for Wales if they were unseeded. I saw Portugal in Dublin and they weren't arsed thinking they could beat Serbia in Lisbon. The best thing for Portugal would be to have Ronaldo injured as their squad is all about him at the moment and is holding back the rest of them.
  12. He is welcome back at Longford Town anytime. He brought the worst team in Ireland to the Premier Division and a cup final. He walks on water in Longford. More realistically the FAI will find him a position in the youth development/ youth academy ranks when he is reassigned !
  13. I look forward to the premier division season ahead through my fingers. Longford won the promotion playoffs from 5th place in the first Division and preseason has been brutal except for a win last week over Cabo's second string. Longford are justifiable favourites for the drop. Last weekend saw the traditional season warm up with Dundalk beating Rovers on penos to lift the Presidents Cup. Dundalk has brought in some interesting internationals including a striker from Norway and a 6'6 Centre Back from the Faroe Islands and a Latvian international at left back. They will either gel nicely or fall apart at the seams early days. Rovers have lost their two best players in Jack Byrne to APOEL of Cyprus and McEnneff to Hearts. . You have to fancy Rovers to push on again this season. They added a few experienced ex Dundalk players to the squad and Danny mandriou ( Ireland U21) who blows hot and cold on the wing. Only Bohs hipsters will think they can challenge the top 2. The rest of league is much of a muchness and relegation playoff is between Harps and Waterford ( who have Kevin Sheedy in as a manager!). Most games are on the watchloi player and a few on the RTE player including Rovers and Pats this Friday night. Overall football is back but no crowds. Hopefully by September they will be allowed back and you never have to fear overcrowding at a LOI game lol Before a ball is kicked,optimism can reign supreme I can dream big and think Longford for Europe ! Its 15 years this season since we last were in the Europa Cup.
  14. https://www.irishtimes.com/sport/soccer/dundalk-can-eye-up-4m-europa-league-bonanza-if-they-see-off-ki-1.4368661 Shows the value to small clubs of making the EL group stages and the importance of the luck of the draw ! Unusual position for LOI team to be hot favourites for a European game so guaranteed the Faroese will win LOL
  15. Exactly and in comparison Shamrock Rovers got AC Milan last week !! Still the draw looked favourably on them for the last round. It could of been Quarbag or Legia instead.
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