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  1. Fucking joke Wordle 385 5/6
  2. I think it’s only Arch Stanton earlier in the thread who has mentioned it, and that’s to say that Goram’s display that night at Elland Road is by far and away the best goalkeeping display over 90 minutes that I’ve ever seen. He had an almost ferocious desire to not be beaten that night. When Cantona scored late on, despite the tie already being over, he was absolutely raging and considered it a personal insult that they’d scored against him. Fifty fucking eight. Jesus Christ. RIP Goalie.
  3. Much better! Wordle 377 3/6 Wordle 378 3/6
  4. Sibbald did indeed sign a PCA with Dunfermline. He was also going there on loan in January, but they wouldn’t pay the wage percentage. As of last week, the only confirmed offer on the table for him was Ayr United. A week’s a long time in football though, so that may have changed.
  5. I've been assured by someone non-colour blind (not me) that stripe is yellow. It looks amber to me, but I'm gash with colours. A couple of the Joma kits this season have been ok. St Mirren's is nice, with a cracking paisley pattern thing going on in the background. I wonder if our graphics team have had anything to do with the kit, and whether any local landmarks may be used on it? The Strive statue outside the ground, Norgate on the Deer Park Roundabout? The shopping trolley in the Almond at Peoples?
  6. As a fat, bald father of two, who knows very little about youtubers, that video was a bit WTAF. As a fat, bald, father of two - that video was also terribly moving. Wish I knew the wee p***k was ill though.
  7. Much better! Wordle 377 3/6
  8. Absolutely farcical. Don’t ask. Wordle 376 5/6
  9. That’s a beezer Wordle 375 5/6
  10. That home shirt is a cracker. Stick a Livi badge on that and that would do me more than nicely.
  11. Fucking horror show Wordle 373 5/6
  12. Wordle 371 3/6 That’s a wee thinker
  13. Genuinely one of the most informative and interesting to read threads on here.
  14. Was there not one year where the boys called themselves the "Do Bits Society" or some such guff?
  15. Is it the girls turn to go to casa amor this year? It is, the guys were in Casa Amor last series.
  16. The scary thing is, it’s not even unique to being a Tory. I know folk who I could never paint as being tories, who I know would never vote/ have never voted for them, and their mindset is “the Government isnae fucking getting their hands on it”. Just points to a general attitude in society of “I’m alright Jack, and if I’m alright, then f**k everyone else”
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