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  1. I have the W995 and it's tremendous. I cannae fault it. Don't use the camera much but I use the radio, music player and Internet and all are faultless.
  2. I knew he was the founder of the BDO, I just wondered what their constitution was like that entitled him to dismiss the offer out of hand. Perhaps that's just frivolous headline writing? I dunno. Woman in my work used to play at County level and was Scottish champion, and she hasn't got many kind words to say about Olly Croft - she told me of a time when an Open Competition was set up in George Street in Edinburgh - all the big guns of the time were there, Jocky Wilson, Eric Bristow, Rod Harrington etc, and the County players were told by Croft that if they entered it, they'd be barred from playing County thereafter. He may be right about some of the PDC stuff, but he sounds a prize clown.
  3. Thank you gentlemen, much appreciated. Quick (and genuine) question here, regarding this £1m offer - what right does Croft have to decide whether to turn it down or not? Is the BDO actually his, or is he majority shareholder or what? How does it work?
  4. Quite a poor final I thought, compared to some others I've seen. On a different note, does anyone know the name of the song that was played over the montage at the end their? Brilliant, whatever it was.
  5. I'm sure it's been said by others earlier in the thread, but Sid Waddell really is a fucking imbecile. I know he's a learned guy and all that keech, but he must have a masters in talking rancid shite. Both Taylor and Barney seem to be way off the top of their game just now.
  6. Like some earlier posters, I suffer from Crohns. Have done since I was seven, so I don't remember ever having had a normal shite - you know, a nice log, then the satisfied "that'll dae for a week" feeling (as described by others). When I was sixteen my internal plumbing was, ahem, altered shall we say, due to my intestine being completely fucked. For the few days before my op I had NO control over my arse - it was like sulphuric acid dripping out of me, with no warning at all. When I came round after my op, the surgeon said that my arse muscles were literally paper thin. I'm not fucking surprised.
  7. Absolutely love the darts! Have never played in any leagues etc, but as a game to have a laugh with pals, it's tremendous. Never hit a 180 in my puff, but my highest checkout was a fluked 107 - T20, single seven, and then was shaking like a shitting dug going for double top. Might have a wee throw tonight actually!
  8. To SD & others, sorry, I should have clarified. HMRC and WLC were indeed the two creditors mentioned. The only other mention of other creditors was that there would be a CVA which would hopefully be agreed. Although the mood at the meeting was one of relief a fair few people, myself included, are absolutely under no illusions. This is the first hurdle that will MAYBE be cleared, indeed it will only lead to more hurdles - but at least we're off the starting blocks, in my eyes anyway. With regard to hearing it all before StuartCraig - I know exactly where you're coming from. Pearse Flynn was probably one of the most personable folk I've ever listened to, and turned out be a shyster supreme. So aye, I am wary. But honestly, I just get the impression from the guys at the top table tonight that the mistakes of past regimes WILL NOT be repeated. I for one sincerely hope they are right.
  9. Chuffed isn't the word. I can understand perfectly well why fans of other club may hate us, but I feel that there really will be a sea change in the way our club is run after tonight. I can't remember ad verbatim what all was said but you know what? Without sounding xenophobic, it was actually just pretty good to hear a top table in the Almondvale Suite not talk utter rancid keech for once. What I do remember ( and I may be corrected) is that the two main creditors WILL be paid in full.
  10. From someone at the stadium - Massone has refused the money, claiming he has cash to put in to the club.
  11. LJ, read my post a couple up - ANYONE can represent themselves in court, you need know legal qualification to do so.
  12. You don't have to be a lawyer to represent yourself in court - anyone can be a "party litigant", perhaps Suntan Sheridan being the most recent, high profile case. Obviously some semblance of knowledge of the law helps, right enough!
  13. It was hardly reporting, Ghost - a mere mention of a story that was in the Daily Retard this morning and also all over Livi Lions/News for the past few weeks.
  14. Copied, pasted, snipped etc from what was on the Club website four days ago. Yet more shite journalism from the Broken Record.
  15. So hopefully there'll be no more mince on show at Almondvale then? I'll get me coat.
  16. This is also my worry. "Certain" accounts can be fobbed off, rightly or (IMO)wrongly, with sob stories and excuses. The Inland Revenue though - different beast altogether.
  17. I fear for the club too. And no, I haven't created an account to have a dig at MCL - I just havent felt the need to post up until now. I feel for MCL in his situation, I really do. And I would have done the same thing, i.e chase the club, because they ARE liable - what I would not do have done though, is use smoke and mirrors pretending it is someone else who's doing the chasing, if that makes any sense. I would have kept my own council - I presume the vast majority of the 100+ other creditors have done the same.
  18. Simple question, and I mean no malice - but why didn't you just say that you were going to the press, instead of coming out with such bullshit about media sources etc?
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