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  1. Whitlock on his game is an absolutely awesome sight. Those 170 and 150 outshots - I mean come on to f**k. He is relentless and unerring. They may have been building it up (in fact they still are) but there is no way that Lewis vs Taylor, indeed any other match in this tournament will come close to what Whitlock is producing here.
  2. WHAT. A. FINISH.!!!!!!!!!! Jesus fucking Christ this match is unbelievable.
  3. That 6th set was absolutely incredible. Unbelievable stuff.
  4. Aye, full credit to Wade there. It'll break my heart, but I can see Wade romping away with it now.
  5. I consider myself to be a bit of a novice when it comes to watching the darts - well, since I started looking at this thread anyway - but I have to say I'm stunned at Whitlock in these two sets. He's awesome.
  6. I've found a new sporting hero - what a fucking set of darts that was!! 37 darts to win a set? Jesus H. Keep it up Wizard!
  7. More of that please Whitlock - what an opening leg.
  8. Whether or not the missus is good enough to let me watch the second game, I hope Whitlock gives Wade a right shooin. I dunno why, but I just cannae stick " The Machine" at all.
  9. Webster running away with the 8th set now.
  10. Webster is beginning to look rattled - whilst at the same time Stompe is coming onto a game.
  11. There's a man who needs NO excuse to come out with rancid keech, eh? I've been highly impressed with Whitlock, I have to say. He doesn't seem fazed at all. That treble is VERY tempting...
  12. Cheers for all the answers to my wee query last night. I bow to your superior knowledge gents. I kinda understand the 3 dart average stat now - what I still don't understand though is why it's a fulcrum of the commentary! But hey.
  13. What I mean is, will they include shite attempts at finishes as well? Hamilton and Wade were both shocking in one leg in particular earlier on, with Hamilton ending up on x2 if I mind right. It just seems a bit silly for the commentators to bang on about averages and how they have to be as high as possible, when those statistics can be skewed by dodgy finishing. I know that probably makes no sense at all - sorry, one or two beers tonight.
  14. I dunno if this has been answered before, so sorry if there's any repetition. How exactly do they work out the "3 dart averages"? What I mean is, what darts do they take into account? Is it only the darts taking the player from 501 down to a finish? It's confused me for a while, well, certainly since it started to become an integral part of statistics and commentary.
  15. Yon blonde slapper in Eastenders (is it Shirley her name is?). She's as ugly as sin, but I reckon she'd burst ye in two, especially if you said no. Good looking ones - it would have to be Becky.
  16. Two games (at the moment) will be played tonight - Van Der Voort will play Duo, and the prelim game between Muramatsu of Japan and Kciuk of Poland. As Bristow says - feel sorry for the qualifiers, because it looks as if there will be a very sparse crowd. Bit of a shambles really! EDIT - John Part is only a couple of miles away so might make it, but I dunno who he's due to play.
  17. Started as rain in Livingston about twenty minutes ago, within five minutes it was wee flakes, now it is very heavy. Thank f**k I'm incapacitated that's for sure, I fecking hate snow.
  18. This is a really solid innings from Swann, and a cracking six there from Anderson. And that gentlemen, is the ultimate kiss of death.
  19. The SE my wife has does that too - she's updated the software and as per usual, it's made not a blind bit of difference. Her phone is the pishy W910 though - I'm surprised yer mans C905 has the same problem.
  20. I have the W995 and it's tremendous. I cannae fault it. Don't use the camera much but I use the radio, music player and Internet and all are faultless.
  21. I knew he was the founder of the BDO, I just wondered what their constitution was like that entitled him to dismiss the offer out of hand. Perhaps that's just frivolous headline writing? I dunno. Woman in my work used to play at County level and was Scottish champion, and she hasn't got many kind words to say about Olly Croft - she told me of a time when an Open Competition was set up in George Street in Edinburgh - all the big guns of the time were there, Jocky Wilson, Eric Bristow, Rod Harrington etc, and the County players were told by Croft that if they entered it, they'd be barred from playing County thereafter. He may be right about some of the PDC stuff, but he sounds a prize clown.
  22. Thank you gentlemen, much appreciated. Quick (and genuine) question here, regarding this £1m offer - what right does Croft have to decide whether to turn it down or not? Is the BDO actually his, or is he majority shareholder or what? How does it work?
  23. Quite a poor final I thought, compared to some others I've seen. On a different note, does anyone know the name of the song that was played over the montage at the end their? Brilliant, whatever it was.
  24. I'm sure it's been said by others earlier in the thread, but Sid Waddell really is a fucking imbecile. I know he's a learned guy and all that keech, but he must have a masters in talking rancid shite. Both Taylor and Barney seem to be way off the top of their game just now.
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