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  1. The thing is, he's not. Far from it. He was on a ton+ finish in that set, and he threw a 59 I think it was. And his doubles have been pretty sketchy. He's big scoring, aye, but the rest of his game in that set was not of his usual standard.
  2. GET. FUCKING. IN. Seriously Taylor, Get it fucking roonabootye. YASSSSS!!!!
  3. He's an absolute lunatic. I genuinely think he doesn't know what he's sayin half the time. That x8 will cost Whitlock. And it has. I cannae fucking watch.
  4. This 84 is VITAL................................... ..... no.
  5. FUCKING YASSSSS!!!!!!! 170 fae Whitlock!!! He's waking up!!!
  6. First set Taylor, against the throw - and it's all looking very ominous. Whitlock could be done and dusted by 9pm if he can't get some big scores in.
  7. Nervy hold there fae the Wizard! Cannae believe Taylor missed three doubles. And then he fires in a 180.........
  8. f**k the crowd. f**k the bloody lot of 'em.
  9. I cannot wait for this - but I actually feel sick for Whitlock. I really hope he goes out, brings his A game - come on the Wizard!!!
  10. Didn't see any of the darts last night - but when I had a sneaked a cheeky wee look at the news on my fone and saw "Whitlock stuns Barney to reach final" I was off my seat! Ya fuckin beauty, I can't wait for the final tonight. I really hope Whitlock brings his A game. He might still only win 2-3 sets but it would make it some kind of contest.
  11. Shooting oneself when listening to Sid Waddell is always very tempting.
  12. Won't be able to post OR watch the matches tonight. Fucking gutted. Mon the Wizard!!!! EDIT - regarding whether to take out Sid or Tony with one bullet. How comes nobody has thought of the classic Hollywood shot - stand them one behind the other and the bullet will go straight through, thus taking out both of your foes!!! Sid Waddell is a fucking muppet.
  13. He seems quite a character this Van de Wiel. It's a good win for him. Not a bad couple legs from Walton, but overall he was pretty poor.
  14. How many darts at a double has Walton wasted in the last few legs? That is absolutely pathetic.
  15. Van de Wiel's doubles are really beginning to let him down. Those three attempts at x20 were rank rotten. Walton is scrapping to stay in this. EDIT - and he takes the third set.
  16. Is the BDO standard not enough??
  17. I'm no a fan of the smileys but that deserves at least one f**k it - :lol: :lol:
  18. It cannae be. Seriously. Poor second set there from both players, didnae look as if any of them wanted to win it!
  19. ...... and Willy breaks right back. The two of them are throwing thirties, forties - pretty poor. Although Willy has had a couple of bounce outs. Could be anybodys match.
  20. I like Colin Murray - seems to have a good rapport with Bobby Dazzler already. Just watching this laddie Van de Wiel - couple of very decent legs there!!
  21. Cracking 118 there from O'Shea to break the throw................... and he takes the decider 3-0. Really good game of darts that.
  22. Some poor darts there from O'Shea, he really shouldn't have lost that set. Some first match all the same!!
  23. What a set from Green! Helped out by the x10 a couple of times, but some cracking cover shots.
  24. Greens cover shots have been exceptional.
  25. The whole "3 dart average" thing mystified me earlier. At one point, I cannae mind what set it was, but Taylors average was on screen as being 107.5. He threw a 96 I think it was (certainly less than a ton anyway) and his average jumped to 107.88!! I'm no maths whizz, but how the f**k is that? I absolutely refuse to be drawn into this averages pish. Legs won will do me.
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