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  1. That was a tremendous 132 to leave the D16. Fair play to Waites there. Fair enjoying this!
  2. Waites pulls another set back - Phillips throwing some eggs at the board helped him out right enough. Game on indeed.
  3. I know I'm shocked. He's missed a couple of doubles admittedly, but he's going for the lot and looking confident of getting them as well. I have to say though, and I know it's feck all to do with darts - but any guy who has the nickname "Scotty 2 Hotty" deserves to win the square root of heehaw. 'Mon the auld c*nt indeed.
  4. Some start to this match - lovely 102 outshot there from Phillips to go 2-0 up in sets. They're throwing some nice darts.
  5. I'm watching a live stream and it's muted - is that two punters gettin huckled out during the Thompson/McCloskey match? Some no bad stuff from both players, I'd like McCloskey to go through. EDIT - No going to to happen though, Thompson playing well and now 3-1 up.
  6. Brilliant news!!! Fair chuffed for him.
  7. It wasn't meant to be as an example of the whole tournament being crap. Far from it - I know and can appreciate what the Lakeside is. H_B said that some of the darts had been poor, and I highlighted one example of those poor darts, that's all. I've no doubt that this tournament will provide some excellent matches later on, same as the PDC Worlds did.
  8. I take it you didn't see Walton vs Van de Wiel on Saturday? Absolutely murder - one leg in particular I'm sure was a 28 darter. Whitlock won the first SET vs Wade the other night in 37 darts.
  9. He throws that dart blind. he bear hugs the announcer when he's giving it "game shot etc" then he's charging about the stage getting folk to sign the dartboard (even the walk on girls ffs) whilst Whitlock is getting his trophy. Just two or three of the reasons why I fucking despise that fat cretin.
  10. I cannae take any more!!! They cannae hit double one, and the crowd are out of time with the oi oi oi chant!!! What the bejesus is going on????
  11. Nah, they're singing "where's your ashes gone". I'm sure Whitlock couldn't give a f**k about cricket. or maybe he does, I dunno. The crowd are getting just the wrong side of rowdy now.
  12. Some stunning darts from Taylor. Just stunning. I can't stick the way he saunters along that stage thinking he's the cock of the walk - but as an arrow thrower, he's outstanding. Whitlock is brilliant. He's a breath of fresh air.
  13. What a fucking stunning 82 from Whitlock!!
  14. Two stunning bull shots in that set. Whitlock needs to win the next one, else Taylor could race away.
  15. It was. I loved the wee glance from Whitlock after it - " aye ok then, ya tosser, you've won f**k all yet"
  16. At least Bristow and Harrington know his fucking name Sid - it's NOT Ozzy.
  17. One of these days somebody has to tell Sid that all this talk of lies, drifts, stackas etc - it's just pish, pure unadultarated rancid keech.
  18. Taylors set to lose after that opening 59 fae Whitlock.
  19. Taylor is having a bit of a mare, is he not? Some poor scoring, and his doubles are poor.
  20. "superb perpendicular attack on the 60".
  21. Easy 2nd leg for Taylor.
  22. I'll admit it, it was his bottle I worried about beforehand. His first set vs Wade proved to me he had the ability, but I worried about his nerves on that stage in front of the imbecile crowd. And you're spot on, I was bang wrong. Come on Whitlock, this is on now.
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