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  1. And Gray, after god knows how long that campaign has gone on, looks like he's finally lost it.
  2. That set started well enough, what with the legend that is Russ Bray (the Deirdre Barlow of score callers) taking up the mantle on stage. Ended badly though with Ando missing more costly doubles, although credit to Lewis for the 180 pressure shot. Ando needs to break again then.
  3. Yep, to win back something like 40k. "Scared of the bed" is Waddells chosen phrase that s doin my head in tonight.
  4. That bounce out on sixteens from Lewis could be what saves Anderson, had that went in he'd have been in real bother. It seems to have given him a wake up though, because the next leg was fantastic!
  5. Anderson motoring now, lovely 130 there. Followed by a 136!!!!!!!! Ya fuckin beauty, it's gettin good!!!
  6. Gracias! Well, Anderson is going to have to come back from at least 2-0 down - as type, Lewis takes out 100 with a double double top. Cracking stuff. The Flying Scotsman with it all to do it would seem.
  7. Oh.My.GOD. Anderson maybe looked a little nervous, but he's done nowt wrong, yet after what seemed like four minutes, he's a set down. Didnae really care for Lewis' wee kiss to Anderson, that riled me a bit. But the darts - phenomenal.
  8. A nightmare for Hughton - although as is rarely the case when a gaffer gets punted, he can leave with his head held high. Wonder how many managers will get their jotters a few weeks after humping their rivals 5-1 a few weeks previous? He's better off away from them, IMO. I doubt Newcastle will be better off without him, not in the short term anyway.
  9. I proposed to the good lady at Taynuilt Ferry - a beautiful wee place just outside Taynuilt on the banks of Loch Etive. We were on our way up to Oban for Valentines, and stopped at Taynuilt on the way.
  10. How'd you get on Kiwi?

  11. That is a cracking deal - where are getting this from, and how much is it a month (if you don't mind me asking)?
  12. This! It was quite fitting to see Senna in his prime a few hours after witnessing that nonsense from Germany. I've seen plenty Senna footage over the years, and remember seeing him taking Prost out to win the title, but a couple of things I'd never seen were shown last night. One handed steering round the corner at Monaco, and him actually stopping at the side of the track during a race to help the guy that had crashed. Pretty staggering stuff really. I have to say, I don't mind Hamilton, but you could see how much it meant to him having a shot in the old McLaren. No wonder - that noise . Also, wonderful to see the black Lotus with John Player Special on it - iconic car!
  13. This series hasn't been too bad IMO, but tonights episode was tremendous. The Touareg bit at the beginning was a bit meh, the the news was too, but the rest was excellent. Two great guests, that Veyron S.S is fucking lightning, and the piece on Senna was magic.
  14. Stone Roses, 100%. I still remember hearing Waterfall for the first time. Epic.
  15. Quick question chaps - is there an app on Android for Radio? Along the lines of Tune-In, on the iPod Touch/iPhone?
  16. Cheers. I don't feel as if I properly learnt until I was driving on my own. When I was learning, I actually dreaded the idea of being alone in the car - now, it's a pain in the arse when anyone else is with me!
  17. I took lessons pretty much weekly for nigh on two years, and failed three times. Never ever put me off - I'm like Capy, I absolutely love driving. My tolerance of other drivers, especially poor ones, can wane slightly though.
  18. I know it's not about Andy Murray, but I'll just pop in here - his conquerer Berdych has just given Youzhny a thumping, 6-3 6-1 6-2 - and incredibly he'll play Soderling in the semi. He in turn gave Federer a bit of a gubbing too, 3 sets to 1. Wonder when was the last time Fed lost three straight sets in a match?
  19. Watching the repeat of it just now. That second nine darter - my God, it's one of the most incredible things I've seen on tv. The commentary from Lanning and, indeed, Waddell for that second 9 darter was fantastic. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Lanning was in tears just as the 16th leg was about to start.
  20. I actually refuse to believe that just happened. Did Taylor really, honestly, hit two nine darters in the one fucking match? I don't quite know how to do it, but how the hell do you convey speechless on an internet forum?
  21. Stephen Fry has apparently cleared his diary, and will be co-commentating tonight with the blethering Geordie Waddell. Tremendous stuff!
  22. I'm absolutely gobsmacked - I had no idea that Stephen Fry was a fan of the arrows. Hearing him wax lyrical about it there was a total joy. I've no idea what he has to cancel in order to be at W.A tomorrow - but get it cancelled big man.
  23. Dunno if anyone on here would be interested or not, but on Sunday May 30th Phil Taylor will be having an exhibition night at the East Calder Doo Club - apparently it's his only exhibition in West Lothian but it seems to be part of a Scottish tour, so he will no doubt be playing elsewhere. There are hospitality tickets available to have lunch with him and Russ Bray, and there are tickets for the full stage show as well. I've never been to one of these exhibitions, and I fancy this one. Could anyone of you fine chaps tell me what to expect, are they a good laugh etc?
  24. Jocky, Tiger Woods and the aforementioned Ethel having a couple of scoops in the Fairmuir afore playing Camperdown. Please dundeebarry, make it happen
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