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  1. Very small, but very crucial, mistake in the report. It's actually "Dick fae Bingham" who has lost his wares. Absolute racing certainty to be crack.
  2. That’s a beauty Wordle 398 4/6
  3. No idea what it fucking means, never mind where it came from. Wordle 397 5/6
  4. I remember there being a poll to decide folks favourite kit from our history....was hoping that would lead to an updated version of the winner which was the smasher from 2001 On reflection, a poll asking for favourite kits could quite easily be dressed up as fan input on any new strip, without asking the blatantly obvious "what do you want our new kit to look like".
  5. This was my understanding too. It was mentioned in the official presser for last season's kits. https://livingstonfc.co.uk/introducing-our-2021-22-home-and-away-kits/
  6. Anybody else get the option to link and “never lose” your stats by getting a free NYT account? First time I’ve noticed it. Anywho… Wordle 392 4/6
  7. Changed my mind for guess 4, would have got it one sooner had I stuck with it Wordle 391 5/6
  8. When you're in nursery tomorrow get them to explain the meaning of irony, you little cretin.
  9. It's no wonder you hear some managers tearing their hair out when it comes to goalkeepers. Stryjek has every facet needed to be a top goalkeeper, and has had plenty games where he's turned in a top goalkeeping performance. The cock ups are absolutely infuriating because he's proved he can do the job.
  10. Wordle 389 3/6 ooooft aff the post
  11. Not going to lie, I can’t stand Adam because of his pretty reprehensible behaviour towards women in series 4 - having said that, it would appear that his presence is going to bam up that shit stained pant wearing fucking goblin Jacques (and hopefully his equally despicable moron of a pal Luca) so I am all for the addition of the big Geordie c**t.
  12. Fucking joke Wordle 385 5/6
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