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  1. Wordle 427 4/6 Fine start, messy finish. Just like Squalar Vics quickie.
  2. ... and without descending too far into "if yer auntie had baws" territory, if he maintained that level of form ad infinitum and never had a down period (of whatever length), he'd be nowhere near a Livi shirt.
  3. It's the term inconsistent that I have an issue with here. For me, an inconsistent player is someone who you don't know what kind of performance level you're going to get on any given day. If we're labeling Omeonga as inconsistent because he had a period of 5 or 6 games where he wasn't up to his usual standards, then you can label every single player who ever played the game as inconsistent.
  4. Given that they're in need of miracles at OT (or even just rid of parasitic owners), it's Holy water that's required there.
  5. Any suggestion that Omeonga is inconsistent is absolutely wild, I'm sorry.
  6. That’s a beauty. Wordle 421 4/6
  7. Should’ve got it in one on reflection Wordle 420 6/6
  8. ANOTHER FUCKING FOUR Wordle 419 4/6
  9. Was quite impressed with Youan in the derby, Boyle is excellent on his day, and I still think there's a player in Melkersen (sp?). Having said that, I've no doubt that our midfield will control things and Nouble/Anderson will punish a dodgy as f**k Hibs defence.
  10. First three in god knows how long Wordle 416 3/6
  11. Shitshow on guess three Wordle 415 4/6
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