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  1. Could not be happier for John McGlynn. A better man in football you’ll struggle to meet. That interview on the BBC is a gifmakers dream. That performance had all the hallmarks of a McGlynn team. Well organised, with the belief to play some really good football. Enjoy Hampden.
  2. As big a charlatan as any other nefarious owner we've been lumbered with. He handed the reins over to Massone and his mob and, when asked directly what would happen to the club under Massone's watch, said "Livingston are nothing without me and my money". If Flynn says it's raining outside, you can safely leave your brolly at home.
  3. Aye, just saw the forecast. Chance of a shower Tuesday afternoon, after which the temperature in Livi will barely get above freezing and be as low as -4. Not a chance this will be on.
  4. No clean sheets in this one. I fancy Nouble to run riot, whilst my confidence levels in whatever makeshift defensive unit we field are lower than a a snakes belly. I actually think United will win quite comfy, but that is no doubt sheer pessimism as our form has dropped like a stone.
  5. Can't speak for every fan obviously, but I wouldn't say I was disgusted - I would be disgusted if it was completely out of character, but Fernandes has these types of games in him. I would have him stripped of the captaincy right now. Shaw is just another in a long line of players who has believed the hype around himself when in actual fact, he's no more than average. This is it for me. I know that Souness and Carragher were giving Neville stick for saying so, but there was definitely an element of Liverpool pushing at an open door yesterday. I suppose it's chicken and egg - Liverpool were ruthless in the second half, because the United players heids were in the spin dryer, so Liverpool were more ruthless etc. Ten Hag has a job on his hands now. How does he get into the heads of a team of players who have downed tools and shown no personal or team discipline whatsoever, in the most high profile game they could play?
  6. He was outstanding. I'm amazed that a team the likes of Aberdeen haven't been interested before now. I don't know his personal situation, e.g. if his family is up here or not, so it may be that he wants a move down the road. He'll be a big loss wherever/whenever he goes. Being back at the stadium on Sunday (rarely make it due to work, sadly) it was nice* to be reminded that there are some in our support who dinnae get football. Some of the shouts I heard from the C end of the stand included Omeonga being "fucking shite", Stephen Kelly being "fucking embarassing" and countless other examples of sheer bampottery. Never mind who let these folk into the stadium, who let's them leave the hoose in the first place? *it wasn't really nice at all.
  7. Mate, don’t. Just don’t. The thing that always gets me is, when people say the pitch is shite - compared to what? If we’re comparing it to a perfect grass pitch, with no drainage issues? Yes, our pitch IS shite. Are we comparing it to McDiarmid, or the fucking quagmire that is Hampden? Because if we are, then our carpet wins hands down. Anywho. Thanks for posting that pic. He is just pristine.
  8. I remain surprised, yet delighted, that David Martindale is never on the list for these jobs. I mean, I know why he's never on the list, but you know what I mean.
  9. Whoever recorded Martindale at h/t and initially shared it needs to have a word with themselves. Snakey, sneaky, shitty behaviour all round.
  10. Re the financial part of things, one key aspect of the club which has changed is our level of sponsorship. Time was our name was mud, and rightly so, among the local and wider business community due to spectacular financial mismanagement. We now have a dedicated Business/Commercial manager who has helped ensure that we have lots of really good sponsorship deals. Re the recruitment side, the manager has a good record of finding gems but almost as importantly, he isn't slow in getting rid of dead wood/disruptive influences. If a player says they want to leave (i.e Shaun Byrne), steps out of line (i.e Scott Robinson) or a mixture of the two (Anthony Stokes), then no matter how they are performing or their standing in the dressing room he will get rid pronto.
  11. I genuinely don’t know. We used to have terrible pitch issues in the years immediately preceding the Astro being installed. The same end was a quagmire in winter and would be rock hard when frozen. USH was also very prohibitive cost wise (into five figures for use a couple of days before a fixture), and I actually vaguely recall the system having been decommissioned and a huge outlay needed to get it working again. The Astro is seen as a community asset and probably makes us/WLC decent dough.
  12. I don’t normally go in for paranoia, and I’m not saying this is, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if what you’ve said is true.
  13. Every Livi fan will tell you that it is the same every winter. The goalmouth at the south stand never gets the sun because it doesn’t rise high enough over the stand. Pitch heaters at that end would work, but come at an astronomical cost. The idea that the goalmouth was playable at 3pm and not 6pm seems fanciful, but not outwith the realms of possibility. I don’t the think the temperature has dropped that drastically in that amount of time. But hey ho. Feel heart sorry for the United fans who had arrived or were very near to it. One thing though. See this “[email protected]” patter? Get in the fucking sea. The club should perhaps feel perplexed, apologetic, raging, disappointed - but embarrassed? Aye, right ye are.
  14. I for one can’t fathom why the first S35 has been used on a) this matter and b) by this bigoted, right wing UK Govt. Nope, haven’t a clue.
  15. Just like the Bond girls, that's me well and truly fucked.
  16. Pre March 2020 it was anything between 8-12 weeks, but never longer than that. Then the world broke, and they haven't really recovered. A PoA can be expedited (had one come back this morning from the OPG having only been applied for back in November), but I think that depends on if they are in a care facility, or if they perhaps have capacity at the time but a recent diagnosis of dementia etc.
  17. Subject close to my heart this one, both professionally and personally. My wife and I work in family law and we often see the resulting confusion and heartbreak that can occur if people don't have PoA's/wills in place. The one thing I'd say here, and it's just a wee niggle on my behalf, is that it's really important for people to remember that PoA is not something that you can apply for in order to get powers OVER someone's affairs. It's powers that are GRANTED BY the person. We often have people come in and see us who say "I want to apply for PoA for my (whoever)". When they then are told that it's not them that apply, it's the person who grants the power, it becomes difficult - especially if the person is on the brink of losing capacity or, simply stubborn about the whole thing. Can't stress enough that everyone should be having these conversations, however awkward, with their relatives or those who they care for. At the very least they should familiarise themselves with what a PoA is, the differences between it and Guardianship, etc.
  18. 2020 Dead Pool for this pish, but I hope a recount isn’t needed because of the actions of this crazy boot Fan outrage at Susan Meachen, the romance novelist accused of faking her death https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-64179548
  19. Sounds like you're getting plenty pleasure ya midden.
  20. Absolutely shite. Cancer can gtf. I’ll take the points all the same, but genuinely gutted. A beautiful man. Ciao Luca.
  21. Just had a look through that final spreadsheet - is it normal for none of the hits to have popped their clogs due to unnatural causes? We’ve had Peaches Geldof, Whitney Houston and Philip Seymour Hoffman in years gone by - any more?
  22. A death before Miguel has even posted the lists. Good grief. What with McGarvey and the Pope, fully expect some scenes at Ibrox tomorrow.
  23. It did indeed. The Club Deck opened in 1991. My same pal, through a drunken torpor right enough, has confirmed this morning that he was at the final game before they put seats in the East Enclosure (West had already been done) which was a 1-1 draw with Celtic (30th April 1994).
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