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  1. I’ll take them because I’m not OFTW, but I’d rather not have these points. Doddie was an absolute gentleman and an inspiration for countless others. MND truly is the b*****d illness.
  2. PotS - Montano for me. Always thought there was a player in there, but the way he's kicked on has been a joy to see. Best signing - honourable mention for George, but I'm going to say Stephen Kelly. The boy is simply class. We haven't just won a watch there, we've cleaned out the whole jewellers. Top result - Ibrox on Saturday. Again though, beating Hearts and Hibs at home are both worthy of mention. Where will we finish - 5th or 6th. I would be happy with anything from 10th upwards, but last season still hurts like f**k. I hope it hurts the players as much. If it does - 5th or 6th.
  3. https://theathletic.com/3713217/2022/10/24/livingston-rangers-ibrox/ Fantastic piece in the Athletic today about the club and in particular the build up to the match at the weekend.
  4. Wordle 475 X/6 f**k right off and if you come back, f**k right off in the other direction
  5. Let’s not talk about guess 2 Wordle 473 5/6
  6. To be frank, that’s brilliant. Wordle 472 4/6
  7. Wordle 468 2/6 Ya beauty.
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