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  1. You don't have to be that good to get into the top six. Add a solid centre-half and a ball-winning midfielder and I'd be confident enough with the current squad. Getting back to challenging for top 3/4 is a different matter and we'll need a fair bit more than that. Hopefully some of the new signings we made last month are the start of that.
  2. We were absolutely rotten last season and we were never going to resolve all of those problems on a Championship budget, so I'm quite happy to be winning the league easily. If we continue our current points per game until the end of the season then it'll only be bettered by our previous Championship team in 14/15. Having said that, I think if you asked Hearts fans where this current side would place in the Premiership then most would say we'd be bottom six. Nobody is under any illusions that we don't need half a dozen new players in the summer to get back to where we should be but, perhaps unlike Dundee United, we have the resources to make that happen.
  3. I have palpitations whenever Popescu is on the ball, but Berra isn't much better in that regard and, unlike Berra, he is genuinely capable of playing out from the back, allowing us to hold a much higher line. We've also had three clean sheets in a row, so I can't see Berra coming back in yet.
  4. The comments on here during a match are usually about as intelligent as the dreadful shouts you (used to) hear at games. Best just to skip to the first page after the final whistle I find.
  5. It was more like 80/20 the other way from my recollection.
  6. I agree with that. We weren't great and made quite a few poor decisions in the final third, but we were comfortable once we got ahead and controlled the second half. The only way we were conceding an equaliser was from Popescu playing the ball out from the back or Gordon's kicking. McEneff's display off the bench was encouraging - he looked really positive on the ball and got back and defended at times as well. Kastaneer looks to have something about him too. McLean was terrible all night but his decision not to even give a foul against Muirhead when he went through Boyce was the most astonishing.
  7. These Friday night away games have been horrible watches so far so I'm not particularly looking forward to this. One of them hasn't trained for 8 weeks and another has played 20 minutes this season, so I expect the only one who'll start is Mackay-Steven, even though he's also looked off the pace so far. Gnanduillet is the most likely from the other three, but we usually play one up front and he's still getting up to speed so I expect he'll come off the bench. Neilson often springs a surprise but I'd guess that we keep the same team as Saturday with Walker coming in for Naismith or Henderson.
  8. I'm struggling to think of any players who didn't do well for us under Neilson and then went on to be more successful elsewhere. Danny Swanson maybe, but there might have been other reasons for that (and he also failed at Hibs). On the other hand, I can think of quite a few players he signed who just weren't very good. Motherwell might have taken a couple of them on loan.
  9. I'm not really sure what he's supposed to be good at. He always looks half-arsed, doesn't take players on or cross the ball and I'm struggling to remember him having a single shot on goal all season. He usually just fucks around and gets dispossessed. Elliott Frear has been marginally less useless, which might tell you all you need to know.
  10. Got to be reasonably happy looking at the league table, but it was another poor, disjointed performance from us today. Our midfield isn't good enough to control games and Naismith always drops really deep to play a role he isn't particularly good at, leaving the front three isolated. I think he got into a decent attacking position once today, dallied around and fucked it. Like most, I'd be happy to see him benched for Walker from now on. Even if it doesn't solve the main problem, he at least carries a threat, and he produced a great bit of play for the goal today. We also seem to give up clear cut chances almost every time the other team comes forward, and I think the lack of a commanding midfielder is probably as critical as the need for a new centre-half or two in resolving that. We don't need it to win this division, but that's hopefully something we'll be addressing by Monday with next season in mind. Gutted about the Ginnelly news. Even though he barely played, he offered something different to what we have and made a tangible contribution in almost every appearance. I think we'll struggle to replace him with someone who's as effective when they're on the pitch. GMS hasn't looked nearly as effective so far, albeit it's very early days for him. On a more positive note, we've tended to lose this season if we haven't win easily, so it's nice to see us grind out a win.
  11. Neilson confirmed we wouldn't be moving for Lafferty a few weeks ago. There have been a few opportunities to bring him back since he left and the club haven't taken them, so I suspect something went on behind the scenes before he left. His scoring record recently isn't that great but he's a big game player and he seems to thrive on being the main man. Quite similar to Cummings in that respect.
  12. The performances have generally ranged from poor to adequate most of the season, but the large majority of our wins have still been comfortable ones. Aside from the Arbroath away game and a 5/10 minute spell in each of the Ayr and Inverness games, we've never really looked in danger of not winning any of them. Our last 6 wins have all been by 2+ goal margins. We are beatable, evidently, and the key to that seems to be pressing us from the start and getting a couple of goals ahead, otherwise we've usually got enough firepower to win with a bit to spare. Most teams haven't been able to do that so far, although our last game against Dunfermline was one of the exceptions.
  13. I get the feeling the players bought into all the chat about the COVID outbreak at Raith and were caught by surprise on Saturday. A much better approach and attitude tonight, so much so that 4-0 is probably mildly disappointing on the balance of play. I've been critical of Popescu but he was very good tonight and he's a far better option than Berra when we're on the front foot. I am conscious that he pretty much had no defending to do but it's definitely his place to lose now. Fizzing at Ginnelly getting injured again. He's played about 20 minutes this season but he's done far more than any of the alternatives put together.
  14. Halliday just isn't very good. The hype about him signing in the summer was cringeworthy, really. Boyce has been very good but his finishing when he has too much time to think about it isn't great, as shown by the chance at the end. We need to not take the foot off the gas on the second half. I've seen us concede stupid goals from a comfortable position and then struggle too many times this season.
  15. We're clearly out for blood here. First time we've played with real purpose since the opening game. We still need about 10 chances to score a goal though. Some of the misses have been ridiculous.
  16. Boyce and Wighton are easily bullied at times so we needed something different up front. Also much happier with this than the Adebayo guy. Not only does he have a better goal record at a higher level, but we keep the bonus that fans of English diddy teams are spewing about him choosing a Jock second division team over their tinpot outfit.
  17. What was this website invented for if not for dishing out GIRUYs? Anyway, I've more respect for those posts than the handful of fucking bores who make a point of coming onto every Hearts thread to make the exact same posts about last season over and over again.
  18. Boost for Raith as Mihai Popescu set to take his place.
  19. I don't generally have much of a preference out of the two, but Popescu always seconds away from a disaster like that. I like that he carries the ball forward, but his passing from the back could generously be described as erratic, so sometimes even Berra's hoofs seem preferable. For the avoidance of doubt, Berra was also fucking terrible today. Hopefully his injury will force us to bring someone in this week. I think we might have to suffer Halkett until the end of the season though, unfortunately.
  20. We've generally ranged from poor to adequate this season but that first hour was genuinely horrific. Quite clear the players thought they just had to turn up to win today. Neilson hasn't mentioned a new centre-back yet in this window, which is bizarre because our defence is as bad as I can ever remember. Most people have (reasonably) questioned why Berra seems undroppable but Popescu showed exactly why that is today. I've no idea what Halliday is supposed to offer either. Irving was pretty much doing the work of two players in midfield today. Raith were very impressive. I don't think the second goal should have been a penalty but Kennedy absolutely did Smith and was generally superb all afternoon. MacDonald pretty much transformed into Buffon for the last 20 minutes. It'd hardly be a surprise if they turned us over on Tuesday based on that display.
  21. The reason you don't know where to start is because your original "point" has been skewered, as were your attempts to pretend it meant something different. You aren't able to offer a coherent comeback because it doesn't exist. I do almost admire the brass neck of insinuating that anyone other than you is the thick one here, though. Genuinely impressive. I'd also be fascinated to know where you think inserting a "d" into this mess will make it make sense, by the way. No need to respond, though - I'd prefer to keep it a mystery. "You've been 8 points adrift in third place at the mo."
  22. No mind-reading required, only basic comprehension skills (despite the dreadful English in your first post). If the OP was "acting like we were already 20 points ahead" then a 15 point handicap would have already been blown out of the water with most of the season still to go, completely defeating the purpose of the handicap (to make things more competitive). That makes no sense. It's much more likely that the OP was acting as if we are on course to win the league by just over 15 points, which we would be if the current trend continues. This is backed up, not disproven, by the statistic you cited in your post. You then tried to claim you were making a different point, which was that we might have an "arse collapse" in the remaining games, i.e. that we might perform worse in the remaining games than we have so far. This is despite the fact your original post cited a statistic that is entirely based on current performance (on course to win by 15+ points) and contained no reference to a future collapse.
  23. The original post (which wasn't mine) suggested giving others a 15 point head start to make things more interesting because we'd be behind most of the season but probably still catch up and win anyway. You thought it was some sort of zinger to point out that we'd still be behind with 60% of the season still to go, despite having made up half the deficit already. If we were already 20 points ahead at this stage (and therefore on track to win by more than 20 points) then a 15 point handicap wouldn't have done much to make it interesting for very long, would it?
  24. And having already gained 7 points in the first 11 games, we'd be comfortably on course to make up another 8 in the remaining 16 games. Was that your point?
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