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  1. What was this website invented for if not for dishing out GIRUYs? Anyway, I've more respect for those posts than the handful of fucking bores who make a point of coming onto every Hearts thread to make the exact same posts about last season over and over again.
  2. Boost for Raith as Mihai Popescu set to take his place.
  3. I don't generally have much of a preference out of the two, but Popescu always seconds away from a disaster like that. I like that he carries the ball forward, but his passing from the back could generously be described as erratic, so sometimes even Berra's hoofs seem preferable. For the avoidance of doubt, Berra was also fucking terrible today. Hopefully his injury will force us to bring someone in this week. I think we might have to suffer Halkett until the end of the season though, unfortunately.
  4. We've generally ranged from poor to adequate this season but that first hour was genuinely horrific. Quite clear the players thought they just had to turn up to win today. Neilson hasn't mentioned a new centre-back yet in this window, which is bizarre because our defence is as bad as I can ever remember. Most people have (reasonably) questioned why Berra seems undroppable but Popescu showed exactly why that is today. I've no idea what Halliday is supposed to offer either. Irving was pretty much doing the work of two players in midfield today. Raith were very impressive. I don't think the second goal should have been a penalty but Kennedy absolutely did Smith and was generally superb all afternoon. MacDonald pretty much transformed into Buffon for the last 20 minutes. It'd hardly be a surprise if they turned us over on Tuesday based on that display.
  5. The reason you don't know where to start is because your original "point" has been skewered, as were your attempts to pretend it meant something different. You aren't able to offer a coherent comeback because it doesn't exist. I do almost admire the brass neck of insinuating that anyone other than you is the thick one here, though. Genuinely impressive. I'd also be fascinated to know where you think inserting a "d" into this mess will make it make sense, by the way. No need to respond, though - I'd prefer to keep it a mystery. "You've been 8 points adrift in third place at the mo."
  6. No mind-reading required, only basic comprehension skills (despite the dreadful English in your first post). If the OP was "acting like we were already 20 points ahead" then a 15 point handicap would have already been blown out of the water with most of the season still to go, completely defeating the purpose of the handicap (to make things more competitive). That makes no sense. It's much more likely that the OP was acting as if we are on course to win the league by just over 15 points, which we would be if the current trend continues. This is backed up, not disproven, by the statistic you cited in your post. You then tried to claim you were making a different point, which was that we might have an "arse collapse" in the remaining games, i.e. that we might perform worse in the remaining games than we have so far. This is despite the fact your original post cited a statistic that is entirely based on current performance (on course to win by 15+ points) and contained no reference to a future collapse.
  7. The original post (which wasn't mine) suggested giving others a 15 point head start to make things more interesting because we'd be behind most of the season but probably still catch up and win anyway. You thought it was some sort of zinger to point out that we'd still be behind with 60% of the season still to go, despite having made up half the deficit already. If we were already 20 points ahead at this stage (and therefore on track to win by more than 20 points) then a 15 point handicap wouldn't have done much to make it interesting for very long, would it?
  8. And having already gained 7 points in the first 11 games, we'd be comfortably on course to make up another 8 in the remaining 16 games. Was that your point?
  9. If we can't keep a clean sheet in that game them we never will. Alloa did absolutely nothing else for the rest of the game. Unsurprisingly, we created a lot more with Ginnelly, GMS and Boyce on the pitch.
  10. A predictably boring half with two unpredictably good goals. "GMS" on at half-time.
  11. Stewart, Haring, Popescu, Ginnelly, Mackay-Steven, Naismith and Boyce on the bench. Frear, Roberts, Henderson and Walker in the starting line-up.
  12. Neilson started with the majority of his budget tied up in a shite, bloated squad and most of our summer business was focused on outgoings, so I don't hold him too accountable for the fact there's still plenty of work to be done. The Frear and Roberts signings are definitely on him, but I also doubt there was a wealth of good wingers floating around in a similar price range that would have been willing to play in the Scottish Championship, especially this season. There's a line of thinking among some fans that whatever their club can afford to spend is the morally correct amount. Bigger clubs that can afford better players are overspending and "buying" their position. Presumably Dunfermline won't be signing anyone this window and, if they do, it won't be to buy a play-off spot. Mackay-Steven is a good signing largely because he'll be useful next season as well and isn't just a short-term fix. We're winning this league with or without him. Having said that, if we've got GMS and Ginnelly both available then we'll be a very different attacking prospect compared to the last couple of months.
  13. Two neggies for this post. We're shite at the back and if you take a couple of players out of the attack we offer nothing at all to make up for it. Predictably abysmal. Nothing on the bench to change things either. Charlie Adam is comfortably the best player in the league. The ball in for the first was exceptional.
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