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  1. 2 in 9 for Hibs, 7 in 15 for Celtic apparently. Not quite as many as I thought, but I do always feel like he's going to score against us. Cummings has 4 in 8.
  2. At the halfway point they were 2 points behind in 2nd place, having dropped points in 8 of their first 18 games. Their PPG only dropped slightly from 2.0 to 1.94 in the second half of the season but Dundee United had completely fallen away. They only ended up with 1 more point than they got in 14/15 when they finished 21 points off the pace. If anything your description applies more to Hearts last season, who were 12 points ahead at the halfway point, averaging 3 goals a game and having won 11 out of 14. They then looked like they couldn't be arsed anymore in February and March. We didn't win it in style, it was largely eye-bleeding shite, but Hibs most certainly didn't either. They scored less often and won less often. I'm sure even Hibs fans would agree. The point about it being a division teams rarely win in style is a fair one, though. Hardly anyone gets over 80 points and a steady 2 points per game average usually does it comfortably.
  3. Hibs won it with 71 points (1.97 PPG), failing to win 47% of their games. No-one has won it with a lower points per game since. Hearts and Dundee United got 2.11, St Mirren 2.06 and Ross County also 1.97. Hearts last season scored 4 more goals than Hibs 16/17 despite playing 9 fewer games. Stylish.
  4. Somehow the most absurd part of this scenario is the idea that Dundee will make the top six.
  5. Miller averaged 0.26 goals a game for Scotland (1 in 4). Hardly poacher material, and actually slightly worse than Dykes' current 0.3 goals/game.
  6. All this picture shows is that the ball was sort of near his arm at some point. The replays don't shed too much light, but it looks like it hit his chest to me, and there's certainly no way they conclusively show it hitting his arm, which is why we survived the lengthy VAR check. I'd say VAR has prevented bad luck rather than providing good luck. If the penalty v Austria and equaliser v Israel had been given in the first instance without VAR then no-one would have batted an eyelid. I won't pretend I wasn't sweating at the time, but looking at last night's one objectively it would have been pretty wild if VAR had overturned it given the available evidence.
  7. 100% the right change, and it should have happened earlier. Introducing a player who will help us pass the ball better and gain more control of the game is a way of helping us win. Barring us scoring an early goal, I was always expecting this to be a hard game, and we've essentially achieved exactly the same as a much better Denmark team did in this fixture. The disappointment is that we're getting the odd big performance/result under Clarke and I keep expecting us to kick on and improve, but we don't. Produce a similar performance against a rotten Moldova team and our current good position is in danger.
  8. We also dropped 5 points to Lithuania and the Faroes, something which would very probably have been fatal to our chances in any other qualifying campaign, so "you can only beat what's in front of you" doesn't apply.
  9. It's also completely disingenuous to we're being "forced" to play a midfielder in defence without him. Everyone knows it's a tactical decision to have McTominay there rather than an out-and-out defender. We had one who captains an English Premier League team on the bench for a start.
  10. I'm enjoying Aberdeen's season so far but they're probably the third most impressive opponent we've come up against after Celtic and Hibs, could easily have got a result today and probably would have beaten St Mirren comfortably last week without the red card. They've definitely got their problems at the back but I'd expect them to start picking up results again soon and finish top six. Motherwell, St Johnstone and St Mirren all have decent squads and decent managers, while Dundee United look solid so far. I'd expect all of these teams to finish well clear of danger. It's still very early, but I'd be pretty surprised if the current bottom three don't occupy 10th, 11th and 12th at the end of the season.
  11. Neilson has managed 61 games for us in the Premiership, won 30, drawn 19 and lost 12. That's a PPG of 1.79, which is usually enough to finish third. I'll happily admit I wanted him out after the dross we watched between January and March this year (culminating in an utterly disgraceful result in Brora) and I still believe he has his limitations, but his overall league record for us is undeniably good. With a proper recruitment set-up behind him he'll reliably get us finishing where we should.
  12. The first penalty looks dubious until you see the angle from behind the goals - Kelly pulls out of the challenge but his knee catches Boyce. I'd agree the second one is on the soft side (although it also should have been retaken). I couldn't remember the challenge for the free-kick until I watched it back just now and it's as blatant a foul as you can get.
  13. The first goal comes from cutting Motherwell open. Once we were 2-0 up and comfortable there wasn't as much of an onus on creating chances for the remaining 70 minutes, but we still did. McKay had a moment early in the second half when he just had to roll it across the six-yard box for Boyce but blazed it out for a throw. Devlin had a shot just wide from about 8 yards out just before the second penalty. Then there was the penalty itself, which came from Devlin being in a good position at the corner of the 6-yard box. Baningime had a good effort well saved from inside the box. There was a great move which led up to Halliday slicing a volley wide from the edge of the box. GMS just had to get his effort on target late on (and should have played Boyce in for a one-on-one anyway). Watt should have scored his chance and Woolery should have done better with his, but it would have needed a very good finish from there to beat Gordon. There were other chances, but they weren't anything better than we had in the second half even excluding the fact we missed a penalty. We played some good stuff today, created plenty and were well in control of the game until the penalty miss/Halkett injury. Motherwell put us under pressure after that and on another day it might have finished 2-2, but the same could be said of 3/4-0 for us.
  14. He was really shite for the free-kick as well to be fair. There was only ever one place Kingsley was putting that and he was nowhere near it, despite it being on his side.
  15. That seemed a really weird move. Not sure why we needed to move 2 players when we could have just slotted Haring in there. The international break is probably coming at a good time for us as far as injuries are concerned. That and Boyce's penalty miss knocked us out of our rhythm a bit and gave Motherwell a lift. They had their moments after that and could have nicked a goal and put the pressure on. We were very good again prior to that, though. I've been cautious about our prospects this season and didn't expect much other than an uninspiring midtable finish, but we're looking strong all over the pitch and there's no reason we can't be right in the mix for third now. It's amazing what happens when you give a decent budget to a proper recruitment team.
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