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  1. Hearts losing this game and a the fans shouting for Robbo to replace Levein is the surest thing going.
  2. That game feels like a very long time ago now. Given how utterly woeful we are in front of goal, ICT might only need one or two chances to go through. I'm not confident at all unless we see a big improvement in the next few weeks, In the first four seasons of the Budge era it feels like we've limped over the finishing line from March onwards. This season feels much the same so it's weird to be looking forward* to a winnable** Scottish Cup semi-final. * **
  3. Thistle are really shite but we never looked like running away with it and didn't deserve to win. Which isn't surprising because we play like every single game. I predicted it at half-time. It's the same old shite, time after time after time. Levein supporters are absolute fucking masochist.
  4. Didn't remotely look like we were going to lose until that. A big error's been coming for weeks from Doyle though.
  5. I am very surprised that we lost a goal from exactly this scenario. 1-1 is fair, though. Hearts the better team before the opener and after the equaliser. Motherwell better in between.
  6. No Haring is disappointing; we don't look nearly as good in midfield without him. I'd say we look vulnerable down the sides with that line-up, particularly the Berra-Mulraney side, and Motherwell's wingers are in form. The more optimistic side of me hopes that they're not so good at tracking back and we can double up on their full-backs with Mulraney/Naismith and Godinho/Clare.
  7. As much as I think Garuccio is very mediocre, it has to be him at left-back if we're using a back four.
  8. Hearts v Livi

    Yep. The most predictable result of the season.
  9. Doyle Souttar Smith Berra Morrison Haring* Djoum Mulraney Naismith Uche Clare Mulraney looked like Bale against Cove Rangers so I'd definitely have him in for this. 3 at the back allows us to effectively play 6/7 attacking players at once. Not into the idea of playing reserves for the sake of it. Give Vanecek and Cochrane a run out in the second half after we're a few goals up.
  10. The Hibernian Thread

    The answer is definitely "signing a player who couldn't get a game ahead of Lenny Sowah", I'm afraid.
  11. Hearts v Livi

    I hate playing teams who've just taken a pumping because they always seem to shut up shop for the next match and make things difficult. Livingston have shown they can do that to good effect this season. Happy enough to go with the same team as Friday. Uche to make the bench?
  12. Imagine thinking this was true.
  13. There are various ways we can play but I think Berra-Souttar-Haring-Djoum-Naismith-Uche needs to be the spine of the team. I'd keep them in the middle regardless. 4-2-3-1: Doyle Smith Souttar Berra Garuccio Haring Djoum Morrison/Mulraney Naismith Clare Uche 3-5-2 (defensive): Doyle Dikamona Souttar Berra Smith Haring Djoum Garuccio Naismith Uche Clare 3-5-2 (attacking): Doyle Souttar Smith Berra Morrison Haring Djoum Mulraney Naismith Uche Clare Some variation of the above would do me for the rest of the season.
  14. Peterhead is the only time I can think of us losing to a League 1/2 team in my time supporting Hearts. It was also a glorified pre-season friendly and Cathro was our manager so it's not really comparable to this game.