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  1. Ginnelly's (and, to a lesser extent, Roberts') injury is a real concern. Frear was dreadful and clearly isn't an adequate stand-in. Let's never speak of this again.
  2. We played 3-5-2 v Raith to be fair, although we changed it in the second half. We also used it a couple of times in pre-season IIRC, so it seems Neilson has (or had) some intention to use it at some point. I'd agree that 4-2-3-1 suits the players better, though, and I'd expect us to continue with it.
  3. Godwin's Law but for Hearts match threads this season turning into discussions about Peter Lawwell.
  4. Most people didn't expect Haring to play 90 against Raith, or for Boyce or Smith to start against Dundee, but Neilson knew the importance of that game and was always going to play the strongest possible team he possibly could. He'll also know the importance of the Hibs game for his relationship with the fans and I'll be very surprised if we don't start with anyone who can put a foot in in midfield, even if they can only play 60/70 minutes. Halliday especially, since he should be in a similar position fitness-wise to Kingsley.
  5. We'll need those two to be as match fit as possible for Hibs. Irving and Lee is not an acceptable midfield pairing against a half-decent team because they'll punish us for being as soft-centred as we were the other night.
  6. I'm glad to see Paul McGowan has finally bitten the bullet and shaven his head.
  7. I can't quite remember where Arbroath sit on the Backstabbers and Traitors Index, so I'll just assume that we absolutely despise these c***s. Anyway, I hate playing teams that have just taken a doing because it feels like they usually tighten up and get a result in their next game. Arbroath surely won't play into our hands like Dundee did, but we need to start the game with the same pace and intensity as we did last night. If we play like we did last week against Cowdenbeath when they parked the bus and we just slowly moved the ball from side to side then we'll struggle big time. Haring and Halliday in from the start hopefully. Gordon Smith Halkett Popescu Kingsley Haring Halliday Ginnelly Walker Roberts Boyce
  8. I've seen enough laughable incompetence from Heart of Midlothian over the last two years to know any of these scenarios are entirely possible without any deliberate action on our part.
  9. Unfortunately we've had to do all this before in the recent past, so we might as well come up with some way to make it interesting this time.
  10. Getting relegated and winning the first game 6-2 > Getting (properly) relegated, staying down and losing 6-2 to Robbie Neilson-managed teams every season until the end of time.
  11. Still raging,pleasing. I'd be considerably more raging if I'd just seen my team get completely demolished by the bad guys on the first day of the season. Especially if they were "there for the taking".
  12. Nobody gives a shit why Dundee changed their vote. All that matters is: 1) They are snakey b*****ds and we hate them, and 2) We absolutely fisted them last night. "Thank you".
  13. It was only four changes compared to the ICT game to be fair, although Kingsley, Smith and Boyce for White, Brandon and Wighton is a fairly significant upgrade. Roberts for Naismith is less so, but we looked much more balanced with a winger on the left rather than an empty space and Naismith and Walker treading each other's toes trying to play number 10. The midfield pairing of Irving and Lee didn't really work in either game, and I'd expect those two to be replaced by Haring and Halliday soon enough.
  14. "I came on here to praise a gloating tweet but had to withdraw my praise after I found gloating posts" is a strange take indeed, but not that surprising given the source.
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