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  1. Apparently, although I think a large chunk of that was us waiving the fee Dundee were due us for Jack Hamilton. The worst player swap in the history of sport.
  2. Mulraney sold for £200k and Boyce bought for £150k is unreal business.
  3. I'm somewhere between being delighted if it happens and feeling it has strong Billy McKay signing for Dundee United before they went down vibes or that his knee will explode on his debut like it did at Burton. Boyce, Naismith, Avdijaj, Washington, Meshino and Walker is a far better set of attacking options than we've had at any point this season, though. Most of the time we'v only had Meshino available out of those so far. I wouldn't say no to another winger on top of that, but I'd say defence and midfield are the priorities now.
  4. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/burton-albion-accept-hearts-offer-liam-boyce-1374836 Interesting that the article says we're trying to get him in before Sunday but I can't see this one being tied up quickly. Other teams will jump in now and he'll probably want to wait til the end of the window to see what other offers he's got. If Hibs/Aberdeen sell Cosgrove/Kamberi then they'll be in for him too and will have a bit to spend.
  5. Dead rubbers. Nope. We've still got Killie, Hamilton and Ross County at home and St Mirren And St Johnstone away before the split. That's 5 pre-split and 5 after. In fact, what I was wrong about is we have 6 at home to the bottom 6 and 4 away because we'll be due 3 home games after the split. So, to amend it: 13/18 at home to bottom 6. 7/12 away to bottom 6. 4/18 against the top 6. Which is why I set a points target based on a likely number to avoid relegation based on all previous seasons. We're discussing scenarios whereby Hearts survive and the scenario I've put forward is far likelier to happen than the one you did. I didn't pass any comment on whether we would achieve it or not. Obviously if we repeat the same form we've had over the season so far then we'll go down. There wouldn't be any point debating anything. You're forgetting that the dynamics of the split mean that we'll have a very disproportionate number of games against the weaker teams in the league. Two thirds of our games are against bottom 6 teams, and over a third are at home to those sides. In the season so far, most of our games have been against the top 6. Bottom 6 teams usually pick up more points in the second half of the season because of this. For Hamilton to reach 38 points for example, they need another 20 points in 16 games even though they've only got 18 in 22 so far. Similar can be said for St Mirren And St Johnstone. You don't seem to think that's wildly unrealistic. The point about only being 4 points behind is entirely valid, by the way. If we take 4 points off Hamilton and then better their other results by 1/2 points then we will finish above them. It's as simple as that, but you're tying yourself in knots trying to come up with convoluted explanations as to why we're already doomed.
  6. We could do with defenders too tbf. That said, there's no chance a 20 year old called fucking Toby is saving our season. Seems like he was a regular pick under Stendel at right-back, but can also play centre-half or midfield.
  7. We really don't. Since the move to the current league structure in 2000, the highest number of points the bottom side has managed is 37, so let's say for argument's sake that we need another 24 points to at least finish 11th. If we get something like: 12/15 at home to the bottom 6 8/15 away to the bottom 6 4/12 against Aberdeen/Motherwell/Hibs/Livi we will almost certainly avoid 12th and likely 11th as well. That's nowhere near a given, but it's just not true to say we have to win every game against the teams around us.
  8. It's only 6 league games actually, it won't be 7 until we lose to Rangers on Sunday.
  9. I left Brandon out because I thought he was injured. Is he back?
  10. A few defenders out, but our attacking options for this game are considerably more appealing than they have been all season. Pereira Dikamona Souttar Halkett Garuccio Bozanic Irving Meshino Naismith Avdijaj Washington Walker and Ikpeazu on the bench. I feel irrationally confident about this, probably because Victoria Park seems to be one of the few away grounds where we usually do fairly well. I'll go for a 2-1 win to kick-start our unstoppable march to 9th place.
  11. Anyway, by all accounts Avdijaj has a lot of talent but a questionable attitude. We could desperately use some quality in the forward areas so I'll gladly take the trade-off if this is actually happening. Looking at Transfermarkt, he wasn't completely frozen out at Trabzonspor. He rarely started in the league but always seems to have made the bench. He's played 18 games this season, including all off their Europa League group games and he played 90 minutes three times in December so his fitness should be ok.
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