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  1. Nah. No one is better than Aljaz. Sadly missed Just caught up. Some very good dancing for the first week. Will and Hamza the best.
  2. Just catching up! Although breaking half way to watch the football. I'm team Ranger Hamza this year!
  3. Looking forward to the best commentary thread on P&B!
  4. Food wise I really enjoyed this place last time we went. http://www.krebsegaarden.dk/en/home/
  5. Official queue reopened and now a 24 hour wait. Fucking hell.
  6. Sarabeths is fantastic for breakfast. My recommendations are always a food walking tour of the lower east side. https://freetoursbyfoot.com/lower-east-side-food-tour/ Also a big apple greeter. I've done two tours. One of Chinatown, lower east side etc and the other more times square, central park, upper west side. https://www.bigapplegreeter.org/ Also very jealous. @rugster needs to take me back for the 5th time!
  7. Shit is going down at Jaki's fish and chip shop in Muir of Ord. They have put a Facebook Live of them popping a champagne bottle celebrating her death.
  8. You can apply for a card from the monarch for a 60th wedding anniversary.
  9. My grandparents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary next month and my gran will be seething she is getting a card from Charles now! It's our wee boys birthday today and we were signing happy birthday to him when the news was breaking in the background. Hip hip hooray...
  10. Says she from Thurso so definite weirdo It's usually magazines etc that message. I got one a couple years ago from a German magazine that put the following in their message "And would you advise other mothers to keep distance to their children if they are suffering from cancer, too?"
  11. Whenever I go in the papers/media to do a piece for a charity that has supported me throughout my cancer diagnosis I always receive twitter/Facebook DMs from strangers. Received one a few months ago that went into my spam folder that I only saw this week... Hi. How are you? I am fine. I just had to reach out to you. It really touch my heart. I know I am a total stranger to ask you but I am a very basic hand knitter and I would like to knit a hat for "sons name", "daughters name" and yourself. Knitting is the only thing that makes me happy. I want to knit for someone whom would appreciate as charity don't appreciate. I am honest, trustworthy, deep caring with kind heart. I hope you can bring a smile to my face. if you do please can you let me know when "sons name" and "daughters name" were born the date and the month for you and your address. I know these are very personal indeed to ask. I really truly hope you don't mind me asking. I can send you my details if you wish. I look forward to hearing from you.
  12. I can confirm, to my knowledge, it was not a pie and bovril poster...
  13. I've posted this before but I had a stalker when I was about 14/15. He used to call my mobile randomly. No patern to it. He'd tell me what I'd been up to that day and what I was wearing. He would w**k down the phone if I talked back. I went to the police and they told me to change my mobile number. Didn't take me seriously at all.
  14. I did Highland Dancing through childhood/teenage years so often danced in front of hundreds/thousands of people at Highland Games and competions. I've been on Pointless. Not sure how many people watch it on TV but there was maybe about 100 people in the live audience.
  15. Thought he looked average, if that. Passing was horrendous. Positioning not much better. Will give him the benefit of the doubt but needs to improve quickly.
  16. Ours went into P2 and final year of nursery! Eldest skipped to school and couldn't wait to get back. Youngest bit reluctant but went in okay after seeing his friend's. He will be 4 next month.
  17. The beer was £2 more per drink. She was being completely unreasonable getting the waitress to take 5 separate payments. I don't drink alcohol and I'm never bothered about paying towards others beer/wine.
  18. They couldn't even calculate it properly so paid £1 more than their bill was.
  19. Her gripe was that she didn't want to pay for the others alcohol when she was only drinking Fanta.
  20. I honestly would never go out with the couple involved ever again after that. Indeed. The fact her partner went along with it makes him just as bad.
  21. Was out for dinner on Saturday night with Ruggy. Table of ten beside us, 5 couples celebrating a birthday. At the end of the meal when the bill came one of the females refused to split it 5 ways and made each couple get their phone calculator out and work out how much they should pay. All couples went on to pay separately by card. Fucking horrible behaviour. Wish the restaurant owner told them to f**k off.
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