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  1. 2 weeks of self quarantine done another 10 to go... Definitely bored now. Hoping to get my work laptop next week to add bit of structure to my life. Kids are doing okay as the weather has been good up here so managing to get out in the garden every day. Have started baking more and already done bread, scotch pancakes and tattie scones. Shortbread next.
  2. I shamelessly stole this idea from a "mummy group" I am on but it's kept the 3 year old entertained all morning. A bucket of water and a paint brush. She thinks its magic clear paint!
  3. Aye it was good. Enjoyed with a big bowl of lentil soup!
  4. @Bairnardo made a bread with the kids!
  5. I am isolating with a 3 year old and 18 month. The furthest the 3 year old is allowed is the path beside our garden and only allowed there if no one else is about. It's maybe not going to be easy but this will be us for the next 12 weeks. She was a bit upset at not being able to see friends or go to the shops but we've got plenty here to keep her entertained. It is doable.
  6. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-on-shielding-and-protecting-extremely-vulnerable-persons-from-covid-19/guidance-on-shielding-and-protecting-extremely-vulnerable-persons-from-covid-19 Here we go. 12 weeks of staying in! Aim to keep 2 metres away from everyone in your house. Enjoy sleeing on that couch @Rugster 😆
  7. Kingsmills are doing take away pints for £1 today and tomorrow.
  8. I've done 5 weeks isolation before in hospital with only the Doctors and Ruggy for company. By week 3 if was severely affecting my mental health but it was because I was away from the children and really unwell. I cried every single day they told me I would be staying in with no end in sight. I'm hoping this time is better because I have the kids here and can go out in the garden. I'm pretty much staying in for the whole 12 weeks as I am in the highest risk category. I've bought loads of crafty things to do, outdoor activities and things to plant in the garden so hopefully we'll be able to stay occupied. Plus Disney+ is coming out next week 😀
  9. 😆 Ruggy brought me home a face mask from his work! My Nurse specialist just called to say he'd come to my house to do my bloods and defer treatment until next week so I don't have to wait about. Honestly I don't know if I'm just lucky but every single bit of service I've ever received at Raigmore has been amazing.
  10. I see Haematology so Dr Forsyth is my consultant but have most of my appointments with my nurse specialist Calum Adams. I think they'll cut them down. They are turning outpatients into makeshift wards, the cafeterias are closed for sitting in. Take-away coffee only. There is people at the entrance checking everyone and handgel everywhere.
  11. It's at Raigmore. I usually get my bloods done at my local health centre a couple days before but with all this going on an appointment for that never came and I didn't bother chasing it up.
  12. My treatment is going ahead tomorrow. They are temperature checking everyone coming into the hospital and anyone with an elevated temp will get a swab. Got to hang about for 1.5 hours whilst my bloods are checked. Will need to sit in the car. It's business as usual in the Macmillan Suite @welshbairn
  13. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/bjh.16620 This was published in Heamatology journal. Interesting but worrying reading.
  14. Insurers aren't paying out on this. 95% of people will not have the cover.
  15. Nah it's a load of shite. Doesn't matter what the government tells them to do.
  16. Very few insurance policies will pay out no matter what Johnson says. Their wording would have to be very loose and insurers don't do loose. Most Business Interruption policies will pay for disease within say a 15 mile radius of the premises but it will be for named diseases and Coronavirus isn't one of them.
  17. Good luck to your mum. Defo make her stay at home. Our immune systems are shot to pieces by the cancer firstly then battered a second time after the chemo. My 80 year old grandpa has COPD and Chronic Leukaemia. He thinks he can still spend time at his local golf club! He's like the definition of high risk!
  18. Myeloma specifically mentioned as those most at risk. Goodbye P&B friends 😭
  19. My work have sent me home until more is clear or they set me up with a laptop to work from home. Give them their credit, my boss and employer are brilliant.
  20. Nah it is just my bone strengthener. They only allow you to be on it for 2 years and I've had 17ish months of it so not critical. They are cancelling all appointments of it down south so I expect similar to happen here. Good luck for next Friday! At least the Macmillan suite is one of the cleanest wards going. Not sure about the waiting room now it's at Ward 5a. You seem to be sitting on top of everyone!
  21. Decided not putting kids to nursery now. Too much of a risk for me. The statistics for those that have cancer are not enjoyable reading. I'm not currently on treatment (chemo) but as I have blood cancer I'm at a much higher risk. I also have hospital treatment (not chemo) this week but I'm going to ask for it to be cancelled. It's in the oncology ward so it's always very clean but it's not life saving treatment so hopefully they'll agree to patch it.
  22. Sick of reading about folk no giving a shit about the already ill 😭 Might have a shortened life span but I'm not ready to die yet so just wash your fucking hands.
  23. Tesco was like Christmas Eve this morning with queues and shoppers everywhere. Definitely people stocking up and not your normal Thursday morning shoppers. Me? I stocked up a couple of weeks ago. Ruggy is still getting f**k all from it.
  24. I feel particularly vulnerable now it's getting a bit more serious here but can't really work from home although I don't have to work with public and share an office with about 20 people who know to avoid me if they are ill. I've been a frequent hand washer and hand gel user since my transplant but the general public are clatty as f**k so who knows what good it is doing for me. I catch every virus going although my neutrophils are 1.4 just now so hoping that's good enough 😭
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