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  1. Was at ma grans bit Friday to Sunday. Power went off 2 hours after I arrived and when I left at 11 this morning it was still off. Thank f**k they had a gas fire and hob.
  2. I'm just catching up but I cannot agree with this any more. The singers murder everything!
  3. Cheated... We lost the match when Spoony went off and Crawford came on. The guy is soft as shite.
  4. Clear hand ball in the lead up to the goal.
  5. The picture quality is absolutely terrible from Premier Sports.
  6. That's an absolutely disgraceful decision from Madden!
  7. Not going to this now child got a sickness bug so Premier Sports for me!
  8. Was there not a rule that if they only played in the group games they wouldn't be cup-tied? Or have I completely made that up? Eta - I see he played in the 2nd round so definitely cup tied. Think I am one of few that is excited for this. Been told section P1 and P2 are sold. Now selling section P3. Sales have picked up this week.
  9. Booked for Sunday 12th December Edinburgh to Inverness but email this morning to say rail replacement from Edinburgh to Perth due to engineering works. Train cancelled and booked the megabus instead.
  10. I handed my notice in yesterday. My department at work restructured last year and centralised the department I work in making several redundancies. It went from 3 people in my department in my office to only me working part time 3 days a week. Over the last year the work has become more stressful, we do not have enough staff to service our clients and I've just started hating it more and more as the weeks pass. I've been working more hours than contracted to, not taking lunch hour and putting my laptop on on my days off. The higher management have taken no accountability for fucking up what was a great department under the company they bought over. So yesterday I resigned. My branch staff are trying to persuade me it will get better. That senior management are having a meeting at the end of the month as no one is happy with my department and what they have done to it but they can't guarantee anything will change so I'm leaving. It's a job I did love and the only thing drawing me to staying is all the benefits. Private health care, income protection, fantastic pension etc. but I've decided that with my health this shouldn't be a motivator for me. I've accepted a new role working within cancer services and start in the New Year.
  11. This is genuinely the worst 68 minutes of football I’ve watched.
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