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  1. I have a child season ticket that might get me a second ticket. You might pass for that 😝
  2. I'm away down to #perthshire next week and will be having a family get together. All adults been vaccinated. Haven't seen some for 8 months and others for 15 months. Can't wait.
  3. The players should now go into isolation for 2 weeks. Get them camped into the McDiarmid Park suites.
  4. Not being dramatic but this club make me forget about all the shite in my life. For 90 minutes every week I forget about everything else. I couldn't love you more. 💙 Best wee club in the world.
  5. What parliament will he go to if there is an important vote on the same day?
  6. Well done Emma Roddick. Both votes SNP working in Highlands.
  7. Wow I didn't realise that by voting the SNP they were for independence. f**k off Mundell you moron.
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