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  1. We did the same. There's no point potty training until they are ready and have an understanding of it. Think girls are easier than boys, too. Dreading Fraser potty training 🙈
  2. We're also getting an extra holiday to take in December. Plus I didn't get made redundant after being under consultation...
  3. Anyones work doing a zoom christmas night out? Ours is the 18th. We are getting a half day to have a "zoom party".
  4. 🤣🤣 I am the BLW queen! I think you do have to be a pretty relaxed person to get on with BLW. Watch some YouTube videos of the difference between choking and gagging. Do a baby first aid course if you can. These two pictures are pretty handy for explaining BLW. Just go with it. Smaller portions of what you are eating. Only thing off limits is honey under 1 years of age.
  5. Crieff High have half the school off too, self isolating. I know because every fucking day a parent asks on the local Facebook group who is sending their child to school, absolutely desperate to post the name of the child that has Covid.
  6. Brilliant eh? I was at Raigmore a couple weeks ago for a checkup for the wee one. Car park was actually okay. I'm back next month as maxillofacial has finally started doing check ups again. 10am appointment, worst time 😭
  7. Sorry to read this. Sending wishes to your girlfriend. It's hard not to think of the worst and I absolutely hate people saying stay positive because it's fucking hard being positive all the time. Just take each day as it comes, get your girlfriend to ask for pen and paper when the Drs speak to her, especially if she is not allowed anyone in to be with her. You instantly forget loads the Dr's say so having it written down is defo worthwhile.
  8. My in-laws are in South Lanarkshire. They have seen their grandchildren once in the flesh since this pandemic started. There is absolutely no way, even if restrictions are lifted, that we would travel down to see them for one day. When we are allowed to see them I want to spend quality time with them for longer than a few hours on Christmas day. I honestly don't get this christmas obsession when it comes to the pandemic and I love Christmas.
  9. Nice wee farm (yes!) in Denmark. Would happily take.
  10. We stayed at the Kingsmills and it was close to fully booked and also had dinner at the Mustard Seed which was fully booked. Accents seemed mostly local (highlands).
  11. Purely anecdotal but I was out in Inverness on Saturday and it was absolutely hoaching. Felt like a normal Saturday night.
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