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  1. Cancer treatments were only paused for those patients that were deemed clinically safer to go without treatment rather than come into hospital and catch covid. Like me. It was safer for me to stop a medication completely rather than go into hospital every 4 weeks.
  2. Naming ceremonies are the new christenings. All a load of shite. As you say, put on to get presents.
  3. How old is the baby? It might fit them when they are about 9 months old. I always find football kits are small made.
  4. Wee man is 2 tomorrow! He's come a long way. Still not speaking yet but making lots of noises and understands everything so I am sure the words will come. He's a right wee menace. 😅
  5. Our nursery were fine to take both kids with cold symptoms as cough was not persistent and no other covid symptoms. We kept them off 1 day until my negative test came back and they are back again. I know of someone who went on a train plus a night out in Inverness waiting for test results. Their partner that they live with already had a positive test but they decided to still leave their house. Their results were positive. Arsehole behaviour.
  6. Just let all us sound as f**k season ticket holders in 😎 I mean there's no real fair way to do it and it was advertised to renew ASAP to "guarantee" a seat at matches when stadiums reopened so no one can have any real issue with it.
  7. This is a complete pain in the arse. Park in a quieter bit of the car park rather than using a parent and child space. Until I had to use them I never realised how much folk abuse disabled spaces! Supermarkets definitely up there as the worst places for it.
  8. Wee one climbed out his cot last night and now thinks it's a game so that's having to be replaced with a bed which he thinks is brilliant! New found freedom means he didn't go to sleep until 10.30pm last night instead of the usual 7.30pm. He's currently wandering about his room instead of napping despite being told to lie down approx 10000 times! Oldest moved into a bed no problem although she was a wee bit older. Fraser will be 2 in a couple weeks. He's only just managed to sleep through the night 😫
  9. I work in an open plan office but currently working from home. They plan to reopen the office on Monday to 10% of staff which is equal to 2.5 people. They've already had the English offices open and they are going up to maximum of 40% capacity soon. I'm happy working from home so will wait until they make me go back to the office.
  10. Thank you! I rarely give out dots as you can see but obv my fave poster is #perthshire'[email protected]_91. @Grim O'Grady has deserved every red dot and should probably have had more.
  11. I'm going to say it's because it would be recording other people that were getting a test?
  12. Yep. First thing they asked me was to remove my dash cam from the front of my car! Then you have to drive through lots of tents as the staff explain what will happen before you do the test yourself.
  13. My test result was negative! Just a shitey cold. 15 hours to get a result.
  14. You forgot the equals and the candle White witch = good guy 🕯
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