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  1. I had a 3-monthly clinic appointment today which has been worrying me all weekend. Any ache I get in my back or ribs I worry the bones are broken again and the Myeloma back. Anyway my cancer is measured in Free Light Chains. There is Kappa and Lambada. What you are looking for is a good ratio between the two. "Normal" is between 0.26 and 1.25 and mine is 0.49! Worrying for nothing!
  2. These season has been pish. No one is a match on Maura. 😍
  3. Cannae wait. Last game was County in Dingwall. So glad we have improved since then. No hard mind you.
  4. Spent the last 8 days in Mexico, relaxing and not having to worry about anything. Back to Scotland tonight!
  5. Dingwall is like a Tropicana this week. No snow. Not much wind. Wee bit of rain. Get yer arses up.
  6. Don't give a shite about the League games but I really hope we don't let them have 3/4 of the stadium for the cup. Just something different about a cup game.
  7. That's a brilliant result. Can't believe we are 3 points off the top six!
  8. @bernardblack The only way the repair to the pipe would be covered is if for example you had accidental damage cover and you "accidentally" broke it. If the pipe has just come away by it's own doing there is no cover. It's classed as a a gradually operating cause.
  9. You will all fall in love with MacLean 5 minutes after watching him. He is so angry. It's beautiful.
  10. I won a prize on the rubbish advent calendar. So aye f**k ye all. Mon' the club.
  11. I actually feel like hannibal lecter with it on. This is the one I wear.
  12. I wear mine to try and prevent catching anything as I have a shit immune system.
  13. I wear a lovely surgical mask when travelling. It's got a nice purple pattern on it. Need to look good...
  14. Anything touching my sternum. After breaking it I can't even stand my t-shirt brushing against it. Also hate wet hair dripping down my back.
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